Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

I'm joining the link-up today with my Friday Favorites!! Henley and I have been getting in lots and lots of quality time together this week, so my favorites mostly revolve around her. Enjoy lots of cute pictures! 


The main event of our week has been the North Texas Fair and Rodeo! Ben is in charge of the beer booths this year (yes, I feel super classy telling people that), so he has been up there pretty much 24/7 for the past 10 days. We have gone up there every night to say hi, ride in the mule (or "mooooole" as Henley says), and go to the petting zoo. Henley is obsessed with the petting zoo!! They is a little calf and about 3-4 baby (like tiny) goats that she adores. She is not so much a fun of the other goats and bigger animals walking close to her. 

The first official night of the fair was also an absolute downpour. My sister, her husband, their little boy and my parents came up anyway and we braved the mud and rain. It was a blast and the kids could not have looked cuter! 

They also have a bounce house that she owned last night! She bounced for a good 30 minutes all by herself and was soaked with sweat when she got out. We will be visiting that again tonight! Tonight is our last night because we have my nephew's birthday party on Saturday, so I promised Henley a pony ride since she asks to ride all the other animals! I'm super excited! 

Last night she tried to get on stage twice while the first concert was going on! She loves loves loves the music and usually makes a bee line to be front and center to clap after each song. I will be so sad that we won't have our nightly activity together, but we will be happy for Ben to get home. We'll just have lots to look forward to next year! 

Henley was mesmerized by the rodeo! 


This week, I have also started keeping our best friend's little boy, Noah. He isn't old enough yet for the daycare he's going to go to, so I am keeping him for the first month of school. It has been a blast! 

Henley and Noah play so well together and I'm pretty sure they are also in love! We have done something fun everyday this week and they have had so much fun together. They have also napped like champs and given this mom time to clean the house up after their morning mess and get some work done too. I'm not gonna lie, I'm liking this two kids thing! 

They love giving each other kisses and hugs! 

Our activities this week have included: an indoor play place, the library, the park, a trip to the donut shop, a fun walk and afternoon snacks on the front porch. We have loved keeping sweet Noah! 


Y'all, all of a sudden, Henley has enough hair for ponytails and pigtails!! It is killing me! I put her hair up on Monday in her usual little palm tree and thought, hmm...that looks kind of weird now with all of her other hair. Sad day! So, we tried a ponytail on Tuesday and pigtails on Wednesday! I am obsessed! With her super sweaty hair at the fair on Thursday, we were even able to put it up in a high ponytail on top of her head. I can't wait for braids!! 

When did my little girl get so big?!?


Last week it was super rainy, so Henley and I found some fun activities to do. One afternoon, when she napped early so she was up early, we painted with pudding in the bathtub and played in the rain. Another afternoon, we went to a local gymnastics place for toddler time and Henley was in love. Rainy day activities are a favorite of mine this week! I had so much fun watching Henley discover some new things! 

My little future Olympian! 

This was such an easy activity to put together. I just combined vanilla pudding with some food coloring, put them in a cupcake tin and plopped Henley in the bathtub with them. I got her some paintbrushes I had on hand to paint with and she loved it! She even enjoyed painting her toes and belly button! 

Puddle jumping is definitely a new favorite of Henley's! She kept climbing down our porch steps and yelling "bouncy, bouncy," and then coming back up the steps. There wasn't a puddle right in front of our steps, but she had fun anyway. She finally got the hang of it at the fair when there were plenty of puddles to bounce in! 

I love looking back on these posts and seeing what we were doing each week and how much we enjoyed our time together! This week has been one for the books and I will definitely be looking back at these pictures! 

I hope y'all have had a great week too and have some favorites to look back on! 

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