Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Favorite Pictures

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday and today, we're sharing our favorite pictures! Thankfully, Andrea gave the option of either our top 5 or our top 10. Gosh, I just couldn't narrow it down to 5 pictures! I had to delete, delete, delete in order to just get down to 10. I'm sure I could add a thousand more, but these are my favorites for now! 

This is from our trip to Hawaii last summer! I just love how much fun this little girl is, and this just about sums up how much fun we have together! 

This is an oldie but a goodie! This will always be one of my very favorite pictures. It was taken while Ben's fraternity and my sorority were outside waiting to perform in SING, a production Baylor does every year. We weren't dating at the time, I was actually dating someone else, but we were friends, and always seemed to find each other at events to take pictures. Little did I know, that Ben had already decided he was going to marry me. I was completely oblivious, but just loved his friendship and personality! 

This is also last summer in Hawaii. We took a catamaran out for the day and Ben and I were getting ready to go scuba diving. While the instructor was talking to us, Henley fell asleep and was out cold in Ben's arms. I just can't get enough of those sweet cheeks! 

This is my Mamaw and Papaw, and is the last Thanksgiving we got to share with my Mamaw. They were married for almost 62 years, and I just adore the two of them. I miss Mamaw every day, and this is the picture that is framed in my hallway, and I get to see on a daily basis. 

Ohmygoodness, this picture will be a forever favorite! I think Henley was just a couple months old here and sat her in this chair while I walked out of the room to grab some laundry to fold. When I walked back in the room, she was out! 

This is from this past summer, and I just love it because I love that sweet little smile. It's not often that I can get a real smile out of Henley when I am snapping a picture! 

I mean, those eyes...on both of them! Henley was 9 months in this picture and we had just gotten to the beach for our first vacation with her. We went with my whole family and drove to Seaside, FL. After being in the car for two days, we were all happy to put our toes in the sand and water. I just can't get over how much these two look alike and how sweet they are in this picture! 

My little water baby! Last summer Henley really got to enjoy the boat and has already been asking to go back out on it this year. She is ready to be a "fishy!" 

Anyone else a Gilmore Girls fan? I just imagine Henley and I as Lorelei and Rory here! We were clearly having a very intense conversation while we enjoyed the view! 

This one may seem a little odd to slip in there from our wedding, but it so clearly shows the vibe of our wedding reception. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! Ben and I are in the center of the dance floor in this picture doing Thriller with all of our guests. We danced the night away, and it was without a doubt the best night ever!! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday! We are on our first day of potty training in our neck of the woods, so I have a feeling that your day is a little less messy than mine! 

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  1. These are great! Love the two of you at the beach, and her asleep in the chair is so cute!