Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Blog Posts

Hi friends! Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays and today's fun topic is: FAVORITE BLOG POSTS! 

I have actually had a few different blogs. I started blogging in college and continued after Ben and I got married, and now I am blogging as a mom. I love being able to look  back on all of these different phases in my life and see what was going on. 

I'm looking back over all three of the blogs I once started and picking my favorite posts to share with you today! 

This post is definitely a favorite for me because it marks a huge life change for me! I cannot tell you how excited I was to become a teacher and this post is all about my first week! I absolutely loved teaching and coaching and miss it all the time. 

This post was huge for me! It was a big step in our marriage, and I remember so many women in my Bible study coming up to me and telling me how it really touched them. I was very proud of this post and still have to go back to it every now and then to give myself a bit of a reminder!

And how could this post not be my absolute favorite post EVER! Ohmygoodness, this girl just makes my heart burst! I am so thankful for the day she was born. I swear, each phase that she goes through is my favorite, and I just love watching her grow! 

I absolutely loved putting this post together, and it was definitely one of my most popular posts. It was also fun for me, because Ben is a realtor, so he had so much fun seeing how much people enjoyed looking at our house too! Plus, he took all the pictures! 

And I can't leave out this post, because just like Henley's birth story, I will love looking back on it and seeing what was going on in this phase of my life! 

It's so hard not to choose a million posts, because I have loved all of my posts, but I will leave you with those for now. I love looking back at all that I have posted and what has been going on in life. 

Two things to leave you with....1. if you get a chance visit this blog! I created this one when I was in college and I can't pick favorites because college was my absolute favorite! I loved (almost) every second of it, and I love going back and looking at the blog to see what I was up to. 2. this blog post was definitely not one of my favorites to write, but I feel like it embodies all that I strive for this blog to be. Totally candid. It talks about a very difficult time in my life almost two years ago, and since I've vowed to be an open book, I would love for you to read it. 

Happy Tuesday everybody! Who is ready for Fall?!?! 

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  1. Found you through today's link-up and enjoyed looking around your blog(s)!