Sunday, March 13, 2016

Life Lately

Things have been super busy in our neck of the woods. I am loving every second of this stay-at-home mom thing, but I'm not really feeling like I'm staying at home much. Between working for Ben, tutoring, ear infections, enjoying this weather, and seeing family, we have been a good way.

My sweet girl has been battling ear infections. Poor Henley didn't get sick until after she turned one, but now I feel like we just can't quite kick this. She had a double ear infection about 2 weeks ago, and after we finished antibiotics, about 2 days later, I noticed her eye gooping again. Thankfully the doctor just called in a stronger prescription and we have her 15 month appointment on Tuesday. If it wasn't for her eye being goopy, I would have never known she was sick. She is such a happy girl!

I absolutely love tutoring! I have gotten to go to a handful of games for my sweet kiddos and I just adore them! 
 A couple of weekends ago we attended the Keller Williams banquet for the Denton office. We always have so much fun and this year was no different. We had a blast dancing and singing all night long! 

Before the rain got here, the weather was just so so wonderful! Henley and I enjoyed being outside together so much! She could be on our front porch all day long. The girl just loves to climb up and down our stairs. She is an easy one to please!!

Denton had a super fun event called "Touch a Truck" last weekend. Next year we will definitely be inviting our cousins up to have some fun! We had a blast with friends and some bubbles!

Ben has been working a lot lately, especially on Sundays. Last Sunday after enjoying a fun birthday lunch with my family, Henley and I came home and continued to enjoy the front porch. Selfies are her jam these days. She likes to be able to see herself, so a lot of times, selfies are the only way I can get a good picture of her. I just can't get enough of my little nugget!


Thankfully, it looks like the pretty weather is back, but we had constant rain for a while. One of those days, Ben came home a little early and since there was a break in the bad weather, we headed up to the square for a little stroll. Henley loved holding her daddy's hand, climbing up the courthouse steps and she also enjoyed a chocolate milk from West Oak Coffee. Y'all, they have chocolate milk on's amazing!! I guess she was pretty worn out, because she fell asleep after dinner holding her daddy's hand again.

This past week was Spring Break for my sisters, and they all planned to go to my parent's house for a few days, so we joined them. We had a blast! Despite the rain, we were able to get outside some and play on the new play set, enjoy a few rides on the mule and play some volleyball. Cousin and sister time is the absolute best!

I think that about catches us up. We have had a fabulous few weeks!

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