Thursday, June 1, 2017

32 Week Bump Date

HOW FAR ALONG: As of Monday, I am 32 weeks! According to me that it 8 months, but I'm not sure that is technically accurate considering I have 8 weeks left. Gosh, 8 weeks seems like it is just around the corner and at the same time, it seems so far away. Today we went to a sonogram place in town for a 3D/4D sonogram and got to really see what sweet George looks like. After getting to see his sweet little nose, cheeks, mouth, feet and hands (he kept his eyes closed), I just cannot wait to meet my little man! 

FEELING: I am still feeling really good considering I am 32 weeks pregnant. I have started to get more uncomfortable throughout the day. I have had some major lower pelvic pain and some back discomfort these past few weeks. The pelvic pain feels like George is sitting directly on a bone as well as like I have the worst pulled groin muscle ever imaginable at times. For about a week, the back pain was keeping me up during the night and waking me up early in the morning, but after seeing my doctor last week and her recommending that I see a chiropractor, it has been much better. I am back to sleeping without any back pain and the other aches and pains have dissipated a bit. My chiropractor recommended that I come back every two weeks, and I think I am going to take his advice for the duration of the pregnancy. I am also going to try to incorporate more stretching and yoga into my routine. All in all though, I feel good! A little discomfort is to be expected this late in the pregnancy, so I can't complain too much! 

I am also feeling George TONS!! He seems to move non-stop and I feel like he is huge! I'm sure every mom feels that way, but man, he is all over the place. I am constantly having to pee due to him kicking the mess out of my bladder while at the same time feeling him up under my ribs! He moves A TON at night when I lay down in bed and am reading. Ben had his hand on my belly the other day and was so surprised by the intensity of George's kicks! He even asked me if it ever scared me! He also loves to move while we are sitting at church and seems to LOVE music! 

WEIGHT GAIN: As of my appointment last Tuesday, I have gained 22 pounds. While I feel ginormous these days, especially at night when my belly is super tight, I am still feeling great about where I am weight gain wise. At 32 weeks, I expected to feel large and in charge! My doctor said my belly was measuring right on track, so I am happy with that! 

I have definitely gotten to the point where eating makes me feel uncomfortable. I am fine until lunch time, and even though I try to eat a pretty snacky lunch, I seem to be more uncomfortable after it anyway. I am trying to monitor my intake and eat lots of smaller meals even though I am so hungry so that I don't get too uncomfortable. You can pretty much find me eating all throughout the day! I expect all the summer fruit, aka watermelon galore, to be the majority of my diet from this point on! 

CRAVING: All the fruit!! No meals really sound good right now, insert eye roll from Ben. It is absolutely driving him crazy that I can't decide on anything that sounds good and continue to ask him to just pick places, but he'll have to deal for just a little bit longer. Right now, I am wanting all the fruit! I could probably consume an entire watermelon all by myself! I am also wanting cherries, pineapple, cantaloupe, blueberries and grapes galore! 

WORKING ON: We finished Henley's big girl room and are now semi working on George's room. His crib is ready, minus the bumper, and a few things have been hung on the walls. His clothes are all organized in his closet and the drawers to his dresser have been completely cleaned out. Ben and I sat in his room the other day for a little while discussing our plans, so we should be getting everything done in the next few weeks. 

I have also been working on my baby registry. Did anyone else feel a little weird registering for baby #2? My best friend is throwing me a baby shower in a couple of weeks, so I felt like I needed to register for some things, plus it's kind of fun looking at all the new things that have come out since Henley, but it still feels weird. My mom asked me the other day what I really needed, and I had a hard time coming up with an answer. Other than the basics and a few things needed for having two now, most things are just fun wants! I am so excited about the shower and feel like after it is over, we will really have everything done or almost done in George's room and around the house! 


Henley is still so excited about baby George! I just love the way that she says his name, and she is talking about him all the time! She loves to point out all the things that George will need that she doesn't anymore since she is a big girl. She adores her big girl room and sometimes wanders into George's room to checkout her old baby toys. She loved getting to see him on the tv at our 3D/4D sono and is now constantly talking about his "big yawn." I cannot wait to see her as a big sister! 

WORKOUTS: I am still trying to workout as often as I can, but I have definitely become more lax. I noticed at 30 weeks, that I would need to modify moves even more and slow down a little bit. I am hoping to borrow a friends belly belt soon and see if that helps out with the classes I go to. With carrying George a lot lower than I did Henley, I notice a lot more cramping/discomfort while I workout. I am still trying to follow the same routine, but when I can't make it to the gym, I am not stressing and instead going on walks and trying to incorporate some prenatal yoga into my routine as well. I am hoping to continue working out up until the end, but I can only imagine that things will continue to slow down and become less and less intense as we get closer to my due date, and I am completely okay with that! 

I can't believe we are already at 32 weeks and starting to really prepare for George's birth! We have preregistered at the hospital and with everything we have going on in June, July will be here before we know it! 

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