Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

Sorry I have been a bit MIA lately. Ben's computer at work went kaput, so he has been taking my laptop in. That means I only have access to my computer late at night and early in the morning some days, and this potty training, 25-week pregnant mama has had no desire to stay up super late or get up super early. Sorry bout that! 

How is it already Wednesday, by the way?! I feel like we just had a glorious weekend, so I would like to relive it a little bit on here!

My two favorite types of weekends are busy ones that involve lots of fun activities and the people I love, and weekends when we have absolutely nothing planned. This past weekend was a pretty busy one, but was super fun! 

On Friday, Henley went #2 on the potty before school, so it made for a super exciting day! She has had zero #1 accidents since about day #3 of potty training (she has that down!), but #2 is a different story. She went once on the potty our first week of potty training on Sunday (we started Tuesday), and was beyond terrified of it. So, it had been almost a week since her last poo poo on the potty. I was exhausted from taking her every five seconds, because for 2 days she had been telling me she needed to go, but would sit down, get scared and say "no, that's yucky!" Thankfully, she wasn't going during nap or bedtime, but I just knew her little tummy had to be hurting. 

We sat on the potty for about 45 minutes before school and she finally did it again! This time, she was so excited for herself, but you could tell still a little nervous about it. She kept saying "mama, I did it!" over and over and over again though! I had pretty much promised her the world at this point, so I told her that when I picked her up from MDO, we would have a really fun day! While she was at MDO I rewarded myself with a little bit of shopping and some time in the sun before I changed into what I believe will be my summer uniform and picked her up! 

I pick her up around 2 and we were hoping Ben could go with us later in the day to get her present at Target, so we started out at Sonic. We got out of the car and enjoyed our "special drinks" outside in the fabulous weather. Then, we went to the park to enjoy more of the sunshine! 

No, she does not walk around the park without shoes on, but I do let her take them off when she climbs these slides if they are slippery. 

My brave girl did the zip line for the first time! 

Unfortunately, Ben got stuck about an hour away working, so after over an hour at the park, Henley and I headed to Target on our own. I had gone to the Just Between Friends sale that comes to Denton twice a year and scored an Ana and Elsa dress earlier in the day, so I let her know she had those waiting, but that she could pick out another present for herself. 

She was much more interested in the doggie than presents! We walked up and down every single toy aisle, plus the bubble/water toys aisle and Henley picked out a large purple bouncy ball! Hey, if the gift you want is $3, have at it girlfriend! 

We finished the day off by trying on our princess costumes and eating dinner together in our living room. It was a successful Friday! 

On Saturday, we headed to the gym bright and early! Ben has started going to spin classes with me on Saturday mornings, and it is my new favorite weekend activity together! 

After showers, we hopped in the car and headed to my Papaw's farm to spend some quality time with him and his cows. Henley always asks about Papaw and his cows! We had a blast! He also has two cats that she loves to "give pats," and lots of chickens too. If we could have stayed there all day she would have and she would have been outside the entire time! 

Papaw's cows have always been very gentle and sweet. He has some behind his house and also some out on his land a little bit west of town. We visited both, but my favorite cow is this one that came right up to Papaw and asked for "pats." He also let Henley and I pet him and she was in heaven! Don't worry...we will have cows one day, that's for sure! 

We headed home for nap time, and after throwing in some laundry, I had to start getting ready for an event Ben and I were going to that night. Ben's sister came and watched Henley and they had a blast! Of course, the one time in who knows how long that we got all dressed up and had a nice night out, we took zero pictures. Total fail on my part! Oh well, there was a silent auction during the event and I won the year of lattes! Woo hoo! When I saw it, I immediately told Ben that I would be needing that come July, and he agreed! I can't wait to start using them! 

On Sunday, we went to church, came home and planted some flowers and then my parents surprised us by coming through Denton for lunch. We met up with them which Henley loved! 

Then it was nap time for us all, before we headed to an EGGSTRAVAGANZA event Henley's little school put on. We invited some friends and had a blast! The kids "hunted" for Easter eggs, enjoyed the petting zoo, and jumped/slid in the bouncy house for forever. All their cheeks were nice and pink as we were leaving...the sign of a good time! 

We finished the weekend off with dinner with Ben's family to celebrate his mom's birthday. Homemade pizza and more family fun for the win! It was a fabulous weekend! 

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