Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!! This week has flown by! I am super excited about our Saturday this weekend, so I am thankful for a quick, fun, and healthy week! 

Here are some of my favorites from the week...enjoy! 

#1 - Henley is back to her normal, healthy self! 

She had her first slurpee today! 

Hallelujah! Last week was so hard for the both of us. She was fighting an ear infection and a killer molar for the entire week. She had a slight fever when she went to bed on Sunday night, so I gave her some Motrin and it broke during the night. Unfortunately, that was the theme of the week. She had a fever (between 99-102) off and on until we finally decided it was worth it to take her to the doctor on Thursday. She would be happy Henley while the fever was gone, but then it would come back fiercely and she'd be in my arms until it broke again. It was so sad. I thought it was just a virus, and when we called our nurses on Tuesday, they said to keep doing what we were doing. Finally, on Thursday, I felt so bad for her that I called the doctor. It ended up being a minor ear infection, so we got some antibiotics that helped. She still wasn't herself all weekend which we found out was because of a major molar coming in. All three of her other molars came in just fine without any fuss, but this one was bleeding and painful. On Monday, she seemed to finally be back to her normal, giggly self. I am so thankful that she is feeling better this week. We have had a fabulous week, mostly spent outside and on the go! 

#2 - Mowing the yard

I know it may seem a little odd that mowing is one of my favorites this week, but I love it! Yesterday, I mowed the yard during nap time for the first time ever. I have never even turned on a lawn mower. Yesterday, I spent pretty much the entire day outside and while Henley was down for a nap, I thought I could break out the lawn mower and give it a try. Our yard was in dire need of some help and Ben has been super busy this week, so I thought I might as well help him out. It was a great nap time activity! I loved the workout and just being alone outside was amazing! I could spend pretty much all day everyday outside and mowing just gives me something else to do out there! I only got the backyard done before Henley woke up yesterday, so today I will be doing the side yard and the front yard. One thing I will say though is - Ben and I would like to move to land one day and let me just tell you, the half acre we live on felt like land to me! :)

#3 - Our outdoor furniture and patio

That table in the right hand corner is another piece of furniture I'm working on. 

When we were buying a house, the one that we're in now was actually our second choice. We had one in contract that fell through and thankfully, this one came on the market the day ours fell through. The bonus of having a realtor for a husband! We loved this one and actually loved some things about it more than the other, but the only downside was that it didn't have a back patio. The other one had a huge back patio that we were so looking forward to. Well, this one was a significant amount less than the other, so we made a plan to remove some windows in our dining room, replace them with French doors, and build a covered patio. It was completed about a month ago, and we are in love! We finally purchased some patio furniture for it last Thursday and we have been out there pretty much every night since. When Henley was sick last week, there were some evenings that we would go out there and read or watch Daniel Tiger on my phone, and she was happy as could be. I am loving our extra outdoor space!!

#4 - Chalk paint

The table with the lamp used to be a dark wood. 

I have been on a mission this week...a mission to make this house the home that we really want. Ben and I tend to wait on making decorating decisions and it takes us forever to pull the trigger on anything and before we know it, we're moving and never decorated how we really wanted. Well, I am determined to stay in this house for more than two years, but even if we are here only two years, I want to love it! So, I have been redoing furniture like it's my job! 

I found some awesome chalk paint at Hobby Lobby and started by painting a large mirror we used to have in our living room. It is now our full length mirror and hangs in the hall outside our bedroom. Since it worked so well, I went back to Hobby Lobby and got two more paint colors. I finished the table that sits by our chair in the kitchen and am obsessed! Our house is mostly grey and white with some blue in our living room, so I think it is the perfect pop of color. I am now working on our entry table. Ben built it for me when we moved in and it has been raw ever since. I am working on painting the legs a deep red. Lets hope it turns out like we want! 

The chalk paint is awesome! There is no sanding or prep work required and it dries so fast! 

#5 - My little sister, Martie, is graduating from Baylor this weekend! 
I cannot believe my little sister is almost a Baylor graduate! Time has absolutely flown! 

I feel like this was just yesterday! Martie is the one in the cap and gown. 

We are going down to Waco tomorrow to watch her walk across the stage and celebrate with a fun dinner afterwards. I love any excuse I get to visit Baylor, but I am extra excited to celebrate my little sister. She will be the fourth and final daughter to graduate from Baylor and she has done such a wonderful job while there. She had a little different experience than the rest of us and handled it so well. I am so so proud of her! She studied to be a high school English teacher (a girl after my own heart!), and already has a job. Go Martie! 

I absolutely loved this week...every aspect! I am hoping that you had a great week too, but if not, I hope you have something fabulous to look forward to this weekend! 

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