Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bump Date

Welcome to the first "bump date" for baby Clark #2!! 

First of all, in case you missed it, baby Clark is a BOY!! We found out at 14 weeks, because I just couldn't take it any longer...I HAD TO KNOW! :) I think I could have waited until next week when my original appointment was supposed to be scheduled, but the sonographer was out of town, and then we are out of town the next week, so I just couldn't wait until the end of March. Pretty much every single person I know thought that it would be a girl, especially Ben. For some reason, everyone just had a feeling that we would have all girls, but I had a feeling that it was a boy! Yay for mother's intuition!! 

Neither myself nor Ben really cared whether it was a boy or a girl. We are planning on having more kids, and honestly, what can you do about?! It is super special though that this one is a boy, because he is named after my sweet Papaw, George. My Papaw is 85, so I was really hoping that he would be around to see me have his namesake. When we told him he got all teary and cried, and he is so excited to meet our George. It is also special to Ben, because he is the last Clark, so the name will be carried on. We are so excited to welcome our little George Phillip Clark in July! 

Now, for the stats! 

HOW FAR ALONG: I am 19 weeks and 3 days. My day is Monday, so each Monday I get to open up my app and see how big George is, and how he is growing. We are almost halfway, woohoo!! He is currently the size of a mango and weighs about half a pound. 

FEELING: I have really felt pretty normal for this entire pregnancy. I feel very blessed not to be sick since it seems to run in my family. Throughout the first trimester, I was mostly just nauseous between meals if I didn't eat in time and extra tired. I'm not sure the tired will ever go away since I now am chasing after a 2 year old as well, but I am no longer nauseous. With Henley, I remember the ravenous hunger going away after the first trimester, but with George, it is going strong. I am seriously hungry ALL THE TIME! 

I have been feeling the flutters, aka little kicks, for a couple of weeks now and LOVE it! Over the weekend, Ben and I went to see a play, and George loved all the music! He was kicking away each time the cast broke into song. He also kicks a lot at night when I lay down in bed. I can't wait for Ben and Henley to be able to feel it too! 

WEIGHT GAIN: At my doctor's appointment last week, I was up 12 pounds. I don't weigh myself at home, so that is the only time I see what I have gained. At the previous appointment (a month before) I was up about 8 pounds. 

CRAVING: I wouldn't say that I am craving anything in particular right now. I am definitely leaning towards all things salty. I usually have a big sweet tooth at night, but I can do without my after dinner chocolate and would trade it for a bowl of goldfish! Yes, I'm a toddler! 

WORKING ON: I'm currently working on cleaning out the guest bedroom, so we can get started on Henley's big girl room and then work on George's room. I cleaned out all of Henley's clothes tubs and have moved those out of the guest room, so we are making progress. Today, I plan on taking the bed down. I am also working on just decluttering our house in general. I am not sure whether or not it is nesting, but I want the house organized with everything that we don't need gone before George gets here. I have already done some closets and am working my way around the house room by room. 

BIG SISTER: Henley is loving my baby bump and the fact that she can now call it, George! She is constantly talking about her "wittle brover," and telling me that she really wants to give him a high five! She also likes to stick her finger in my belly button to talk to him which is pretty amusing. After we watch our episode of Minnie before bed each night, she gives George a kiss and tells him goodnight. It is pretty much the sweetest thing ever! 

WORKOUTS: I have been able to keep up my regular workouts so far. I have definitely noticed a difference between weeks 15 to 19. In the past two weeks, during my bootcamp class on Mondays I have had to start modifying things. This week, I have had a lot of round ligament pain, so when I went to do high knees, stadium taps, etc., my body did not like it. I have had to go from the jumping and hopping to the standing movements which still wear me out. As for my spin classes and body works class, I am still going strong. I haven't had to modify anything in these other than the ab work at the end of body works. 

I have had a few people ask how long I will workout, and I'm planning to continue everything until my body tells me otherwise. I'm sure things will continue to slow down along the way, but I'd like to keep this an active and healthy pregnancy. My workouts this time around might also have something to do with my appetite. With Henley, I would mostly just do weights and the elliptical before school, but this time around, my workouts are much more intense. I find that about 20 minutes into a workout, I'm ready for a snack! 

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