Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites: MDO

So I'm linking up with these fabulous ladies for Friday Favorites, but my Friday really only consists of one, singular favorite!

Today was Henley's first day of Mother's Day Out! She is growing up so fast and although I would love for her to stay little, I so enjoy each stage that she goes through. I am loving her little personality right now and am so excited for her to learn and grow with some new friends! 

We really started everything last night with Meet the Teacher. The place we are going is just half a mile up the road from us, so per Ben's request, we got out the red wagon and walked on up there. Dear weather, I would really appreciate it if you could feel a little more like Fall soon! My hair totally died by the time we got up there and I don't appreciate it. I actually put an effort in, obviously to impress the mommies, and it didn't work. Sincerely, this sweaty mama! 

I'm not sure if it's because we haven't been going to the gym regularly lately or what, but Henley is super clingy when we leave her lately. Ben was with us, so she was even more clingy with Dada. The plan was to drop her off at her classroom while we went to a short meeting with all the parents. We lingered in the classroom for a little while chatting with some other parents in her room, and eventually we had to sneak out the door. I am usually one for dropping and running - I worked in the church nursery enough to know that it makes things worse when you hang around. 

Our meeting was super short, but I felt like a real adult going to a "school meeting" for our child! When we picked Henley up she was perfectly happy playing. It made Ben's super soft daddy heart feel a lot better! 

Our plans for after Meet the Teacher were BIG!! We HAD to run to the store to get Henley a new necklace! You see...Henley LOVES wearing a necklace and checks for it quite often. We somehow lost hers and I have been promising her a new one for about a week. We went to Target earlier on in the day in hopes of having one for Meet the Teacher, but they didn't have any we liked, so we hit up trusty ole Walmart for a new one. She picked it out and was so excited to wear it! 

After our necklace expedition, we headed for some froyo to celebrate the start of something new! 

This morning, Henley even woke up early and we had a great morning before drop-off. Her best friend, Noah, came over and they played while I made cinnamon rolls. Henley ate her delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast, because you have to have a special breakfast for the first day of school! Then, we got ready and took pictures, of course! 

I think I was doing this to try to get her to smile and she just imitated me instead. #fail

After her photoshoot, she wanted some pictures with Noah. She really didn't want to take any pictures by herself, but when she was with Noah, she kept asking for "mo cheese!" I guess we know how to get her to sit still for the camera! 

After pictures, I went inside to pack everything up, looked in my purse and realized...WE FORGOT HER NECKLACE!! So obviously, we had to go back outside and take some pictures with the necklace on! 

Do you think I took enough pictures?!?! Good grief, you'd think I was a first time mom or something!! ;)

Y'all...there are no pictures of drop-off, but there should probably be a video. My goodness, it was comical and ridiculous! 

Well, it was grandparent's day for another program at Henley's school, so the parking spots were limited. Therefore, we parked pretty darn far away from the door. I thought I planned accordingly and brought a stroller for Noah and Henley's nap mat, so I could either hold Henley's hand her hold her if she wanted me to. Well, I put Noah in the stroller and got Henley out of the car and I literally could not get the stroller to move. I locked and unlocked the wheels multiple times and it just wasn't budging. So, I got Noah out of the stroller (who weighs more than Henley, keep in mind), put on Henley's backpack, put her obnoxiously large nap mat/sleeping bag under my other arm and attempted to get Henley to walk beside me. She wanted to "hold you mama," but there was no possible way that was happening. Oh, I forgot to mention, I literally just left the stroller in the parking lot in between my car and another one. I wasn't about to try to maneuver that thing back into my car with all that mess in my hands. So we walked into the building at a snails pace because well, Henley is a toddler and gets distracted. By the time we finally got into the building, my arm was about to fall off and Henley knew what was happening, so she was nearing meltdown. I put Noah down in the hall and about 3 workers tried to guide him into a room, so I had to keep him pretty close to me so he wouldn't disappear. I picked Henley up and got her in the room with all of her stuff. I'm pretty sure the teachers thought I was a lunatic because my conversation was limited and I pretty much just dropped Henley and left. Once I put her down and she found a teacher she liked, she was fine, so I got the heck out of there. I trekked back to the car with a tiny grown up (I'm being dramatic, but he is heavy) in my arms. I got him in the car and thankfully, my degenerate stroller was still where I left it. I pretty much stomped it back in the car and blasted the air as soon as I got in. No joke, my underwear was wet from sweating so badly! TMI - but you just needed to know that it was a rough, sweaty drop-off! 

You will be glad to know that I brought a better stroller to pick-up, although I ran there, so I'm sure the teachers still think I'm a lunatic! 


  1. First off love the pictures, such a cutie! Second off, so sorry about your stroller mishap! Ugh! Stopping over from Friday Favorites

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully tomorrow will go a little smoother...I will be taking a different stroller!