Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I have been MIA for a couple of the last "What's Up Wednesday" posts, but I am happily back and so excited! The questions I'll be answering are below...lets get started!

According to my husband, I have been queen of the crockpot lately! There are three nights a week that I am tutoring right now, so I typically don't get home any earlier than 5 or 5:30. The crockpot has helped me keep my sanity lately, and I will definitely be looking for more recipes. These are the ones that I have been using lately.
Salsa Chicken Tacos
All I did was put some chicken breasts in the crockpot with a packet of ranch seasoning and a bottle of salsa on high for 6 hours. I shredded the meat and had all the fixings for tacos. We actually ended up inviting the girl's family over that I tutor on that particular night and they loved them too!
I found this recipe on Shay's blog and Ben raved about it.
This recipe has always been one of my go-to's from Janetha's blog. It is delicious!
The end of April will always be fond to me, because that is when we found out we were pregnant with Henley. April 23rd to be exact, on a STAAR testing day. The Sunday prior was Easter and I went to bed thinking I had just eaten too many different things and was not feeling well. I woke up the next morning still feeling like crud, but picked myself up off my closet floor (literally) and went to school. I didn't feel well all day, but remember trying to nibble on some crackers and feeling a little bit better. On Tuesday I felt better, but I was ravenous all day long. I remember walking up and down the aisles of my testing kiddos and sucking on animal crackers so that they wouldn't hear me eating. On Wednesday, I went to the gym before school. I got off the elliptical to get a drink of water and sprinted down the stairs to the restroom because I thought I was going to vomit. That's when I decided I should probably buy a pregnancy test. So I did! I bought one, took it in one of the stalls at school, shoved it in my jeans so I could go pick up my testing material, visited with the coaches in the coach's office and then finally made it to my classroom where I immediately locked the door and looked at the test! I was so excited that it was positive! I was shocked! I waited all through testing and then of course, we had a soccer game that night, so I had to wait until after that too to tell Ben. When I finally made it home around 9:30, we have friends and two tvs in our living room. The STARS and the MAVS were in the playoffs, so I had to wait until those games were over too. Once everyone left, I finally handed Ben a little present that had a onesie and the test in it. He was thrilled, but just as shocked as I was!
Frozen grapes is #1 on my list right now. I always need a little something after dinner, but I am also getting ready for a summer vacation to Hawaii, so frozen grapes are keeping me on track a little bit better. Don't get me wrong, I still need some chocolate or froyo in my life every now and then, but frozen grapes really hit the spot for me, especially since I am usually lacking on the water front for the day. Grapes tend to satisfy my thirst as well!
#2 is green tea. I am loving some green tea with a splash of cream and a sweet and low. I have been getting it at Ben's office from the Keurig on Monday's, so I finally went out and bought some of my own. I love the idea of coffee and a hot drink to wake me up in the morning, but I tend to only drink a few sips since it's not my favorite. Hopefully I have found my new morning routine!
Lots and lots of events. We have had a presentation for a program that Ben is going through, a graduation from that program, a banquet for Refuge for Women, the LJT Festival, and a surprise birthday party. We have been go, go, go!! It has all been fun, so I can't complain, but I am ready for a little bit of a slower pace in the next coming weeks hopefully. We have also been spending as much time outside as we can!

STAAR testing...boooooooo!!!! I know I'm not teaching anymore, but I am tutoring and I hate that I have students that are nervous about it or dreading it. It's just this dark cloud that hangs over the heads of students and teachers all year long, and I just hate it!
TMI, but I am also dreading my yearly exam. I feel like it has been forever since I have had to visit the doctor. It just seems weird to go without being pregnant now or having just had a baby since that is why I went for so long, but I guess I have to continue to adult. I used to just have it in my calendar and would go at the exact same time every single year, but now I actually have to think about it since things were a little off after post baby appointments. It's never as bad as I make it out to be!
Organizing Henley's closet. Holy moly, I have neglected that area of the house. She has had shoes and clothes thrown everywhere. I have made things so much more manageable finally and the morning routine goes a lot smoother!
I am trying to Spring Clean in general I guess. One room at a time when I can and getting each little nook and cranny put together how I want it to be. Other than that, I am starting to get things together for our big trip to Hawaii in June. I will be needing your tips soon about traveling with an 18-month-old.
My little sister is graduating from Baylor in a couple of weeks and I am so excited for her! I am also excited to just go back and visit Baylor. We also have a baby reveal next week that I am beside myself about! CANNOT WAIT!! We have a wedding in Dallas with old college friends this weekend and I am thrilled to see some of our best friends who we no longer live close to. Wow, it doesn't seem like things are really settling down for us, but oh well, they are all fun!
OMG!! I just read the best book! The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah was so so good! I think I am going to start The Husband's Secret next.
Yes, I know, I am not in high school, but I needed something to mindlessly watch one day and got totally hooked!
The Needtobreathe Pandora station is my current favorite. The other day while running, I wanted to listen to Safe by Phil Wickham on repeat!
I don't know why this is sideways, but oh well!
These shorts are my favorite right now. I have jean shorts in my closet, but one is a little large, one is a little short and the other were my post-baby jean shorts, so they are more than a little large. I have been looking for some that I really like and I love love love these! The color is awesome and the fit is wonderful too! They are from Old Navy and I am wearing them with everything from tshirts to button ups and so on.
I am also loving simple dresses right now. I wore one of these to a birthday party this past weekend and the other to work. They are so easy to throw on with a pair of sandals and head out the door. I see more of these in my future!
Ben is cooking in a BBQ Cookoff in Dallas on Friday and Saturday, so we are heading that way on Friday afternoon. He is going to take my brother-in-law to a dinner there on Friday and I am going to hang out with my sister and our little ones. We are going to have a bit of a crafting day on Saturday morning/afternoon while Ben cooks and then Ben and I are attending a friend's wedding that night. It will be a busy but a very very fun weekend!
You can see "what I'm excited about" for this one! We have an exciting May!
Well, we are looking for a new home for our dog, Baylor. We are so sad about it, but she is definitely not getting enough attention from us anymore. We are trying to find a loving home for our sweet dog. If you know of anyone wanting a dog, feel free to email me.
This is only my second Mother's Day as a mom, but I loved my present from last year. Ben got me a massage and a mani/pedi. It was a great gift for getting away and having some "me" time. I am always a fan of giving pictures, especially of the grandkids. They always seem to be a hit! I'm sure one day, I will love whatever Henley and our future kiddos make me. Homemade gifts are always so special!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Shay and Erika started a new link-up called "Stranded," and I am so excited to be joining. It's all about the things you just can't live without. So, if you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you HAVE to take. Today is: THREE THINGS FROM YOUR MEDICINE CABINET.
Now, I consider myself to be a pretty low maintenance girl. There isn't much to my medicine cabinet, and even the things that are in there probably don't get much use. So, this took me a little bit of thought. 

If you know me at all, you might think that one of my choices would be my obsession...mascara. I will admit, one of my first thoughts was mascara, but then I remembered that 1. in the summer with a good tan, mascara isn't as important to me and 2. there would be no mirrors, so I would have no clue what I was doing! So, mascara is out and I have three other musts to take with me!
First, these fabulous probiotics!
 I know I know...TMI! Sorry, but these are a new addition to my medicine cabinet, and I am so thankful! I love love love these babies and they are a definite must in my morning routine. They are one of the first things that I have actually stuck with and work wonders. This would obviously help with a lack of nutrition on a deserted island and dehydration! Although, my husband being the hunter that he is, I am sure we would find some good forms of sustenance!
Number two (no pun intended), my overnight facial moisturizer!
Shay included this moisturizer in her Friday Favorites a while back and I quickly ordered it. My poor face has taken a beating over the years from the sun. Between softball tournaments, sand volleyball and lots of beach/pool time, my face is constantly peeling. No good! I hate putting make-up on a face that isn't smooth. I ordered this moisturizer and absolutely love it! I can tell a major difference for sure. I don't know about you, but I can't stand a face that feels dry. I can only imagine that would happen on a deserted island, so I would definitely need this.
Last but not least, a toothbrush or mouth wash!
With all the problems I'll have on a deserted island, dragon breath does not need to be one of them. I cannot stand feeling like I have fur on my teeth! I would like to have a nice white smile too for when I'm rescued and am doing all sorts of interviews! Just thinking ahead!
That's it for me and my deserted island. Lets just hope that I'm never actually on one because I'm pretty sure I would have a panic attack within the first hour that I was there. It would not be good! I wouldn't mind the tan, but I wouldn't have a clue about anything else.
Can't wait for the next "Stranded" topic! I'd love to hear what you would bring with you. Leave a comment with the three things you would take with you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easter 2016

Yes, I know that it is now mid April and Easter was two weeks ago, but it was still a fabulous one that I would love to share!
This was Henley's second Easter, but her first to get to enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt. Now that she actually gets excited about a few things, I was super excited to get to experience this day with her. I couldn't wait for her to see her Easter basket, play with her cousins and hunt for lots of eggs! Next year, I look forward to explaining to her the real meaning behind Easter and hearing her explain it to others.
We started off the day with her Easter basket before going to church. She loved seeing the things in it and taking them out! Her Easter basket was filled mostly by the Target dollar section with some Old Navy mixed in. It was a hit!

After church, we packed up the car and headed out early for my sister's house in Dallas. We left about an hour early in hopes that Henley would knock out a pretty good nap before all the festivities. It worked! Henley napped for a good hour and a half before everyone got to my sister's house and we headed in for lunch. About seven years ago, we started the tradition of going to my sister's house for the lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. It stuck, and has been so much fun for all of us to be together including the little cousins! We all bring something for lunch and then let the kiddos hunt for eggs and eat dessert. It's a blast!
Henley was a little more interested in the swing than the eggs, but she put a few in her basket before being distracted by the slide in the back. We left most of the eggs for bigger kids, but Henley had so much fun playing. Prepare for a lot of pictures!



This girl could slide for days!
I love my little family!

This was our eighth Easter together!
After we went through all of the eggs and candy with all the littles, we started packing up the car to head back to Denton to Ben's family. Henley got another solid nap in on the drive back and since she was still out when we got to Ben's parents, Ben and I laid on the couch and took an amazing nap as well. It was amazing!
Henley woke up around 5 or 5:30, and we pulled out the festivities again! She opened her basket and we went outside for another egg hunt. Henley is the only little on Ben's side, so his mom put eggs around her flower bed and Henley picked them up. Each one had one of Henley's favorite, a yogurt covered cranberry, in it. She loved them!

Every other egg was a confetti egg which we thought Henley might like, but she was actually terrified by them. Ben cracked the first one on my head and for the rest of the evening, she wouldn't stop looking at the top of my head and whimpering. She is very protective of her mama!
I would say that it was a very successful Easter!