Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stranded: Halloween Candy

Today is Stranded...Halloween candy edition!! 

What three types of Halloween candy would you take with you on a deserted island?

Well, I must tell you a secret that my middle school students were just absolutely horrified by each and every year...I don't like candy! I know...blasphemous, but it is true! Growing up, after going trick-or-treating, my three sisters and I would sit down and see how much candy we got, and then throw it all in a ginormous bowl that sat on the kitchen counter. That bowl would pretty much sit there, full, until the next Halloween. No one in my family is really into candy. Desserts...absolutely! Give us cookies, brownies, ice cream, etc. all day long, but not candy! The only time we ever really ate candy was when we drove to the beach or the mountains. They were long road trips and at gas station stops, my dad would run in and get us each a special treat. That candy we enjoyed! 

Even though candy is not what I would choose for my indulgence, there are still a few that I like. So, if I had to dig into Henley's little trick-or-treat bag on a deserted island to nourish myself and steal some away, I would pick...

Oh my! I can only imagine how wonderful this would taste after a hot day on the island after working super hard! These bars are delicious, and if it's been a day of hard work in the sun, I have been known to snag one of these for sure. The salty peanuts and the caramel absolutely hit the spot! Throw in a Sonic vanilla coke zero and I'm pretty sure I would be in a state of bliss! 

Oh man, these are so wonderful! I wouldn't even discriminate for only the pumpkin...give me the Christmas tree, the eggs, the hearts, etc. There is just something about the holiday Reese's cups. They are so dang fluffy and are filled with peanut butter. It was always a good day when one of these would make its way into my lunchbox growing up. And if I really want to be picky, make it dark chocolate and I would be one happy girl! 

Well, I would usually choose 
as my final choice, but I put these in the refrigerator and break off pieces for dessert at night. Since I doubt there will be a refrigerator on the island, I'll have to change my last choice. 

Hmmm...I'll go with...

Do you see a theme here? I think I have a thing for peanuts and peanut butter! I love me some peanut m&ms! When Ben and I went to Europe for a month, we would buy these and carry them around with us. Since we didn't want to spend a fortune on dessert every night, we would eat some of these. It was like a challenge to see how long we could stretch out a big bag. If I want something sweet at a sporting event or somewhere with concessions, I always go for a bag of these! 

Now that Henley will be carrying around a little bucket and collecting candy, I might just have to separate some from the others. You now, for a bad day or something! 

What are your favorite types of candy?!

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