Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Pumpkin Patch & October Wish List

Happy October friends! This is my favorite time of year! I love the build up to the fall weather and all of the holidays! It's also such a busy and fun time of year, and I love participating in all sorts of activities and creating traditions. 

Last month, I saw on Facebook that the pumpkin patch near us was having a day for moms and their kids to come and enjoy all sorts of activities. Obviously, I needed to put this on my calendar for the day and head out there with Henley who is now able to actually enjoy it. 

Last year, Henley only cared about crawling all over all the pumpkins! She was adorable, but she didn't last super long at the pumpkin patch. This year she had a blast! 

We were supposed to go with some friends, but at the last minute, they got sick and couldn't go. Bummer! We headed out anyway and I'm so glad we did. I can't wait to go back with Ben and hopefully lots and lots of Henley's cousins! 

We walked in right by all of the wooden cutouts and Henley loved them! I feel like they've had them all spread out in the past, but this year they were all in one area and it made it so easy to walk around and find the ones Henley was interested in. They literally had everything. 

I love that she actually stands there and poses for the camera now. Sometimes she immediately turns away, but I got lucky yesterday and she was a ham! She loved Doc and the hippo! Yes, I know she has a name, but right now, Henley says hippo and it is just the cutest! 

Right after this, I saw Mickey and Minnie and Henley just took off. She was on a mission to give some hugs! 

She just loves them! Mickey and Minnie both got lots and lots and hugs and probably a few kisses too. 

They also had some wooden little trains and tractor and all sorts of things for the kids to climb on in this same area. I saw a table for face painting too, but they didn't have it open at the time. I'm guessing it will be open on the weekend, and I'm hoping Henley will get her first little face painting. She might do it if her cousins do! 

To say she was having fun is an understatement! Anywhere that Henley can just run and play is her happy place! She is definitely her mama's girl and would rather be outside than just about anywhere (unless she's binge watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!). 

There were a few other things to climb on, but there were a lot of people in this area, so we headed for the bounce houses. Ohmygoodness, Henley's giggles in the bounce houses are just my favorite thing ever! She had so much fun bouncing and she started to try one of the obstacle courses, but just couldn't figure it out. We'll try again with a cousin who will walk her through. 

After the bounce houses we walked to another little area with lots of pumpkins and playhouses. Henley played and played and played. She climbed ladders, slid down slides and played in a couple of the cute little playhouses with some other kiddos. I can definitely see a building project in Ben's future for a little playhouse! 

Once Henley seemed done with the play area, we made our way over to the hay ride. She loved it! She did keep asking for Papaw and the "tows," but I appeased her with an offer to visit them soon. They have little characters set up around the hay ride, and Henley enjoyed saying "hi" and "bye" to them as we went by. She also got to see some "neighs" on the land next to the pumpkin patch and was thrilled! 

We got off the hayride and headed for the pumpkins where my child turned into an adult. Ohmy, she just looks so big in these pictures...where did my baby go?! Henley loved the pumpkins and definitely wanted to take some home. She wasn't super into walking around to see all of them, which I was perfectly fine with since they're all the same and this mom was hungry! 

I packed us a lunch, so my little teenager and I ate at the picnic tables in the shade before making our way back around to see a few more things. 

Henley got on the "choo choo" and would have been happy to sit here for days! She kept asking mommy to sit down and let me just tell you, those benches are not made for adults! 

The tractor was too crowded before, but Henley was so excited to get on it. This is her saying "Pete," because this is where she always sees him. Any time she sees a tractor or a riding lawn mower, she thinks it's Pete on it. She even cried once when we were outside and someone was mowing our neighbor's lawn. She was devastated when they left and Pete didn't say hi to her! Too cute! 

Ps - Pete is what she calls my dad. 

At this point, we had been there for a good two hours and we were both pretty tired and sweaty, so we headed to grab some pumpkins. Henley got two baby pumpkins from one of the bins and did not want to let them out of her sight for the rest of the day! She was one happy girl! 

We had a blast together at the pumpkin patch! I would highly recommend coming to this's in Flower Mound. It's always pretty crowded which is sometimes overwhelming, but I would expect most pumpkin patches to be pretty crowded right now. 

I think doing fun activities like this with Henley is just about my favorite thing. I love experiencing new things with her, and seeing her discover everything and have so much fun is the best! Being a mom is such a blessing! 

Since I'm hoping we will have a ew more fun activities this fall, I put together a list of all the things I hope to do in October. 

- We will definitely be going back to the pumpkin patch

- Ben already humored me and said we will plan a State Fair day, yay! 

- I'm thinking that since Henley won't be carving pumpkins, I might plan a night for the adults to carve pumpkins and maybe indulge in a few adult beverages and fall treats! 

- I want to paint Henley's little pumpkins with her on our front porch

- We will definitely be hitting up a trunk or treat for some fun games, treats and of course, to show off Henley in an adorable costume! 

- I always say that I want to watch Hocus Pocus, but this year, I am doing it! It may just be a date night! 

- I am all into trying new pumpkin recipes! 

- I definitely want to go to a football game! I so miss Saturdays in college and I need a good football game in the fall. Hopefully it will be a Baylor game, but I would definitely take a UNT game or a Friday night football game too. 

- I am all into the Elin Hildebrand books right now and will be reading them on my front and back porch as often as I can. 

- I want to make and decorate some Halloween/fall sugar cookies with Henley. 

- I would love to have a fire pit and make s'mores with friends! I love me a good burnt marshmallow! 

- I want to do a fall Pinterest craft with Henley. 

- Making a pie, any pie is definitely on my list! What is fall without some pies?!

And of course, I want to be outside as much as possible right now! This weather is to die for and again, I miss walking to class on Baylor's campus in the fall, so we will be outside a lot! 

What are you planning on doing this October?!

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  1. Looks like such a fun time :) Henley is so cute!!