Monday, September 26, 2016

What's in My Bag?!

Happy Monday, friends! And happy first day of cooler weather! I cannot believe I am sitting in a coffee shop right now wearing workout leggings, of course, and a light sweatshirt. AMAZING! 

Well, today, I am going to enlighten you with what is in my bag. I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, but lets be honest, my bag has been a disaster every time I intended to, so I kept putting it off! 

About 2 months ago, I finally bought the bag that I have been wanting for forever...the Tory Burch York Buckle Bag. I am not one to spend a lot of money on a bag...I am more of a TJ Maxx designer purse girl, but I have been dying for more organization in my bag and this bag is exactly what I needed. It was definitely worth the price tag! 

Since Henley was born, I have never really been a fan of carrying a purse and a diaper bag, and I'm also not really a fan of throwing all of my stuff in the diaper bag. Every time I would put my stuff in the diaper bag, I would end up going somewhere without the diaper bag and not have a wallet. So, this bag has a middle divider that you can put things in and it zip, and that is where I put diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. It is wonderful! 

I am also in the process of getting my real estate license and working for Ben, so I enjoy that this bag can also be a fabulous work bag. I can put my planner and my computer in it and head into the office and there is still room for my wallet and such. Love it! 

These are my always essentials. They are in my bag no matter where I am going or what I am doing. I am obsessed with this wallet that I purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is fabulous! It is the Halogen brand and it has so many different compartments and places for cards. Above my wallet is what I carry our monthly cash in. It is from the dollar section at Target and works great. I am actually hoping to change our method of monthly cash because it totally stresses me out to carry a bunch of cash with me all the time, but this is what we do for now. I just have each little flap labelled with what the cash is for and try my best to stick to it each month. And, of course, above that are my sunglasses. They are cheap sunglasses from Target, but I cannot be trusted with anything else. I have bought myself one pair of non-cheap sunglasses in my lifetime and I broke them that same week. I tend to just throw my sunglasses everywhere. They are in my purse or in my car or in my pool bag, so I don't get anything more than a cheap pair at Target or Nordstrom for the phase in my life. Maybe one day I will be a responsible adult, but not right now! 

I just purchased these two little organization bags from TJ Maxx the other day. I love them! I figured one day Henley will want them for herself, but right now, I am using them for specific things in my purse. I don't want crumbs all  over my purse, so I put snacks in these bags. There is always a paci, because Henley is in a phase of HAVING to have one in the car, so I don't dare take that chance. Other essentials like hand sanitizer (Henley's constant entertainment) and mascara go in these too. I love not having things constantly floating around my purse. I'm pretty sure these were $4 too! 

Sorry for the poor picture quality...these are my knickknacks. They all go in the side zip pocket, so they are contained. I have kept Tylenol in my purse since I was pregnant with Henley and that's all you can take, so it's just a habit now. Weird, I know, but I keep straws as well. I am terrible about drinking water throughout the day, but I am more likely to drink it if I have a straw, so I always have straws in my purse. One is a bubba straw and one is an extra straw from Sonic. A Tide to go pen is a given...I use it all the time! I have pens because they are always needed, plus I am always making lists and writing in my planner. Now, the lip stuff doesn't get used all the much, but it has to stay in my purse or it will NEVER get used! I am not a lipstick person, but recently a friend was selling her Mary Kay stash, so I jumped at the opportunity to try some out. I am actually really enjoying it for special occasions, but I don't wear it always. The chapstick gets a lot more use! Sidetone: the first time I wore the lipstick, I came out of our bathroom ready for a date with Ben and he looked at me and said "wow you are really dressed up for tonight!" Good grief...all I did was put on some lipstick! 

These rotate in and out of my purse depending on whether or not Henley is at MDO or if it's date night. When I don't have Henley's stuff in my purse, I feel like I shouldn't even be carrying one it's so light! I love these little wipe holders and I am obsessed with the new Target brand of diapers. They did a new design and I just think they are so dang cute! 

And last, but certainly not least, my fabulous planner! I cannot say enough good things about my Erin Condren planner. It is amazing! I write pretty much everything in here and it goes with my everywhere! 

And that is what is in my purse! I think it stays pretty darn organized, but every time Ben has to dig in it, he claims he can't find a dang thing! Obviously, I always have my keys and my phone in there too, but those are a given! 

What do you HAVE to have in your bag? What is your favorite bag?


  1. I love how you have everything in smaller bags I will have to get more organized and do this too!