Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! October Fridays are even better than other Fridays I think. With the weather being so enjoyable right now, I look forward to all of the activities we can fit in on the weekends! 

Today I'm linking up with the ladies above to discuss this week's favorites. I have lots this week, so hold onto you hats! 


Fall nail polish! I think I have weird hands...they are pretty munchkiny...short and stubby! I think that fall nail polish looks so much better on my hands for some reason. I know, I'm weird! I am obsessed with Essie's "for the twill of it." It's perfect for this time of year! 

Cleary, I'm no hand model. 


Fall clothes! Woo hoo! I just love fall all together! I ordered a bunch of new stuff this week and last week for fall, and I cannot wait to break it out. Today, I am wearing my new jeans and I love them! 

Sheaffer posted last week about a bunch of jeans from Nordstrom that are on sale and for a fabulous price. I ordered this pair and love the way they look and fit. I don't know about you, but I am in jeans pretty much until the weather reaches 75 again, so I need to love my jeans. If I am uncomfortable in my jeans, oh man, poor Ben. I'm a little (a lot) bit moody pretty much the rest of the night. I'm excited to wear these all fall! 


This weather and being outside as much as possible! I know it's still pretty hot, especially for October, but it's perfect for opening the mornings or evenings outside. The shade is also perfect for picnic lunches! I am LOVING having fun with Henley in our backyard and taking lots and lots of walks! 

The library had a firemen story time and Henley loved it! Today, at school, she is getting to see them again! 

On Saturday, we headed out to another pumpkin patch with my parents and some of Henley's cousin's! They had a blast together! There was a corn maze, lots of pumpkins, bounce houses, face painting, a see-saw, and an awesome play area with a ginormous slide that they all loved! 

My little gymnast at a football tailgate

One afternoon, Henley and I had a picnic lunch in the backyard. We started out in the sun, but after Henley said "shooey hot," we moved over to the shade! After lunch, Henley played in her water table and slid down her slide for over an hour while I cheered her on and enjoyed reading. It was perfect! 

Wednesday evening, Ben asked us to go golfing with him, so we decided to be his golf cart buddies. Henley loves riding in the golf cart and watching Ben. Ben occasionally lets me putt, and Henley loves getting to pick up the golf balls and throw them. Y'all she is just the best! I love that she wanted to wear her sunglasses! 

And last night, we enjoyed lots more time in the backyard! I even had to bring a blanket outside. Henley tried new ways of sliding down the slide, we read some library books, she played in her water table, and we played a long game of chase and tickle! 


OMG, I cannot get enough of this show! I hadn't watched it in a while...since a certain someone died, so I decided to catch up a couple of weeks ago. I binged hard! I am all caught up and even watched last night's episode this morning while I folded laundry. Amazing! I just can't believe how long the show has been on and how fabulous it still is! Y'all, I binged so hard that the other day when I had to suck Henley's nose out with the nose frida, I felt like I was performing major surgery! ha I felt legit! 


I am absolutely loving this school thing for Henley! She is loving it too, which is mostly why I am loving it. I love all of the school things she is getting to do too with some new friends. This week, she had picture day. Oh my! I just couldn't get enough of her! 

The boots are my favorite! What was not my favorite was picking her up from school that afternoon and her teacher telling me she had some green goop coming out of her eyes. I immediately thought, "ear infection." Man! She hadn't had a fever or complained at all...until we were checking out at the grocery store that afternoon and she said "hold you mama," laid her head on my shoulder and said "mama ear owie." Poor girl! Thankfully we got into the doctor that same afternoon and got her on antibiotics quickly. Hallelujah for her being able to tell me what hurts these days! 

Last but not least, let me leave you with these for your weekend...

How I feel when people ask me what I like to do/what my hobbies are!



And I need to read this probably every single morning! 

Have a fabulous Friday! 

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