Sunday, January 31, 2016

Friday Favorites (on a Sunday)

I know, I's not Friday, but I still have some fun things to share with you. I just couldn't get my ish together for Friday. I hope you had a good weekend! Enjoy some of my favorites for the week, and maybe they will inspire a fabulous week for you!

number one

Megan's amazing workouts! I have followed Janae for a long time and she always raves about Megan's boot camp classes. I started following Megan on instagram just last week and her workouts have already kicked my butt twice! I did the full body workout that she posted a video of on instagram on Wednesday, and today I did one from her website called MC FIT MONDAY MAX OUT FULL BODY CIRCUIT. Y'all I thought I might die! Ok, I might be a slight bit dramatic, but these workouts were amazing! I did them both at home and finished feeling totally done!

number two

These two fabulous books came in the  mail on Friday! I have been looking forward to getting these books for so long and they are finally here! I adore both of Shay's blogs and have already gone through the entire Meal Planner book and planned out this week's meals based on recipes in it. If you are looking for a little pep in your weeknight meals, I highly recommend getting this book. I also love the adorable size of these books. They were perfect for throwing in my purse this weekend and taking out to the farm.
number three  
I am obsessed with these tea towels! My Mamaw made each of us a set of these towels with different characters, mine are birds, when we got married. I just adore them and I love the way they look above our dining room entryway. Ben and I debated off and on which wall to put these on, and right as we were about to hang them, I realized there was room above the doorway. My oldest sister has hers in a similar place and they fit perfectly. I love looking at these all the time and being reminded of my sweet Mamaw.
number four
Target's new clothes for the kiddos! I mean look at these adorable took all my willpower not to buy both of them. It helped that I had just gone through a box of clothes from my sister and she had so many adorable dresses for Henley. I am loving the Spring and Summer stuff for Henley. We are going to Hawaii this summer with Ben's family and I can't help but constantly think of the things we may need for the flight and the beach. I bought Henley  a few things this week for the trip and I can't wait to see her wear them! What is it about baby clothes for Spring and Summer? They are just so so cute!!
How cute are these?!
number five

Target dates with Henley! We had a rough morning on Friday. I'm 99% positive that she is cutting one of her molars, so we go through phases right now where she only wants to be held. Friday was one of those mornings. I decided not to go to the gym because I knew I would only worry about her when I dropped her off. In an effort to get out of the house before naptime, I decided we would go to Target and roam around a bit. I needed to pick up a few things, but we ended up staying for a while and had so much fun. I let Henley walk around and she loved walking up and down the aisles looking at all of the toys. I can't believe how big she is. She giggled and giggled walking around the store and running away from me! When we were done roaming, I took her to the in-store Starbucks and got her a chocolate milk and vanilla bean scone. She loved it! I never knew a date at Target could be so much fun!

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