Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Favorites: Gifts for Her

I'm linking up today for Friday Favorites and decided to make it another gift edition. I'm a "her," so why not make it all about the gifts for the women in your life. I feel like I'm kind of an expert there, so here are the favorites on my list. Hint hint: I would love to receive any of these if I don't already have them! ;)

Lets just say that I would never want to be on one of those shows where people come into your house and look through your pajama drawer is a bit embarrassing! I have a handful of pretty worn pajama shorts and they are worn with an old t-shirt. Hot, right?! I would love to actually invest in some good pajamas. I mean it's important to feel cute when you go to bed too, right? Plus, there are always those days that the pjs don't come off until noon, and if I didn't look like such a slob, maybe I wouldn't feel like such a slob! I love these pjs! 

Really, I would take Pioneer Woman anything! I love love love all of her stuff, but I also NEED some good bakeware dishes. Over the years, a bunch of my bakeware dishes have been lost to taking people meals, so I could really use some new ones. A total bonus would be to get some new ones that are also beyond adorable! 

Booties are everywhere right now! I must confess, I was hesitant about them at first, but I have since fallen in love. They are the perfect transitional shoe, and they are great for this confusing Texas weather. I have a few pairs of booties...all of which have a pretty good heel on them. I would love a good pair of booties that are more comfortable and easy to wear all day long. I am a pretty casual girl, so I like to be able to wear something cute, but not feel like I'm trying too hard. I mean it's pretty surprising when I've showered and put mascara on for the day, so wearing a heel catches people off guard! These would be perfect for a day of shopping, plus they come in 11 (ELEVEN!!) different colors. I am really loving Lucky Brand's booties right now! 

I love it when it is finally scarf season! I am not one who invests in a lot of jewelry to accessorize, so, for me, throughout the colder months of the year, a scarf is the perfect accessory. I have made it my mission to have a scarf that goes with absolutely everything! These chunky, knit scarves are amazing! I would love a red one to be a little more festive during the holidays! 

These are on the top of my list this year! I would love some slippers that I just can't possibly take off! I am so cold natured, so I am constantly running to our bedroom to put some socks on throughout these winter months. I would love to be able to slip these on and wear them all day around the house! I have also heard really good things about the TOMS brand of slippers. 

I think we've well-established by now that I am a pretty casual person. I am always looking for a casual shoe (not my normal tennis shoe) that will go with my cute, but casual outfits. I LOVE these Converse sneakers! I feel like the charcoal color would go with SO much! 

Y'all, I legit still wear my favorite sweatpants from 2002. Yes, 2002. That means they are 14 years old, and I was in 8th grade when I got them. That's embarrassing!! I would say that means that I am in desperate need of some cute, comfy lounge pants. These kind of go along with my pajamas argument. I would still like to feel and look cute while I'm just lounging around the house, probably cheering on the Cowboys (go boys!) on a Sunday afternoon. I love me some lazy Sundays, but I'm not sure Ben loves him some lazy Sunday Natalie! I kid, I kid...I really don't think he thinks twice about it, but it would be nice not to panic when someone knocks at the door or Ben asks to go somewhere! 

8. Gift Certificate for Mani/Pedi/Massage 

Any of the above would be amazing! I do not often get relaxing time to myself, so an hour or so of doing nothing but being pampered is always welcomed. I'm pretty sure I would fall asleep at all of the above, so it would be like a two-in-one gift...the gift of pampering and the gift of extra sleep! 

I don't wear it often, but when I do, eyeshadow is my favorite part of putting on make-up! A new eyeshadow palette is always so exciting for me! I love trying different shades and playing with it all each time we go out. I just don't think you can go wrong with the gift of a good eyeshadow palette! 

I have been thinking about this leopard clutch since the first moment I saw it on Shay's blog! Leopard pretty much goes with everything, and I would love for this to my only accessory some nights. It would add the perfect touch to so many different outfits! Plus, I could carry it casually as well as to special events with a nice dress. I may just have purchase this myself since I've been thinking about it for so long! :) 

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and get some good shopping in over the weekend! 


  1. I love those house shoes! I am so obsessed with the Pioneer Woman, her bakeware looks amazing. And ok that lounge shirt is the cutest!

  2. I love fun pjs! I recently bought a leopard clutch from grey monroe that looks a lot like the expensive clare v bag. Jess at Just Jess