Thursday, February 4, 2016

Scenes from the Weekend

It's almost the weekend, so why not relive last weekend?! I cannot wait for this weekend since it's Ben's birthday, the Super Bowl and we have lots more going on, but last weekend was pretty darn great too. Here are the scenes from our weekend:

Friday afternoon, one of our friends invited us out to a concert. Lets be honest...when he told me that it started at 10 o'clock, I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to even stay awake til then, but we thought it might be fun to have a night out. I even suggested having Henley spend the night at the grandparents, so we didn't have to worry about getting home at a certain time. That's big for me!!

We went to a late dinner at LSA and then headed about 30 minutes north of town to the concert. There weren't a lot of people there, but we had a blast. It was great to be out with friends! We played pool and we danced and we ended up staying out way later than I've stayed out in a long time. On Saturday, Ben and I kept saying "can you believe people do this all the time?" I guess we're getting old!

I was super excited about our Saturday even if I had to get up early after a late night. We planned to go out to my parent's new place and my sisters (minus Martie, we missed you) and my nieces and nephews were all there. We were so excited to spend the day together!

We woke up early to go pick Henley up and get breakfast together. We went to Royals Bagels which has these famous cinnamon rolls and OMG are they good! I only had a small bite (they are monstrous), but they are amazing! Then, we were headed out to the farm to play. That's what we did all day long...we played and played and played! Henley had a hard time taking a nap (I think it was her late bedtime), so she ended up just sleeping on me. I didn't hate it! After nap we played a little more and then the girls headed inside to cook dinner. We were so excited to make a Pioneer Woman meal! We made cheese enchiladas, pulled pork and the fixins. It was wonderful!

Since Henley struggled with nap, it wasn't too long after dinner that we did bathtime with the cousins and headed back home. We were all exhausted after a fun day on the farm!

If Henley could sit in a rocking chair all day long, I'm pretty sure she would be the happiest girl in the world.

Next time I need to make sure I get pictures of all of the cousins. These two tended to gravitate towards each other since they are only 4 months apart, but they did lots of playing with the big kids too.

Henley had a rough night on Sunday night and so did this mama. She was up around 6 o'clock, so we went ahead and got ready for church at 8:30. As we were on our way to church, Henley fell asleep, so we turned the car right back around and headed home to let her sleep. She needed it and I got in a much needed nap as well.

Henley all ready for church!

Mama dressed and ready for church.

After nap, we headed to the park up the street to enjoy some time outside. This weekend was absolutely beautiful and we definitely took advantage of every second we could outside. After the park and lunch, the day was pretty low key. We played inside until Henley took an afternoon nap and then just hung around the house for the rest of the day. It was glorious and I can't wait for Spring for more weekends spent outside as a family!

Someone was ready to get to the park!


Oh and I can't leave this out...Ben's mom found tap shoes at the thrift store and Henley could not get enough of them this weekend. We put them on and headed out to the driveway on Sunday night!



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