Monday, February 27, 2017

What's Up Monday

I was hoping to link-up with everyone last Wednesday for February's "What's Up Wednesday," but life got in the way. Henley and I got to go hear George's sweet heartbeat and then we ran around all day enjoying the fabulous weather. I decided to take her to the park instead of blogging, and it was glorious. Sorry bout that! :) 

Anyway, we have lots going on right now that I would love to share with you, so I am doing my own little "WHAT'S UP MONDAY?!" I'll follow the same questions, just a few days late! Plus, this week's bonus question: What's your "can't live without" beauty product?


This is what we ate last week, minus Wednesday night when I changed things up since it was National Margarita Day and didn't feel like cooking. The links are below for all of the recipes. We will be eating leftovers tonight since they were all so good! 

Meatball Mozzarella Bake - this is happening this week :) 


This kid! My Time Hop is full of pictures of Henley from when she was only 1-2 months old, and I am just loving them! Ohmygoodness, how in the world did she get so big? I miss the cozy days at home when she was a newborn! 


Coconut oil, coconut oil, coconut oil!! I finally bought a jar for my bathroom at the beginning of this month, and I am so in love! Really, I just started using it as eye make-up remover, but last week, I started using it as a moisturizer, and it is amazing! I love the way my skin feels when I use it! 


Oh goodness, so much! Things have been pretty busy in our house. I have started working for Ben, and find that on the days that Henley is at school and during her nap time, I am mostly taking care of the contracts and clients I have right now. Although our house was a little messier than usual last week, I am really enjoying it! 

February has been the month of celebrating birthdays too. First was Ben, and it was the never-ending birthday celebrations! Then, we had two of our best friends in back to back weekends. It has been fun to get together with everyone so often and enjoy a few adult only nights!

We have also been spending LOTS of our time outside enjoying the warm weather and blowing bubbles! 


My oldest sister has her fourth chemo treatment this week, and if it is anything like her third, we are definitely dreading it. Thankfully, it is her last treatment of the "Red Devil," and we are praying that her 12 week treatment of a new drug will be much better. I just hate that she is having to go through all of this. 

Ps - How adorable is she in her bandana?


Cleaning out tubs of clothes like whoa! Henley had tubs upon tubs of clothes that I saved for her, some that I bought and some hand-me-downs from my sister. I finally got tired of having so many tubs and last week went through them all and cleaned them out. Holy moly, why did I save that many clothes?! I condensed three tubs into one and am so glad I don't have that many clothes to keep up with anymore. I'll be taking them to a couple of resale places, and what I don't sell, I'm going to donate. I am loving the feel of less clutter! 

I'm also starting to clean out our guest bedroom and get it ready to be Henley's big girl bedroom! Woo hoo! I can't wait to decorate her room and start on George's room! 


We are taking a trip next month for "Spring Break." Since I'm not teaching anymore, technically, we don't have a Spring Break, but we were planning on taking a trip this spring anyway and our best friends both happen to be teachers, so it is our Spring Break! 

We wanted to pick a place that we had never been before and Seattle was it for both of us! So, we are headed to Seattle, and I can't wait! It may rain the whole time, and that is fine. I am just excited to spend quality time with Ben and our friends and relax! 


I am loving Debbie Macomber right now! I finished a couple of the books I purchased after Christmas and needed a new one fast, so I checked one of her books out at the library and really liked it. When I went back last week, I checked out another one and was excited to find that it was set in Seattle! I am loving reading about some different spots that we should visit! Her books are super easy reads and I have fallen in love with all of the characters. 

I'm not watching anything super consistently. Ben and I are still watching This Is Us together, but are behind a little bit. I watch The Real Housewives episodes when I'm working around the house and sometimes The Bachelor too. 


Mostly Mickey Mouse! I find myself getting so excited when Henley is not in the car and I get to change the channel, but Mickey Mouse isn't so bad either!


I have finally caved and started wearing mostly maternity clothes. I still workout in normal workout clothes, although I did go to the thrift store and buy some more workout tanks that are more roomy. I'm a bargain shopper and it was totally worth it to purchase about 6 tops for $20 instead of 1. I bought a pair of maternity jeans last week at Motherhood Maternity since I didn't have any and figured I would need some for Seattle. Originally, I planned on just using the Belly Band with my regular jeans, but once I tried on some jeans that actually fit, I was SOLD! 

I really only have pictures of me dressed up though and in workout attire...surprise surprise! 


Since this was supposed to be for last week, I'll tell you what we did last weekend. It was fabulous! 

On Friday, we had Ben's annual Keller Williams banquet and we got to get dressed up and enjoy a night out. Well, we were home by 9:45, but we sure had fun getting dressed up and enjoying some uninterrupted adult conversation with friends! 

On Saturday, Ben took Henley to breakfast and a soccer game while I went to a friend's house for brunch and a Pampered Chef party. It's safe to say we both had a blast with who we were with! Later that day, we got to celebrate my best friend's birthday by doing an Escape Room, going to dinner and enjoying dessert back at their house. It was so much fun! If you have not done an escape room, I would definitely recommend it for a night out with friends! 

On Sunday, we started the morning by getting some things done around the house and then going to church. After church we enjoyed lunch with a friend before Henley was picked up and Ben and I went to a play downtown. Ben got me tickets to Sister Act for Valentine's Day, and we had a blast! We love going to the local theater every now and then, and I can't wait for the show in May! 


See "What I'm Excited About." March is also another month of lots of family birthdays, so I'm excited to celebrate them all and spend some time with my family! I'm also looking forward to seeing baby George at the end of the month! We had an early sonogram to find out that it's a George, but we have our 20 week sonogram after we get home from Seattle. I'll actually be 22 weeks by then, so he'll be getting nice and chubby! 


I think most of you have heard by now, but baby Clark is a BOY!! I'll be doing a "bump date" later in the week to let you know how this pregnancy has been going. I can't say that it is too new, but I am hungry all the time and in bed by 9! 


Right now, I would say that it is a big tie between these three. See "What I'm Loving" for my explanation on the coconut oil. I have been using the moisturizer since college and have always been asked how I keep my color throughout the winter, and this is my answer. I do not do tanning beds anymore, so in the winter, I use this lotion on my face and it does the trick. I love waking up in the winter and still being able to wear minimal make-up! Now, the hairspray, OMG! My mother-in-law got it for me for Christmas, and I am obsessed! Not only does it smell good, but it is magical! My hair isn't hard and crunchy, but after I curl it and spray some of this in it, it has some fabulous extra volume! 

I hope your week is getting off to a great start!! 

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

I had every intention of posting more this week, but with this weather, we have been busy. I have filled up our time with lots of outdoor activities and we have enjoyed every minute. Of course, now that I have that itch to wear Spring/Summer clothes, the weather is going back to dreary and cold. #weliveinTexas 

Since we have been having so much fun this week, I have lots of fabulous favorites to share! I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday Favorites! 

On Wednesday, Henley and I spent a good part of our afternoon at the park and could not get over how wonderful it felt to be outside with zero wind and 80 degree temps. While I was rocking her for her nap, I was also perusing Facebook and realized that it just so happened to be National Margarita Day. With perfect temps and an excuse for myself to indulge in some chips and salsa, I texted the husband and got myself out of cooking dinner for the night! It was glorious! While everyone else enjoyed the holiday, I enjoyed my chips and salsa and dreamed of a glass of sangria come August! 

Park dates with this one would be my absolute favorite all the time!! Tuesday morning started off pretty dreary, but when Henley woke up from her nap in the afternoon, we took our snack time to the front porch and the sun came out. I got out the wagon for a trip around the block, but she told me she wanted to play at the park. I am always in for watching her run, jump and climb! 

We had some more park play time on Wednesday, and my sweet girl made a new friend which was a big favorite! She is usually pretty skeptical of others at the park, because she wants the area she is playing on to herself, but I was so proud of her on Wednesday when another little boy started playing on the slides with her and she watched, laughed and cheered him on. When we eventually had to leave, she tracked him down in another area of the park all by herself, said bye and even asked for a kiss! I was so proud!! 

This kid and my sunglasses! She wants them on at all times when she is in the car and will even get them out of the car if it's sunny and walk around with them. I love her little personality! The top picture is on our way to hear sweet George's heartbeat this week, and she fell asleep on the way to our appointment in the morning. I looked in my rearview mirror and she was OUT, but the sunglasses remained! My little diva makes me laugh each time I look in my rearview mirror and get a glimpse of her in mommy's glasses! 

Yesterday morning, I checked out the weather when I woke up and immediately made the decision that we would be doing something fun outside. I decided on the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville since it's only a short 30 minute drive from us, and Henley was more than excited! She kept telling me we were going to the "you" to see the "aminals, woo hoo (arms thrown in the arm)!". Gosh, I love her! 

We got there around 11, and it was the perfect size zoo to make a lap around, see all the animals, and then go outside the gates in their picnic area for lunch. It is not a big zoo, but it is perfect for little ones (and hungry mamas!). 

Henley loved the flamingos! At one point, they started fighting and squawking and Henley kept asking me if she could get them to keep talking. She would say "hey Mr. Flamingo, please talk!" They were gorgeous and definitely put on a show for us! 

I texted a couple of our friends with my last minute decision and a few joined us for our adventure. Henley loved having some company, and I am always in for adult conversation! In these pictures they are looking at the alligator and the prairie dogs. I think the alligator was one of Henley's favorites! She did not want to leave him! 

The biggest exhibit is a huge piece of land where the zebras, mountain goats, donkeys, camels, ostriches, and giraffes are. There is a huge bridge overlooking all of the land and we loved it! Henley was so excited to see the giraffes! She also loved making the donkey noises and camel noises! At the end of it is some shade with tables where we stopped to get some water and all the kiddos told us they were ready to eat. 

The goats were by far the big hit, because we got to feed them. I was so proud of Henley for actually getting down there with them and giving them her hand! I have a feeling our trips to the rodeo this year will be filled with the petting zoo! 

Yesterday was by far a favorite! I can't explain how much I love these days with my sweet girl! She is just the sweetest, most fun little girl, and I can't get enough of her! I know everyone keeps telling me that there is such a different, special  bond between a little boy and his mama, but I've got to say, I think my girl and I have a pretty darn special bond too. I love my little bestie and her sweet personality! Each day I get to spend with her is so much fun! 

I don't know about y'all, but after a crazy busy week, we also have a crazy busy weekend. We have a banquet, a birthday celebration and a play to attend and I am excited about all three! I hope y'all enjoy your weekend and get lots of sweet time with the ones you love! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life Lately

Things are finally back to normal this week, but last week, Ben was out of town from Saturday until Thursday. Phew! That was a long time, especially for Henley to go without seeing her daddy. We were missing him! I don't know about y'all, but when Ben is gone, I tend to fill the day with more to make the time go by faster. We still had lots of fun, and Henley was spoiled rotten! 

We kicked off the week on Sunday night by sending daddy kisses before we went to bed! 

Henley's classroom may not have had a Valentine's party on Monday, but she still looked like a sweet little love bug!

More kisses for daddy on Monday night! My parent's had Henley over the weekend while I enjoyed a little time at the spa. My dad read her Cinderella, and it was all she could talk about, so we watched parts of it at night before bed. She loved it, and I loved the extra cuddles!  

Happy Valentine's Day to Ben! We went to the library after the gym, and they had a big Valentine's Day party for all the kiddos. Henley was obsessed with the balloons, the popcorn and the pretty M&M's! We (meaning mostly I) made Ben a Valentine and sent it to him in Vegas (via text).

Like I said, this girl got spoiled! After nap on Tuesday, we went on a mommy/daughter Valentine's date and got our nails done. This was Henley's first trip to the nail salon and she was a pro! She kept asking for the water mommy put her hands in and she wanted the lotion massage too! She likes to be pampered! 

We finished up our Valentine's Day date at a basketball game with lots of friends. It was the perfect ending to the day! I got some much needed adult conversation while still getting to watch the kids enjoy themselves, and the kids wore themselves out after the game on the court. Win!! Oh, and the team we were cheering for won! 

This is Henley ready to head out the door for the gym. Y'all, she seriously cracks me up on a daily basis! She loves her accessories, and on this day, she wanted her winter hat and all the purses! You can't see them very well, but there are three purses on that arm! 

Again, the accessories! She currently "needs" mommy's glasses when the sun is in her eyes while we're driving. The paci and the stuffed animals just make everything better! 

My sister completed her third round of chemo on Thursday, so my parents took the kids over the weekend to let her rest. Henley is always up for a trip to "Pete and Dee's," and her cousins are a definite bonus! The weather on Saturday was beautiful, so we enjoyed pretty much the entire day outside! 

All the kids got to feed the chickens biscuits (Henley pretty much ate her biscuit on her own and gave the chickens a few pieces), we played on the trampoline, the swing set and slide, we saw turkeys and ducks, etc. The adults even got to enjoy the sun and read for a little bit during Henley's nap, while the big kids rested a little bit too! I love the farm! 

Y'all...on Friday while Henley was at school, I was on the hunt for a good pair of maternity jeans. Of course, I got sidetracked at the Carter's next door and wanted to buy everything! I showed great restraint and actually didn't buy a thing, but this little one piece about killed me! I must say, I am still drawn to the girl clothes, but the boy's clothes are starting to grow on me (at certain stores). 

And finally, yesterday afternoon turned into a beautiful day, so we played outside and took a walk in the wagon. While we were walking around the neighborhood, Henley stopped me and told me she wanted to go to the playground. I couldn't deny her, so we walked up the street to the playground in our neighborhood and played! Henley was filthy by the time we left which meant it was a success!