Thursday, December 7, 2017

Want, Need, Wear, Read

I love categorizing gifts into these fun little groups! Instead of doing a gift guide, I thought it might be fun for y'all to look at some of the things on my list. I make a list every year for my birthday/Christmas and pass it along to family members to help them out. I categorized a few of my items into these fun categories, and thought you might enjoy it! I put four in each category to give you a few options. Maybe these will help you shop for someone in your life or get some ideas for yourself!

I love these Nickel and Suede earrings! There are so many color options, and I'm pretty sure I could wear this champagne color with just about everything.

I am OBSESSED with these Tory Burch leopard sandals! I don't think they would come off my feet at all during the summer! 

I would LOVE to take this Barrington bag with me on all of our trips! It is so darn cute, and can add a monogram! 

This might be a little controversial since it might not necessarily be a need, but after reading all of the reviews, it seems like they are a MUST to me! Apparently these Spanx Faux Leather Leggings are to absolutely die for! 


Oh how I would love a Roomba or a stick vacuum. We have really dark wood floors and it drives me NUTS that you can see every little thing that falls on the ground. One of these would save me a whole lot of work and irritation. 

My workout gear, especially my pants, could definitely use an update. I think I have one recent pair and the rest are losing the elastic in the waist! I love these JoyLab leggings from Target. Cute, new workout gear always gives me a new motivation to get moving too! 

Speaking of workout gear, my tennis shoes have seen a few too many miles, and I could use a new pair. I am loving all of the new New Balance tennis shoes, and I find it very hard to say no to anything with a touch of rose gold! 

My mother-in-law got my some of this Moroccan Oil Hairspray last year for Christmas, and I was quickly addicted. It is seriously the best hairspray I have ever used, and I need a new bottle. 


These pj pants from Aerie are only $20 right now! If you're anything like me, your pjs could use a little updating (I'd like to feel cute, not sloppy going to bed) and since mine get a lot of wear these days (lazy mornings with two kiddos), I'd love to have a few new pairs. 

These comfy sweatshirts are also on sale at Aerie, and I would love a couple to go with my new pjs pants! Do you see a theme? I pretty much live in comfy clothes, so I am trying to start investing in cute comfy clothes. 

Continuing with the comfy theme...I would love some sweats that don't make me look like I weigh 300 pounds or that aren't from 7th grade. Yes, I still have my sweats from 7th grade! I am dying for some joggers! Most sweats are super long on me, so these would be the perfect fix. 

Yep, everything I want in this category makes me look like a lazy bum, but oh well! I fell in love with these sweatshirt during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, but never pulled the trigger on buying it. Who doesn't love a good, comfy sweatshirt?! Obviously, I'd pair this with my new adorable joggers!! 


I love reading ALL the Elin Hilderbrand books! They complete me! 

I have heard so many good things about this book! Apparently it is hilarious, and bonus, it is a series! I love when I don't even have to think about what book I'm going to read next!

I am currently re-watching Gilmore Girls for the second time, and I'm dying to read this book too! I just can't get enough of Lauren Graham!

I have also heard great things about this book, and would love a little glimpse into what my future will look like when Henley starts school! I love a book that adds some humor to parenting! 

Well, I hope this list gives you some good ideas for yourself or for someone else! I'm hoping to do a list for guys and kids too. Look for those in the near future! 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Update: Life with Two

Whoa! Time is absolutely flying by! It's been almost two months since I've been on here, and it feels like just yesterday. Since I haven't been around much, I thought it would be fun to give y'all a little update on what life is like right now with two kids. :) 

George is so small here and doesn't even look like himself! 

First of all, let me say that life with two is fabulous! I just adore my sweet little family, and often find myself just looking around and taking everything in. I have always wanted a big family and know that we want more kids, but there are definitely moments when I look around and think, "I'm perfectly content." I just absolutely adore my kiddos and their sweet and spunky little personalities, and if I thought having one made me love my husband more, having two has just increased that ten fold. 

Now, although I love having two kids and truly feel that the Lord has always called me to be a mama, things are definitely not perfect. We are still working on hitting our groove. 

We have been super blessed to have very chill, easy-going babies. We really don't have to think twice behavior-wise on going places, but outings have definitely become more of a task. I find myself picking and choosing and staying home a lot more often. We used to ALWAYS be out and about, but now, there are so many more days where I say, "I just want to stay home." Getting two kids in and out of the car is not my favorite task. Dear Texas, could you please crank that AC up and give us some real Fall weather, because this mama is tired of sweating while buckling in two kids! 

George's favorite spot is NOT the car! Now, he is totally content in his carseat if he has just woken up in the morning and been fed, but if there is any sign of hunger or sleepiness, it takes him a good 5 minutes to realize he needs to just settle in. He is totally fine once we get on a long stretch of road where the car doesn't stop, but he somehow knows the moment the car is coming to a stop and lets loose. I have gotten some pretty surprised and sympathetic looks in the drive-thru lines, because he doesn't just cry...he screams, and he screams loud. I cannot tell you how many people tell us what an awesome baby he is, because when we go places, he is just super content. He sat through a baby shower on Saturday like a champ, but when we start to see him stirring, Ben and I do everything in our power to keep him from making that first squawk, because it is LOUD! 

We've also been very fortunate that both of our kids have always slept really well. From about two weeks, Henley was only waking up once during the night, and from day one, George was doing the same. Unfortunately, he hasn't always continued that. It seems like the moment I get him figured out, he changes something on me. The past week has been a pretty rough one in the sleeping department. We went from George sleeping from 8 PM straight through to 8 AM to him waking up two to three times a night. He also went from taking regular 45 minute to an hour naps and going down super easy to fighting me tooth and nail. He seems to be back to sleeping pretty well through the night the past couple of nights...I have no problem waking up with him either once a night or just early in the morning, but naps are another story. I cannot figure that kid out! 

When I put him in one of his swaddles he wiggles and arches every single way, but when I don't swaddle him, he's awake every 5 minutes. He doesn't seem to want to be rocked AT ALL, but when I just lay him down he screams and screams and screams. The only way he seems to go down semi easy right now is if I feed him and then lay him down which some days works out, but most days I try to stick to the eat, play, sleep schedule and it is totally throwing me off. He has been drooling like a maniac and constantly chewing on his hand, so I'm wondering if he is starting to teeth which could be affecting his sleep. I've also heard about the four month sleep regression, but this is totally new to me. Henley never regressed sleep-wise and I never knew she was teething until a new tooth popped up. I am learning all new things! 

Speaking of Henley, she is absolutely loving this big sister thing! The first thing she asks every morning is "Where is George?". She loves hugging and kissing on him, and she is the absolute best little helper! George likes to be able to see me pretty much at all times, so when I need to run out of the room to grab something or get myself ready, Henley will sit and talk to him and keep him perfectly happy. She loves to run in his room when he wakes up and talk to him too! You can pretty much hear her saying "George, (or Georgie) it's okay. You don't need to cry" anytime we are in the car. She is the first to run to him when she hears him start to get upset. I just adore their little relationship already. George absolutely adores her too! Any time she is around, he wants to be looking at her, and any time he catches a glance, he is smiling!  

When it was just Henley, I didn't feel the need to get away really. There were very few times where I thought, "I need a night away," or "let's drop Henley off and go out." Well friends, times have changed...Henley is a little chatter box who literally NEVER STOPS TALKING! I absolutely love how much she talks, and at the same time, at the end of the day, I am so exhausted by it! Mom, I know how you felt now! Apparently, she is her mama's child! Between my little chatter box and George who just always needs me, I have found my desire to get some me time or Ben and me time increase greatly! Ben and I have been able to drop both kids off with grandparents a couple of times and go to dinner, and just last weekend, we went to San Antonio for a wedding. All of these times have been glorious! While I adore my kids and they are both pretty easy, getting away these days has been more of a necessity. I have needed some uninterrupted adult conversation and time to breathe! 

Outings have also changed a lot. Not just in the sense that they are more complicated, but Henley used to have my full attention and I would be doing whatever it was that she was doing. I was always down on the ground playing with her. These days, while I still try to give her lots of good attention, she is learning to be a lot more independent. There are lots of times when she has to play while I feed George, or try and get some work done. I have taken my computer with me to a couple of play places with wifi to try and get some things done outside of the house while she is fully occupied and George either sleeps or looks around. There are just a lot more factors to take into consideration when we leave the house now. We had a pretty rare and super fun occurrence last week though when we went to an indoor play area and were the only ones there. I was able to lay George on one of the mats and really play with Henley. We had a blast climbing and building and going down the slide! 

The below story seems to be more of the norm though these days! 

We went to the mall on a Sunday afternoon when Ben was out of town, and I was pumped because we got there at 11, and Henley was in a great mood and George was passed out in the stroller. We walked in and all the stores were closed until noon (whomp whomp), so we headed to Barnes and Noble to kill some time. George kept on sleeping and Henley and I read books until he started to stir and I needed to feed him. Things were still good because I hoped that if he was fed, we could still get some good shopping in. Well, when I sat him up to burp, I realized his entire back was covered in poop. We all jumped up and headed to the bathroom. He was literally covered from head to toe. I gave him a wipes bath while Henley talked my ear off and kept asking me if she could touch his poop or see his poop, etc. I was a sweaty, hot mess! I ended up throwing his clothes and a blanket away and we had a naked baby until one of the stores opened and we found some new clothes! 

Things like that are just more common for me now. I really can't get caught up in the things that go wrong. I just embrace them now, and roll with the punches! 

So, while life has changed greatly with two kids, I love it! I love the crazy! Our house in never as clean as it once was, I am never caught up on laundry, I am still doing at-home workouts instead of going to the gym, and I still haven't quite figured out the balance of two kids and work, but I love this crazy life! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What We're Watching

It's that time of year when all the shows come back on! Growing up, especially in college with all my girlfriends, this time of year was the absolute best! There is nothing I love more than plopping down on the couch for a good show after a long, tiring day! 

Since I see so many posts on Facebook asking for new shows to watch, I thought it would be fun to share the shows that I (and we) watch right now. The shows that I watch during the day are very different from the shows that Ben and I watch together, so there will be a good variety. I watch shows that I don't actually have to watch since I'm either cleaning or doing laundry while they're on. I'd love to hear what y'all are watching too! 

FYI: The shows we watch these days aren't always on regular tv. Ben and I cancelled our cable earlier this year, so we mostly find shows on Netflix or on an app on our Roku or Apple TV. 

Shows I watch during the day: 

The Real Housewives of Dallas 

Y'all, I grew up in Dallas, and it was not like this! I just can't look away from the ladies and their ridiculous drama! 

The Real Housewives of Orange County 

I'm pretty sure it's the same with all the housewives...drama, drama, drama. Again, I just can't stop! 

Flipping Out 

I literally cannot get enough of this show! I have watched this since it first started and the whole cast just cracks me up! Zoila legit used to make me cry from laughing so hard! Jeff may not be the most fun person to work for, but he is absolutely hilarious, and I love his dynamic with each person on the show. 

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce 

What can I say? I'm just addicted to Bravo! These five friends are all so different, and I love each of their stories. There is so much going on in each episode, but for the most part it stays pretty light. The show is starting to dig into some deeper issues, and I am loving it even more. 

Fuller House 

The other day I was folding laundry and turned on Netflix. This was the first thing to pop up, and it said there was a new season. How could I not watch an episode? When I don't have a Bravo show to watch, you can find me back in the Tanner/Fuller house. 

Shows I watch with Ben: 


We are only on episode 2, but I am really liking this show. Jason Bateman is phenomenal and I can't wait to see where this show goes. I have heard nothing but fabulous things from everyone about it! 


This show is addicting! We are on the last season, and I just need to know how everything unfolds. This is a little bit of a darker show, but you just can't stop watching. I am finally able to just watch one episode at a time, but when we first started, we were going to bed so late. The plot of Bloodline just pulls you right in. 

Sneaky Pete  

Ben found this on Amazon the other day when we couldn't watch any of our regular shows, because I had fallen asleep during all of them and needed to catch up. This is totally normal in our house. It drives him nuts! Anyway, this show is beyond addicting and is so good! 

Last Chance U 

I'm pretty sure I have told everyone that I have come in contact with over the last couple of weeks to watch this show. It is about a junior college in Mississippi where really talented athletes go for their last chance. It's a documentary and follows the team, the coaches and the academic advisor to the athletes. You just end up falling in love with so many of them and wanting to know more about their stories. 

The Pacific 

I love history and this show does an awesome job documenting part of WWII in the Pacific. At the very beginning of each episode, it will introduce real people and their stories, but then it becomes just a show, not a documentary. It is really really good! 

This Is Us

I'm pretty sure I don't even have to explain why we watch this show, since all of America seems to be watching it! We LOVE this show! 

Grey's Anatomy 

Ben doesn't actually watch this with me, but I love love love it! I binge watched the early seasons a few years ago and got all caught up. I totally thought that they wouldn't be able to keep the show going and come up with more amazing plots, but they just keep doing it. Each week is so different, but so good! 

Right now, Sundays and Mondays are always reserved for football. I LOVE IT!! I just can't wait for the weather to cooperate, so I can throw on my sweats instead of shorts and cuddle up on the couch while we watch. 

We really only watch one maybe two episodes of a show at night, but we change things up a lot! 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Favorite Baby Items

I have so many friends right now who are pregnant and have asked me what should be on their baby registry. I thought it would be easiest to compile my list in a blog post, so anyone could see it. These are just my top favorites. We registered for much more than the items I have listed below. The best website I found to help me register (because with Henley, I had zero idea what I needed) was She goes through every single item you could possibly need and shows different price options and ranks them. It was so so helpful!

I did not rank all of the items we have like LuciesList, but these are my personal favorites so far. I'm sure I will have different items that I love along the way as George and Henley grow.

In no particular order: 

- Milk Snob Nursing and Carseat Cover 

I 110% hated nursing in public with Henley. I had just a regular nursing cover that flies away, and I could never figure out how to nurse Henley, unstrap my bra, pull my shirt up, etc. without showing the whole world all my business. I spent a lot of time on a toilet or in the car nursing and was always so annoyed that I was missing out on the fun. I cannot say enough fabulous things about the Milk Snob nursing cover. We have also used it to cover the carseat which is fabulous, but I am endorsing it for the nursing cover alone! It covers your back and is such a soft, stretchy material, that I have been able to easily nurse anywhere and everywhere. Seriously...week 2, I was standing up walking around Carters while Henley tried on shoes and nursing sweet George. I may even order another one for myself just because. You never know when one will be in the washing machine and the patterns are just too dang cute to pass up! 

- Diaper Bag/Backpack

I had a SkipHop shoulder diaper bag with Henley, and while I loved it and still have it, I knew I wanted a backpack this time around. I saw this diaper bag before I was even pregnant and wanted to buy it so bad. I resisted and when I found out I was pregnant, I put it on my registry. I did not get it from anyone else, and my rule is if I'm still thinking about it months down the road, I should buy it, so I bought it. I love it!! Not only is it adorable, but it holds everything I need for both George, myself and Henley perfectly, and you can't beat being handsfree! 

- SwaddleMe Swaddles 

These were a MUST for me this go 'round! I needed some boy swaddles since the ones we had from Henley were all pink and that wasn't going to fly. These were a lifesaver with Henley! Ben is an expert swaddler, but I am definitely not. I did not want to have to wake him up every time I needed George to be reswaddled, and it just gets annoying to constantly redo the swaddle every time they are able to get an arm out. Henley started sleeping through the night the minute we starting using these, and George does fabulous with them as well. They are so easy to use and the fabric is so soft. I have taken one to the hospital with us for each baby and they all get lots of good use! 

Rock n Sleep 

This thing has been drug around every room of our house, taken outside and hauled to many different houses. It has gotten so much use and is so worth the purchase! I love that is just collapses and can easily go in the car when you need to travel with it, and it is so lightweight that I have no trouble carrying all around the house or outside when Henley is playing. I have many friends whose kids have slept in this and they love it. Ours have never done nighttime in this because we have a bassinet, but we love it for naps or just to put the baby in while we're eating dinner or getting something done. 

Boppy Lounger

This has also been hauled all over the place! I carry it from room to room when I am trying to get myself and Henley ready. It has sat on our kitchen table during dinner and been outside under lots of shade as well. I was gifted the Doc-a-tot as well, and I cannot wait to use it. I figure we will be using it in the near future when we travel and need a place for George to sleep. I would assume if you have the Doc-a-tot, you probably don't need the Boppy Lounger, but we had the lounger from Henley, so we have used it again. 


Gosh I love this bassinet even if it does take up a whole lot of room in our tiny master bedroom. This bassinet has been in our family for over 100 years. My Mamaw used it and has passed it down to all of us. My sisters and I have handed it off many times. It just goes back and forth to our houses based on who is having a baby next. I love the sentimental value it holds, and I love that we are all using something that was so important to Mamaw. 

Burt's Bees Baby Wash

One of my friends got me this when I was having Henley, and I just couldn't get over how good it smelled. I ended up not buying it after we ran out because we had so much other baby wash from other people, but it was one thing I HAD TO HAVE when I had George. I love smelling the top of his little head after bath time! 

4Moms MamaRoo Swing 

I have absolutely loved having this swing! It doesn't take up a ton of space and my little ones have loved it. I tend to use it more during the day for naps with my newborns and it works perfectly. George loves to be all swaddled up and laid in the swing with the sounds playing. He sleeps for hours in the afternoon. I also love that you can adjust the tilt on the swing, so it can be used for a while. Henley would still love to get in it, but I have drawn the line! 

Levana Baby Movement Monitor and Alarm

This gives me so much piece of mind. We used it with Henley and loved it, so we are using it again with George. All you have to do is clip to their diaper and it monitors their breathing. If the little clip doesn't move for a certain amount of time, an alarm will go off. I definitely need something to help me sleep better at night with my little ones and this is the perfect solution if you do not want to pay the hefty price tag of the Owlet. Don't get me wrong, we have said that we would for sure pay for something more if we felt we needed it, but this works great for us. 

Burp Cloths

My sisters just so happen to be fabulous at sewing, so with both my babies, they have made me some fabulous burp cloths. I love these! 


I have a lot of different blankets for my babies, and I love them all. My absolute favorites are: 

Gymboree - These blankets are so amazingly soft. They have the cutest prints and the colors are so vibrant and keep wash after wash. 

Sister made - Again, one of my sisters has made me a blanket for each kiddo and they are fabulous! They have a cute fabric on one side and minky on the other. My kids love them! 

Etsy - my sister-in-law has gotten me an amazing blanket for both Henley and George off Etsy. She has used the colors of their rooms, and customized it with their names. It is an amazing winter blanket, because it is so thick and soft. 

Aden & Anais - I love these blankets, because we have used them as swaddle blankets, carseat covers, nursing covers and everything in between. They are so light that they are great in the Texas heat! 

Wubba Nub Pacifiers

That little green thing is a froggie wubba nub. 

Henley would only take the MAM brand of pacifier from the moment she was born until last week (because we have kicked the paci habit...what what!!). George does not seem to like any paci at all, but when I can sneak one in, it is the wubba nub. Now, some people swear by these things, and I'm just going to be completely honest(yes, I have been this whole time), I like them the most because they are just so darn cute! 

A Good Pump

I used the Medela pump with Henley and absolutely loved it! Since you can get a new pump each pregnancy covered by insurance, I thought I would look at a new one this time around. I went with the Spectra 2, and so far, I love it. I got this one because it is chargeable and does not have to be plugged in anywhere to be used. Hallelujah! I hated trying to find a plug to pump each time. The Spectra 2 is super small, so it is easy to carry around, and super easy to use. I highly recommend either pump! 

Angelcare Bath

Last time around, I used the normal blue bath tub with the mesh insert, and while it worked great and we had no problems, I am loving the Angelcare bath so much more. For one, we have already had a poop in the bath incident and it is so much easier to simply wash off the baby tub and bleach the big bath than trying to get that mess out of the mesh. Yuck! It also takes up a lot less room in the tub, so sweet Henley is able to easily take a bath with her baby brother. Since this has become her favorite event of the day (she legit asks for a bath constantly), it is fabulous that she can be in there with all her toys and still be a mermaid while George just chills! 

Changing Stations Throughout the House 

I highly recommend doing this if you are about to have a baby. Before both kids were born, I created little changing stations in different areas of our house. I simply got a container to hold things (TJ Maxx always has great ones) and filled it up with the essentials: diapers, wipes, pacis, diaper cream, lotion, etc. We obviously have the changing table in George's room, but we also have a basket in the living room, in our bedroom and in one of the halls in the house. It helps tremendously to just be able to grab things wherever we are. 

Other things I LOVE: 

- The birth announcements my mom cross stitches for each baby

I have to get George's framed still. 

- Our baby trend sit and stand stroller (this is for two kids)

- Our BOB running stroller with the snack tray/car seat attachment

- Our Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat (I highly recommend getting two bases)

- Out gliding recliner from Buy Buy Baby 

This recliner has gotten so much use out of it! 

We have loved this carseat!