Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Life Lately

I am having so much fun being a mom to a 13 month old! This stage is so much fun! Don't get me wrong, there are definitely more challenging days, but for the most part, I love love love spending everyday with my little girl.

Henley started walking ALL THE TIME last week. She has taken steps every now and then since she was about 11 months old, but she is a speed demon of a crawler, so she would fall and go back to crawling pretty quick. Last week, it just stuck. She wants to walk everywhere! I was sitting at the computer one morning and she came walking in from her playroom and it completely surprised me. I kept thinking I would hear the pitter patter of her hands and feet crawling, but she was teeter tottering along instead. I love it! So far, we have only had one accident where a hard fall led to a cut lip, so I count ourselves blessed because she has definitely fallen more than once.

Lets back up a bit...we had a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year, but after the craziness of the holidays, we added more craziness to the mix and helped move my parents out of our childhood home. We have lived there for over 20 years, so it was obviously a little sad, but we are all super excited for my parents. They made a major move out to the country on some beautiful land.

 Ben conveniently went out of town the day that we planned to help move them, so Henley and I spent the weekend in Dallas. We got to meet two of my very best friends from college for brunch on Saturday morning, and then took a long walk down the Katy Trail. It was so nice to catch up and get out of the house on a cold, dreary morning before packing. We had to bundle Henley up tight for our walk.

Later that afternoon, everyone (all the sisters, husbands, grandkids and boyfriends) arrived at my parents and we worked together to load trucks and trailers. We ordered pizza and ended the night with some games of knockout before saying a prayer and shedding some tears. I can't even begin to explain how blessed I am with an amazing family. I am so thankful that I got to share so many wonderful memories with all of them in that house.
We didn't quite finish packing on Saturday night, so we got up early and continued to pack, pack, pack on Sunday morning.
Packing with a baby tends to get difficult at times. Everyone showed up again and we finished packing, said bye to the neighborhood, grabbed lunch at JG's Burgers and headed out to the farm to help them unpack. Thankfully, Ben came back through town and met us there. He got some bonus points back for that! At one point, the kids were getting a little antsy, so I took Henley and her girl cousins to Sonic to get a drink. Don't judge the car seat-I drove a mile down the road.
Other fun happenings around here have included going to a gymnastics place to play and get our first stamp and stickers (Henley danced a lot by the speaker), visiting the new farm, taking walks to Sonic on nice days (we live a mile from one), having accidents in Walmart on very cold days and going pantsless until we pick out a new outfit, enjoying our new front yard and playing with our new ball, and giving Henley her first ponytails. So far 2016 has been very good to us and we are still really enjoying our new house. Oh yea, we moved AGAIN (4 moves in 5 years...yikes!). Hopefully this one will stick for a while!
My big girl waiting for her stickers and stamp.

The stickers didn't last long since she tried to eat them and the stamp kept scaring me and making me think she had a rash!

We took a very short ride in the mule on the farm before heading back inside to enjoy the fire.

She is obsessed with rocking chairs and would not give up Dee's phone!

Aunt Christie got her these pjs for Christmas and I am obsessed!
She loved watching the cars go by at Sonic and some tater tots. She may have also had a sip or two of my vanilla coke zero (I am currently fasting from them because I am obsessed!).

#nopantsnoproblem Mom will just get me some munchkins at Dunkin Donuts!
When did she get so big?!?!

I see an athlete in our future!


Ponytails on ponytails!

Happy Wednesday all!!






































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