Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Three Things I Can't Live Without

Hi friends! I am back from a bit of a blog/personal vacation! It felt really nice to get away for a little while and even when we got back to unplug for a little while longer. I am excited to be back though and even more excited to be linking up today for Show & Tell Tuesday! 

Today we're talking about the three things we just can't live without. Now clearly I could go super deep with this and talk about my fabulous family, my framily/friends and my faith, but I'm going to go a little more light, airy and fun today. No offense to those three things, but it's early in the morning and I just need some light and airy! 

It took me a second to try to figure my three things out, but I thought of things I "NEED/MUST HAVE" every single day and came up with the following: 

#1- Mascara

Hello, my name is Natalie, and I am a a mascara addict! Y'all...I flipping love mascara! I think it totally changes the way a person looks and I use it like it's my job. I really don't leave the house without it. Now, I am not a big make-up person at all. Most days I don't have any make-up on at all, EXCEPT MASCARA! 

My heaven! 

I don't buy expensive make-up. I am a drug store make-up kind of girl and I'm proud of it! I usually change up my mascaras pretty much every time I run out. I always have two different ones that I apply. One that typically separates your eyelashes and makes them look longer and another that makes them look fuller. I generally stick with the Maybelline brand and rotate between them all before starting over. I'm serious you guys...I would take mascara with me on a deserted island! 

#2 - SONIC drinks

This one kind of pains me to admit, because from about my senior year in high school until before I got pregnant with Henley, the only two things I drank were water and iced tea. Then I got pregnant and everything changed! I craved carbonated drinks like no other and I HAD to have them, so Sonic became my best friend. 

Since I couldn't take advantage of happy hour while I was teaching, I would usually try to get there before school and take advantage of the 99 cent large drink deal. These days, I don't really care what time it is...I will pay for a Sonic drink! My go to drink is a coke zero with vanilla, but I also love the diet cherry limeade and I will always love some unsweet tea (with sweet n low of course!). 

I do not drink enough water - I know, shame on me - so I think that is why I constantly crave a refreshing drink. I am working on getting more water in and limiting my Sonic drinks each week, so we'll see how things go. All I know is that when we were in Hawaii earlier this summer, I was dying for a Sonic drink. It felt like I was on a deserted island because all I wanted when I got back was a big ole Sonic drink! 

#3 - Throw Blankets

I know this one may seem a little odd, but it is for real. We were just in Colorado and the place we were staying didn't have any throw blankets and I was dying. I am cold ALL THE TIME! I absolutely hate being cold, so if you are at my house and I am sitting down, I have a throw blanket around me always. They are just a necessity for me! I have a basket of them next to the couch and I have a feeling that I will be constantly adding to my pile.

I'm pretty sure this Pottery Barn blanket will be the next one I add to our collection...holy soft and make you just want to curl up! 

Well, that's all for my ridiculous necessities! I would love for you to leave what your 3 things are in the comments! 

Happy 4 day work week!! 


  1. My best-friend and I made it our mission to find the perfect combination of mascara in the 7th grade...I'm pretty sure it involved Voluminous and some type of Cover Girl extension lash. Ha!

    1. It makes a world of difference! One year for my birthday, my college roommate got me a huge set of mini mascaras from Sephora...best birthday present ever!!

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one that is always cold. Now I am thinking I should have added "blanket" to my list!!

    1. The struggle is real! I am constantly carrying cardigans and jackets with me everywhere we go. For some reason I just don't think a blanket would be appropriate for restaurants!