Wednesday, July 19, 2017

39(1/2) Week Bump Date

Well friends, we've almost made it! Honestly, I didn't think we'd make it this far. I was just sure that George would come early, but here it is the Wednesday before my due date and there are zero signs of labor. 

HOW FAR ALONG: As of Monday, I was 39 weeks did that happen?! Gosh, I am so ready to meet baby George! At 36 weeks, when we got back from Vail, we had a sonogram to check on George and how big he was. At that point, the sonographer estimated him to be 6.5 lbs. I told her I was starting to really feel him in my ribs and when she measured his foot, she told me she understood why I was feeling some pain...his foot was already 3 inches long. Holy cow! I feel like George is gonna be a biggin'! 

I am due on Monday and have an induction scheduled for Friday, the 28th, just in case. I went to see my doctor yesterday, and we are going to stick to our plan. She offered to induce this Friday, but I decided to just wait and see. I'm hoping he'll make his debut really soon! 

FEELING: I am definitely feeling super pregnant. I would say that I am still feeling pretty good for being due any second, but I am just really ready. I'm not sleeping very well and have officially moved to the couch for the time being. For some reason the couch feels a little bit better, but I still find myself waking up at least three times a night to either pee or readjust my back. I have also had to start sleeping with a fan blowing straight on me. 

During the day, I still feel great other than some back pain. Usually I can get to about 4 or 5 without much pain, but by the late afternoon/evening, I desperately want someone to give me an intense back massage, sit with the heating pad directly on my back or have someone walk all over it. By the end of the day, I am so ready to lay down. 

I am still feeling TONS of movement from George too. He is super active and all over the place. I swear he is all up in my ribs, but also ready to be birthed! He is everywhere! 

WEIGHT GAIN: As of Monday, I am up 26 pounds, and I feel great. My belly is absolutely ginormous! Every now and then I will look down and think, "he's not that big," but then I will catch sideview glimpse of myself in the mirror and think "whoa!" We have continued to go out on the lake and go to the pool, and y'all, I can see all the little kids staring at the "baby in my belly." Yesterday, we went to a splash pad and there were at least two kiddos who stopped in their tracks to take a gander and I have had dozens of kids come up and ask "There's a baby in your belly, right?". 

CRAVING: I don't think I'm really craving anything right now. I legit eat two watermelons a week, but I'm not sure whether it's a craving or the water in it. It's so dang hot outside right now, no food sounds awesome, but I want all the liquids and all the ice. I chew ice like it's my job! 

WORKING ON: Ohmygoodness...all the projects! I have finally gotten the house all cleaned up, but it's been a big of a challenge, because the real nester has been Ben. He has started all the projects in the past few weeks. I won't lie, it has totally stressed me out since I've hoped to go into labor for the past few weeks, but it has been worth it. He has done such a good job and once they are fully complete, we are going to love them! 

I finished repainting George's room this weekend since we tried to patch the wall and could not get the color to match. There were seriously little patched everywhere, so I did a quick repaint. Ben started demolishing our laundry room a couple of weekends ago, and as of last night, I can at least do laundry again. The house is clean and our bags are packed, so we are ready to go! 

BIG SISTER: Henley is so dang excited to meet George!! I cannot wait to see the two of them together! She talks about him all the time and loves to talk to him. She loves going into his room, read his books, and play with his toys. We recently watched the Daniel Tiger episode where he becomes a big brother and she is so excited to be my helper now. I asked her what she is going to help me with, and she told me she was going to help change his diapers. Gosh, it's just too cute!!

We are also trying to soak up every minute we have with her as our only child while we can. We went to the water park as a family a couple of weekends ago, last weekend we went to the lake and we have just been trying to spend lots of quality time together! 

WORKOUTS: Yes, I am still going to the gym and working out, but they are definitely more few and far between. On the days I might not make it to the gym, but feel good, I have been walking on our treadmill at home and lifting weights. I haven't gone to a spin class in a while, but I am still making it to bootcamp and bodyworks classes. I definitely modify lots of moves, but am still enjoying working up a sweat! 

I told myself that I would be done working out at some point, but now I feel like I am doing it to coax him out! 

Hopefully we will get to meet baby George any day now! I am so ready to meet him, and lets be honest, I am so ready to get him out! 

Friday, July 7, 2017


Yes, I am still alive, and no, I have not had this baby yet! I have just been completely MIA, aka, unpacking, doing laundry, packing hospital bags, finishing George's room and nesting like it's my job!  

We were able to get away for a little bit with Henley and some friends during the last week I was able to travel. We headed to Vail for a week and enjoyed every minute! Now, usually, I would break the trip up into a few different posts, but I decided to just let the pictures speak for themselves. Plus, considering I still don't think I've done my last Seattle post (from March), posting it all at once is probably the best bet! 

Ready to go!! Henley was so excited about riding on the airplane, and she did AMAZING! Our flight was during nap, but she didn't nap until the drive to Vail. She sat on the plane with her iPad and was content to watch videos and play games. I loved that she had her own big girl seat! 

We flew into Denver on Saturday and made the quick 2 hour drive to Vail to get settled in. We planned our flights so that we wouldn't have to rush out the door with Henley early in the morning, so we didn't arrive into Vail until about 5:30. After getting our bags and talking with our friends for a little while, we headed out to dinner in Vail Village. 

I don't know if I've shared this before or not, but Henley will only go #2 at home and really only in her little potty. Well, we knew this would have to change in Colorado! Thankfully, as soon as we arrived to our place, she went in the lobby and she even went again at dinner, so she was rewarded with a nice scoop of chocolate ice cream after dinner. Thankfully our place had a washer and dryer! 

The next day was Father's Day, so after enjoying a delicious breakfast in our room, we headed out to the Farmer's Market. Somehow I took no pictures there, but it was fabulous! It was right outside where we were staying and had TONS of different booths. We enjoyed crepes from Crepes a la Cart for lunch and sat outside enjoying the glorious weather by the creek! 

Ben and Henley enjoyed some father/daughter pool time before nap while I relaxed and read on a chair for the first time in who knows how long! 

We continued celebrating Father's Day with a delicious Italian meal at La Bottega. I got the truffled gnocchi and cannot recommend it enough! 

The next day, we headed up to the top of the mountain for Epic Adventure. There were lots of fun activities for everyone (other than me and Henley) to enjoy, and we had a blast!! 

Henley was a huge fan of the gondola ride!

Technically, there were a few things that Henley could have enjoyed - the kid's zipline, tubing and bungee trampoline - but she was just not at all interested. She would be all excited to do one of them, but once we had to hand her over to a stranger, she was out. I actually had to put rocks in her pockets for her to even be allowed to do those things since you had to weigh 30 pounds and she only weighed 29! How cute is she all geared up to zipline though?!

This was after she asked a thousand times to do the trampoline and I was finally able to get enough rocks in her pocket for them to let her try, but when it was time for the guy to put her in her bungee, she just screamed. We enjoyed watching the girls instead! 

Once we realized Henley wasn't going to do anything and Ben could do a few things, we headed back down the gondola for lunch and to exchange our bracelets. We got a refund for Henley's and got Ben one to do the ropes courses, rock wall and mountain coaster. 

After lunch, we went back up the mountain to cheer everyone on while they did the coaster and take a few pictures before Henley and I headed back down for nap.

By the time everyone got back, they were all pretty exhausted, so we decided to go pick-up pizza from Blue Moose. Henley and I went to help pick it up so we could enjoy one of the playgrounds and burn off some more energy before bedtime. 

The next morning, we rented bikes to ride around on and we had a blast! Well, it was our first time pulling Henley in one of those carriage things, so I would say we had a blast, but Ben was exhausted! We rode around Vail Village, Lionshead, made our way to Betty Ford Gardens, and up a big hill by the golf course and houses around the area. It was beautiful! We eventually headed back to the villages to cool off and let Henley play in the water before lunch. 

She enjoyed every minute! 

We also took her to play at Pirate Ship park for a little while.

After lunch, the three of us headed back so Henley could take a nap and Ben could go fly fishing. I so want to go fly fishing the next time we are in Vail, but I didn't think it would be wise as an 8 month preggo! 

Ben had a blast and met us for a late dinner at Vail Chophouse that night. We all rode our bikes there and back, and it made me really wish we could ride bikes at home everywhere! 

The next day was Wednesday, and the friends that were with us were leaving and some other friends were flying in, so we took the day to just relax and enjoy ourselves at the pool. Ben and Henley went to the grocery store that morning, and I treated myself to a facial at the spa. It was heavenly! 

We ordered lunch by the pool and this girl and her adorable facial expressions kept us very entertained! Once our friends arrived, we enjoyed more time and drinks (they had a fabulous strawberry lemonade) by the pool before going in to get ready for dinner. I cannot believe I did not take a picture of dinner, but we went to Bully Ranch this night and it was so yummy! I learned after our first night that a light dinner worked better for me, so I ordered soup, but could not resist their truffled tots...yes, truffled tater tots as a side!! They were amazing! 

The next day, we walked around Lionshead for a little while before the guys headed off to go play golf and the girls relaxed again at the pool. It actually got a little cloudy and rainy at the pool, but we enjoyed our heated robes by the fire! We got these pictures from the guys while they played golf. 

It was apparently gorgeous and they had a blast! 

The girls fully intended to do a little shopping, but we lost track of time after relaxing and getting ready, so we just walked to dinner and enjoyed some pizza. 

On our final full day, we went back up the mountain to show everyone the views and enjoy some more fun! 

Everyone (but Henley and I) did the ropes course before lunch and had a blast! The above picture is of Ben crushing it! He is a pro at the outdoor sports! 

After lunch, we cheered everyone on again as they did the coaster and watched daddy conquer the hardest parts of the rock wall. We were very impressed! Henley was his biggest fan! 

Vail Chophouse called our names again for our last night at dinner and we loved it! There was a fabulous magician there that night that entertained us all. He left us all pretty darn amazed! 

We LOVED our time in Vail as a family and with great friends! We can't wait to go back in December with little George for Christmas and for Henley's first time on the slopes! I am now a full Colorado in the summertime convert!