Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February Goals

I know it's only the second month of 2016, but I am really enjoying creating goals for each month and looking back at them. I peek at them every now and then throughout the month and it holds me accountable and makes me think about what I'm doing with my days.

For some reason I decided that the shortest month of the year would be the best one to fill up with A LOT of goals. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, but I guess I will push myself out of my comfort zone this month and really strive to accomplish each one.

Without further ado, here are ALL of my goals for February:

1. ORGANIZE HENLEY'S CLOSET AND THE BOXES OF CLOTHES - This is huge for me this month. Henley's room has been an absolute disaster because I started this project at the end of January and just kept putting it off. I have made so much progress already with this one. Her closet is back to normal (I would still like to do some organization and maybe put some Container Store things in there) and all of the boxes of clothes my sister gave me have been sorted. I cannot wait now for warmer weather to put her in all of the things I found!

2. HANG THINGS ON THE WALL/CLEAN OUT PLAYROOM CLOSET - No judgement please...we have lived here since the end of October and we still have a lot of things that need to be hung on the wall. The playroom closet has become the catch all for things from the old house that I'm not quite sure what to do with yet. I need to get pictures up and at least figure out what I want to start looking for to complete our other walls.

3. BE BETTER AT SERVING AND KEEPING UP WITH FRIENDS - I am absolutely, 100% terrible at keeping up with friends. It's a horrible flaw of mine. I need to fix it...hence this goal! I would like to at least start texting my friends more frequently to check in on them and see how they are doing. A lot of my friends don't live super close to me, so texting or sending them a card (I love to write cards) would be great. My friends that do live nearby, I would like to be better at serving them. I have had this desire since I started staying home, but I have GOT to make time for it. I would love to have people over for dinner, or drop by their favorite drink on a busy day, or really help them in anyway I can.

4. TRY OUT 2 NEW PLAY PLACES OR PLAYGROUNDS WITH HENLEY - The weather should be really nice for a lot of the month, so I would love to enjoy some time outdoors with Henley. The best playground in town is opening back up this month after a major remodel, so I can't wait to take Henley there. Also, one of my friends told me about a couple different indoor places that are great for the kiddos. I am hoping to get to a couple of them this month too. It is always nice to get out of the house and meet some new people for both myself and for Henley.

5. COMPLETE MARRIAGE RETREAT/GOALS WITH BEN - We should be getting this one done this weekend! I got Ben tickets to Boys II Men for his birthday, and he has a work trip to New Orleans as well. Both of this fall on this weekend/upcoming week, so we are getting out of town, just the two of us. I am super excited (slash sad to leave Henley, but it's much needed) to spend some time together by ourselves. We have the drive to Durant, OK, and then the drive to New Orleans to talk and complete our goals for the year. YAY!

6. PICK UP @ NIGHT BEFORE BED - I am growing weary of what I like to call the "morning mess." I tend to completely crash the moment we get Henley down and am left with dishes, toys, clothes, etc. to clean up in the morning. It's not exactly the best way to start off each day, plus there is always extra added to it once Henley gets up and starts moving. Hopefully this goal will help keep my sanity and start my days off on the right foot each morning.

7. GET RID OF THE CLOTHES I WON'T WEAR ANYMORE - I find myself trying on a lot of clothes lately that I just throw back into my closet after deciding I don't like how they look. I'm tired of only liking a few things in my closet and the rest just taking up space, so I'd like to totally clean it out and get rid of everything else. I feel like this will help me start buying things that I will actually wear. So, maybe look for me selling some clothes in the coming weeks!

8. START USING THE BIG CAMERA - I'm sure you've noticed that the pictures on here so far are not anything special. They are all taken from my iPhone. We have a fabulous camera that we got a couple years ago for Christmas that I would really like to start using. I wanted it to take pictures of Henley, but it has mostly been used for Ben's real estate business. Lets hope the pics on the blog get better soon!

9. STICK TO THE BUDGET - I generally do a pretty good job of spending the cash I get out each month, but with Christmas and the new house, I feel like I have just been spending spending spending. I thought February would be a good time to get back on track.

And if that is not enough goals, I decided to have a few extra for the month!

-We have a great new front porch at this house, so I'd like to start looking for some rocking chairs for both Ben and I and for Henley.
- I took a CHL class at the end of December and need to follow through with all of my paperwork.
- We are paying for a security system each month, but I hadn't called to get it installed at the new house yet. They finally came out yesterday and everything is good to go!
- We have some furniture that we slide around often and it keeps scratching the floors. We had tile at the old house in certain rooms, so I didn't notice it there. I did this last week and it makes me feel so much better!

Each month, I also choose a top five. If I don't get any other goals done, then I better get these five accomplished.

1. Marriage Goals 2. Stick to Budget 3. Try 2 New Places with Henley 4. Playroom Closet 5. Serve & Keep Up with Others

Phew!! That was a lot! Here's to a productive February!!

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