Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day Questionnaire

Hi friends!! I hope everyone had a LOVELY (see what I did there?!) Valentine's Day! I enjoyed mine in the wonderful New Orleans, Louisiana. We had so much fun on our trip! I am so thankful for the extra time I got to spend with my special valentine!

I will be back tomorrow with the first part of my trip recap, but for now, since I missed Valentine's Day with all of you, I thought a little Valentine's Day Questionnaire might be fun. I saw this on Janae's blog last week and loved it.  Enjoy!

1.    Who is your Valentine this year?
This will be Ben and my 8th Valentine's Day together! I cannot believe it has been that long, yet it feels like we have been together forever. We also have our sweet little valentine, Henley, again this year! She was only 2 months old last year and this year, she seems like she is just so big. We won't be with her on the actual day, but we will celebrate with some good family time when we get back.

8 years ago

2.    Do you have any Valentine's Day traditions?
Ben is not super into Valentine's Day, so I try my best not to put much pressure on the day, but we do have one tradition I love...Ben has made a special dinner for me every single year we've been together on Valentine's Day. I LOVE IT! My favorite meal he makes is Miso Glazed Salmon. I used to be obsessed with The Cheesecake Factory's version, but wasn't too fond of the calories, so Ben started making it himself and it is off the chain! :) This was our first year for him not to make dinner, but I'll take a trip to New Orleans any day!

3.    Have any interesting Valentine's Day stories?
The first year that Ben and I were dating, I was a total brat on Valentine's Day. He kept telling me he had something special planned, a surprise, but I kept bugging him. One of my very best friends from high school played basketball for A&M at the time, and Baylor just so happened to be playing them that night. I kept asking and asking him if we could go to the game, and he kept telling me to just let him take care of things. He eventually got irritated with my antics and told me what we were doing. Of course, it was perfect and I would have been so happy with the surprise. We went to the basketball game and sat in the very front no less, so I got to see my friend. We even ended up getting on the kiss cam!! After the game, we went back to Ben's house and he cooked me a fabulous dinner. It was a perfect night and I felt like a total idiot for being a brat!

4.    Favorite chick flick? Book or movie?
Hmmmm....this is a tough one. I am such a sucker for a good love story. I am going to be totally predictable and say The Notebook. I could not get enough of this movie when it came out and I read the book as well...both were absolutely amazing! I'm pretty sure that I cried from about 10 minutes into the movie.

5.    Do you have any favorite Valentine's Day recipes? Desserts or meals?
Definitely the Miso Glazed Salmon I mentioned above.

6.    Flowers or candy? If candy, what kind?
Flowers for me - I have never been a candy person. Actually, neither Ben nor I like candy at all, so it's definitely flowers for me.

7.    Are you running a Valentine's Day race or doing anything active? Have you ever run a themed race?
I have never run a Valentine's Day race. I was actually super active on Sunday, but no running was involved. I went to the hotel gym in the morning and then walked what must have been at least 6 miles throughout the day. I would love to run a Valentine's Day race though, that would be fun! I haven't heard of one around here, so I'll have to start looking them up for next year.

8.    Any memories (funny or otherwise) from elementary school making and passing out Valentines?
I just loved making the Valentines boxes where everyone walked around the classroom and dropped in the treat. I so wish I taught elementary school right now for that fact alone! I also always thought the candy-grams in junior high and high school were pretty fun/funny. I don't ever remember sweating whether someone was going to send me one, but I remember there being so much drama surrounding those things. So silly!

9.    Is anyone's birthday on Valentine's Day?
Not in my family, but one of the girls I tutor has a birthday on Valentine's Day. We had fun celebrating it with her the weekend before. She is such a sweet girl!

10.    Favorite cheesy/love song?
Hmmm....again, this one is hard for me. Since we just went to the Boys II Men concert, I am gonna have to say "I'll Make Love to You." I can jam to their music! I'm also a sucker for Celine Dion!

11.    Anyone proposed to on Valentine's Day? Know of anyone proposed to or married on Valentine's Day?
Last year, my best friend from college, Jenni, got married on Valentine's Day! It was the perfect Valentine's Day pink and so beautiful!

12.    Your favorite kind of date? Out to a fancy restaurant or movie and takeout at home?
On Valentine's Day, I would much rather stay in. I don't really like to go out and pay for an overpriced meal with TONS of people. I love our tradition of staying in. In general, it totally depends. If I haven't gotten the chance to dress up in a while, I love being able to take the time to get ready and go out to a nice dinner. If things have been crazy hectic and I'm running on empty, I love to keep my sweats on and just snuggle on the couch with my man! My absolute favorite dates though are ones that just happen. I love being out with Ben running errands and doing things, and we just end up with a fun dinner and such. We just have fun together!

13.    Favorite quote for love or definition of what love is?
Goodness this is hard - I would say that love is when you can completely be yourself with someone unapologetically and when you care about the other's well being more than your own.

14.    Unrelated to Valentine's Day, but super are we feeling about the return of Gilmore Girls?
Cannot hold in the excitement!!!!! I just finished the series and am beyond thrilled that I don't have to go too long without it! What the heck am I going to do when it's all over?!?!

Answer as many questions as you would like in the comments.

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