Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weekend Recap

First of all, thank you so much for the comments and love that you poured out in response to my last post. It has been a tough couple of months, but I am so thankful for the people we have surrounded ourselves with who support us. That includes all of y'all! I may not see you, but your love and prayers are definitely felt. Thank you so much! 

I know it's already Wednesday (how did that happen?!), and I'm a little late on the "weekend recap," but we have been recovering from this weekend, taking up our floors, and having friends over. Too much going on! 

Have I mentioned that I LOVE October?! I so do! We have had so many fun weekends in October, and I have intended on doing a weekend recap every single Monday, happened. I have been on the struggle bus of catching up. This week, I just can't not do a weekend recap post, so here we are on Wednesday talking about last weekend! 

This weekend included two big 10 year high school reunion and the State Fair of Texas!! We had a blast at both! 

On Friday, we left our house around 5:30 and headed to Dallas for Friday Night Lights! My class reserved the "party patio" at our stadium to watch the game. There was no "party patio" when I went to high school! I was thinking that we would get in just in time for the game, but the 635 Express came in clutch, and we made it in time to grab some dinner. 

Henley took a long nap in the car on the way to Dallas, so she was ready to go at dinner and the game! We grabbed some Mi Cocina, Ben ordered me my first ever mambo taxi...holy cow, those things are lethal, and we even saw some people at dinner before the game. With Henley on her best behavior, I had a blast at dinner getting to sit down and talk to Ben! 

The game was fun too! I know Lake Highlands lost to Jesuit, but I literally did not watch one single second. I was so glad to see some of my favorite people and chat! Henley entertained us all and in "parent of the year" fashion, she ended up staying up until midnight. Whoops! We stayed with my oldest sister and her family, so when we got to their house around 10:30, we sat and chatted and then looked around their brand new house. Oh well, she survived! 

On Saturday morning, we played around the house with my nieces and nephews before heading to Charlotte's soccer game. Of course, I have no pictures from the! I was busy catching up with my two older sisters and enjoying the kids. Charlotte, my niece, did score 3 goals though! Woohoo!! 

We spent the remainder of the morning/early afternoon split up. Ben took his truck to get his brakes fixed and then stayed with Henley while I enjoyed some kids clothes shopping with my sister. It was a glorious hour and a half by ourselves! We grabbed lunch and brought it home and then Ben and I got ready for an exciting rest of the day. 

My reunion was at The Rustic from 2-5 and then we had tickets to the NEEDTOBREATHE concert later that night. It was a blast! I had so much fun catching up with great friends and people I hadn't seen in way too long. I had so much fun running around talking to everyone. We live in the town Ben grew up in, so he in constantly seeing everyone he grew up with and chatting. It was so much fun for me to introduce him into my little world. We had such a good time, and I loved that it was early in the afternoon. 

Then, we met some other friends in the Bishop Arts District for dinner and headed to the show. If you have not been to a NEEDTOBREATHE concert, you MUST go! They are beyond good! Plus, we ran into even more friends I grew up with! I loved this day! 

Sunday was reserved for the fair! I love my memories of going to the fair growing up! For those of you not from Dallas, we had a day reserved for the fair in school. We got one Monday off called "fair day" and we usually took full advantage of it. Sometimes we went more than once!

I have missed it a few times since going to college, but I always try and get there and enjoy every minute! With a toddler now, going in the mornings gets a little tricky since we have to get everything in before a total meltdown because of a much needed nap. I think I'm going to suggest going after nap next year! I think that would be more fun for all of us, plus the crowds would hopefully be smaller and my "crowd-hating" husband would be much happier too! 

This was Henley's first fair trip, minus when she was in my tummy, and she loved it! The weather was perfect, and Henley enjoyed being toted around in the wagon with all of her cousins! She got to go on a ride, she loved the tractors, but her favorite was the "aminals." She LOVED the petting zoo! She totally makes me nervous in there, because she is the child who sticks her hands into every single cage and I am so afraid that one of the animals won't be super friendly. Thankfully there were no scares this year! She got to "pat" all sorts of animals and she was beyond happy! 

We ended up leaving shortly after lunch, but we got plenty of fun in before totally crashing on the way home! We were so tired when we got home that her and I both slept until 6. Whoops! I would say that means it was a pretty fabulous weekend! 

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  1. Nice blog!! Good to go through these photographs. Last weekend I too went out with friends where we enjoyed a lot and after that my best friend threw us a cocktail party at one of LA venue. It was an amazing party. Everyone enjoyed it.