Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Back from Spring Break

Sorry guys...I took a minor hiatus before we left for Spring Break to try and balance life out a bit. I've been working for Ben as well as tutoring and a few other things here and there and life has been busy. Then, we left on Monday, March 13th for Seattle and got back late on Saturday night, so we cherished the rest of the weekend with our sweet girl. 

Before I do a post about our fun trip to Seattle, let me just recap our Sunday with Henley, because that deserves a post all on its own! 

We were so ready to get back to Henley, and from what we heard from grandparents, Henley was pretty darn ready for mommy and daddy to get back too! She even cried a little bit in her sleep on Saturday night/Sunday morning for mommy, so I took the opportunity to go into her room and rock her back to sleep. It took a little longer than usual, because we just could not stop smiling at each other and giving kisses! I just love her! 

Since Henley didn't get to go on our trip with us, I wanted to make Sunday all about her and super special. Originally, I thought we'd plan a fun little outing as a family, but with the weather the way it was, Henley just wanted to play outside and I couldn't say no to that! 

We spent the entire morning outside enjoying the sunshine! Ben mowed, then Henley and I helped him rake up the leaves and bag them (yes, Henley did help), we blew bubbles, and we jumped on the trampoline too! After all of that, we worked up an appetite and decided to head to Sonic for a picnic lunch! Henley wanted a hot dog and I will never say no to a vanilla coke zero, so Sonic it was! We had a blast and all left saying that we need to do that more often...there's nothing like being filthy, no make-up, hats on, and enjoying lunch outside! 

After lunch, we had some quick errands to run and on our way home, Henley fell asleep in the car. She was so sweet while we ran our errands and kept asking "where we going, mommy?" I think she was just making sure we were all staying together. Ben had to get out of the car a couple of times and she made sure to double check that "daddy comin' right back." 

While Henley napped, I unpacked and did laundry and Ben got to work on building a desk for my sister and her family. Once Henley woke up, it was back outside for us! Ben continued working on the desk, so we brought our sidewalk chalk and bubbles to the driveway so we could be close to him too. We ate snacks on the driveway and then took a walk around the block in the wagon, while daddy finished up for the day. While we were walking, Henley asked if we could go to the park, and that sounded perfect to us! 

It was about 6 o'clock at this point and all of our tummies were starting to rumble, so we hustled to the park to play for a little while. We have this awesome park in Denton called Eureka that was just redone and Henley loves every square inch of it! You would think that my two year old would stay in the little kids area, but absolutely not...she is all over the place and mostly on the "big slides." I love how brave she is! 

After the park, we went for pizza and ice cream to wrap up our perfect day! Seriously though, Ben and I said that we just couldn't quit staring at Henley. I'm not sure we will be leaving her for another six days for a long, long time! She was in the best mood all day (I think we all were) and was all smiles! I'm hoping for many more days like this now that the sun stays out a bit longer! 

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