Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Personal Style

It's Show & Tell Tuesday and today's topic is all about personal style. When I think about style, I think of two things, clothes and decorating. At some point I will do a tour of our new house and how it has come together, so for today, I will just cover clothes. 

I guess I would say that I am pretty simple. I mostly like classic pieces with the occasional flare. If I could buy up JCREW, GAP, Banana, etc., I totally would, but lets be honest...I am pretty frugal when it comes to my clothes. I am starting to buy more "investment" pieces, but I'm just not someone who spends a ton of money on one piece. 

Anyway, I like simple, classic things and find them to be the easiest to throw on and go. In the Spring/Summer, I tend to wear shorts and either simple tees or cute/fun blouses. I also love me an adorable Summer dress! I cannot wear jeans in the Summer. I am a SWEATER and jeans make me feel claustrophobic! In the Fall/Winter I wish I could live in slouchy sweaters, boots, scarves and puffy vests! Here are a few pictures, both of me and from Pinterest, of the things that I love. 

Oh, one more thing that we should get out there...95% of the time, I am in workout clothes. When I put on real clothes it is pretty much a special occasion! 

I so wish this was in my closet! 

This too! 

I found this Lily Pulitzer top at a second hand store and love it with colored shorts. I believe I had on some hot pink ones in this pic. 

More colored shorts and a simple tee

I love racerback tanks! 

My jean jacket comes in handy in the Spring since I'm super cold natured. 

I love this fun top and you will see these white capris in rotation all Spring/Summer! 

Oh the puffy vests! I wish I had all the colors! 

I love stripes and colored jeans! 

You can't really tell in this pictures, but my scarf is leopard and is one of my favorite purchases from last year. 

I also love this black knit scarf with just about everything. 

I am making a mental note that I need more puffy vests in different colors and more stripes!