Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Memory Lane

Today is Show & Tell Tuesday, so I'm linking up with Andrea to share "a trip down memory lane!" 

Really, I'm just sharing some of my favorite things from childhood, and I cannot wait to read what everyone else chooses! Hold onto your hats, because I'm pretty much just going to throw everything out there that I could think of that reminds me of my childhood! 

My sisters and I watched all of the Friends episodes when it was actually on tv, and I can remember us being so devastated on the last episode. We couldn't wait until the dvd of just the last episode came out so we could go get it!

We played Super Nintendo sometimes like it was our job! Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Mario Brothers, and a random Lion King game were our favorites! 

We obviously had caboodles, and at some point, all of our trolls ended up in there after we were done using them. 

Gosh, I was telling the kids I tutor about Dunkaroos just the other day! How amazing were these snacks?!?!

Game Boys were legit! I loved Super MarioWorld and I also loved a game called Paper Boy. We carried these around everywhere in their awesome cases! 

I used to dress up ALL THE TIME as Sandy at the end of the movie, complete with a cut off straw as my cigarette, and reenact the last scene. There is no telling how many times I watched this movie! Looking back and seeing it again as an adult, it is totally inappropriate, but apparently that all went way over my head. 

Another mildly inappropriate thing that went completely over my head...The Eagles! This album was on repeat in my dad's car on the way to school for so many years. My sisters and I knew every word to every lyric. Hence, why my child's name is Henley...aka Don Henley! 

Barbies were a big deal for a while in our house. I mean, how do you have four girls and not have TONS of barbies?! Christmas morning was like Barbie Dreamland. My mom would usually allow us a week or so of completely overrunning our game room with barbie world and then she'd make us clean it up. We had bags and bags of barbies and all the accessories everywhere! 

Who didn't love Saved By the Bell?! I mean, it is a childhood staple! Not to mention...tv was just so much better back in the day. Just to name a few that I grew up watching: Family Matters, Step by Step, The Torkelsons, Boy Meets World, Full House, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, etc. The list could go on forever! 

You know how every child has a movie they watch over and over and over again? For instance, the Frozen or Trolls craze that is currently going on. Well, my movie was Steele Magnolias. Yes, I was an interesting little child! I would come home everyday and tell my mom "I wanna watch Weeza!" 

Not just me, my entire family has always been OBSESSED with Celine Dion!! My parents took all of us to my first concert and it was Celine Dion. My dad did the whole How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days thing before it even existed. He told us all we were going to a MAVS game one night and when we showed up...it was Celine Dion! This was right after the movie Up Close & Personal, so the song "Because You Loved Me" was HUGE at the time! She was and still is amazing! 

Anyone heard of these?! Well, they're still on the market! My oldest sister would get one of these (usually the red) and hide it in her bathroom at our house growing up. One of my other sisters and I would BEG her to give us a taste and every now and then when she wasn't home we would be able to sneak some! 

Good 'ole SCC!! This was another, more appropriate, cd on repeat in my dad's car on the way to school every morning. We could sing our hearts out to some Stephen Curtis Chapman! 

I'm pretty sure that if you have ever watched this movie with me that you probably just want me to shut up! I (and my family) know every single line to this movie! The Sandlot, Steele Magnolias and Field of Dreams are the movies we watched every single time we went on vacation in the car. If you have every hung out with my family, we have probably quoted one of those movies while you have been with us! 

In order to get this pictures, I had to google "Trolls, old school." I loved me some trolls! I loved doing their hair, and my sisters and I loved playing with them! 

And last but not least, because I'm pretty sure I could go on forever if I let myself, Oregon Trail. Of course it was on the ginormous, old computer and it took forever to load and all that with the dial up, but this game was awesome! I was telling another kid about this the other day, and I may just be googling it soon to see if I can find an app to play again! 

Please please please comment with your favorite things from childhood! I love walking down memory lane! 


  1. I loved my caboodle! I think I had that exact one! And the Oregon Trail, I must have played every day after school for two years straight (hated when I died of dysentery, haha)

  2. i loved friends...i have all the seasons, and watch them a fair amount...only i did't watch them until i was adult. I also love(d) SCC.