Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday

Hi friends! Today I am linking up with Andrea and participating in "Show and Tell Tuesday." Today's topic is Favorite Vacation Ever! I'm super excited to share for this one! 

I absolutely LOVE vacations! Growing up, vacations were super special for my family. We took one every summer and every Spring Break. Once I got older and could take trips on my own, traveling became one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love getting to see new places and explore them in different ways. I love learning about different cultures and seeing pieces of history. Most of all, I love getting to relax outside of my normal environment. I do not sit still easily, so when I am away from home, I find it a lot easier when things are not hovering over my head from my to do list. 

When thinking about my absolute favorite vacation ever, I couldn't really narrow it down to one. So, I will give you the details on the one that immediately popped into my head with a little info on the other two. Here we go...

Our honeymoon!! 
I will never be able to say enough amazing things about our honeymoon. We went to Riviera Maya and stayed at the El Dorado Royale in one of the casitas. It was beyond amazing! 

The trip to the resort was super easy. It was a quick flight to Cancun and a 30 minute limo ride to the resort. The resort was gorgeous! There was a hotel, villas and casitas. The casitas were on the back of the property and I was obsessed! We had our own outdoor shower, outdoor bed and little pool. Right outside of our own pool was a little lady river to a main pool with a fabulous bartender. 

The resort was all-inclusive and all of the restaurants were wonderful. It was also an adults only resort, so it was extra relaxing. There were a number of different pools to go to, the beach, and lots of different activities to do during the day. It being our honeymoon and all and neither of us having gone on a vacation together before, we pretty much drank, ate, laid out and relaxed. Everyone asked us what all we did, but we never left the resort and we didn't do any activities. We just enjoyed the good life! 

We did meet some friends while we were there and loved hanging out with them. They were also newlyweds, so we had a great time together and enjoyed a number of pool days and meals together. 

This is us and one of our couple friends at our favorite lunch place, the Health Bar. It had amazing smoothies! 

Seriously, I will never stop saying enough good things about this place! We have recommended it to a number of friends for their honeymoon and those who went were also very impressed. Our goal was to go back for our 5 year anniversary with the other two couples we met, but we all ended up having babies around the same time right before our anniversary. So, the new plan is to go back for our 10 year anniversary. Lets cross our fingers it all works out this time, because I am so ready to go back! 

The other two vacations that I absolutely loved were Ben and my trip to Europe, and our vacation with my family last summer. Both were very memorable trips. 

Ben and I went to Europe for about a month two years ago when we had just found out we were pregnant with Henley. Our goal when we got married was to visit Europe (where he studied abroad) before we had a baby, so the timing was perfect. It was incredible to get so see so many amazing places with Ben and we also made some friends along the way! 

Last summer's vacation was just amazing because it took me back to family vacations growing up. It's hard to all get together sometimes now that we have kids and are all in different places. Getting a vacation together was a miracle and we loved every minute! We went to Seagrove Beach in Florida and fell in love with it and the surrounding beaches. It was so fun to all be in the same house again and to watch the cousins love on each other. I can't wait for another BIG family vacation! 

We are headed to Hawaii for the first time in about 2 weeks, so I'm sure I will have another awesome vacation to add to my list soon! 

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