Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

I had every intention of posting more this week, but with this weather, we have been busy. I have filled up our time with lots of outdoor activities and we have enjoyed every minute. Of course, now that I have that itch to wear Spring/Summer clothes, the weather is going back to dreary and cold. #weliveinTexas 

Since we have been having so much fun this week, I have lots of fabulous favorites to share! I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday Favorites! 

On Wednesday, Henley and I spent a good part of our afternoon at the park and could not get over how wonderful it felt to be outside with zero wind and 80 degree temps. While I was rocking her for her nap, I was also perusing Facebook and realized that it just so happened to be National Margarita Day. With perfect temps and an excuse for myself to indulge in some chips and salsa, I texted the husband and got myself out of cooking dinner for the night! It was glorious! While everyone else enjoyed the holiday, I enjoyed my chips and salsa and dreamed of a glass of sangria come August! 

Park dates with this one would be my absolute favorite all the time!! Tuesday morning started off pretty dreary, but when Henley woke up from her nap in the afternoon, we took our snack time to the front porch and the sun came out. I got out the wagon for a trip around the block, but she told me she wanted to play at the park. I am always in for watching her run, jump and climb! 

We had some more park play time on Wednesday, and my sweet girl made a new friend which was a big favorite! She is usually pretty skeptical of others at the park, because she wants the area she is playing on to herself, but I was so proud of her on Wednesday when another little boy started playing on the slides with her and she watched, laughed and cheered him on. When we eventually had to leave, she tracked him down in another area of the park all by herself, said bye and even asked for a kiss! I was so proud!! 

This kid and my sunglasses! She wants them on at all times when she is in the car and will even get them out of the car if it's sunny and walk around with them. I love her little personality! The top picture is on our way to hear sweet George's heartbeat this week, and she fell asleep on the way to our appointment in the morning. I looked in my rearview mirror and she was OUT, but the sunglasses remained! My little diva makes me laugh each time I look in my rearview mirror and get a glimpse of her in mommy's glasses! 

Yesterday morning, I checked out the weather when I woke up and immediately made the decision that we would be doing something fun outside. I decided on the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville since it's only a short 30 minute drive from us, and Henley was more than excited! She kept telling me we were going to the "you" to see the "aminals, woo hoo (arms thrown in the arm)!". Gosh, I love her! 

We got there around 11, and it was the perfect size zoo to make a lap around, see all the animals, and then go outside the gates in their picnic area for lunch. It is not a big zoo, but it is perfect for little ones (and hungry mamas!). 

Henley loved the flamingos! At one point, they started fighting and squawking and Henley kept asking me if she could get them to keep talking. She would say "hey Mr. Flamingo, please talk!" They were gorgeous and definitely put on a show for us! 

I texted a couple of our friends with my last minute decision and a few joined us for our adventure. Henley loved having some company, and I am always in for adult conversation! In these pictures they are looking at the alligator and the prairie dogs. I think the alligator was one of Henley's favorites! She did not want to leave him! 

The biggest exhibit is a huge piece of land where the zebras, mountain goats, donkeys, camels, ostriches, and giraffes are. There is a huge bridge overlooking all of the land and we loved it! Henley was so excited to see the giraffes! She also loved making the donkey noises and camel noises! At the end of it is some shade with tables where we stopped to get some water and all the kiddos told us they were ready to eat. 

The goats were by far the big hit, because we got to feed them. I was so proud of Henley for actually getting down there with them and giving them her hand! I have a feeling our trips to the rodeo this year will be filled with the petting zoo! 

Yesterday was by far a favorite! I can't explain how much I love these days with my sweet girl! She is just the sweetest, most fun little girl, and I can't get enough of her! I know everyone keeps telling me that there is such a different, special  bond between a little boy and his mama, but I've got to say, I think my girl and I have a pretty darn special bond too. I love my little bestie and her sweet personality! Each day I get to spend with her is so much fun! 

I don't know about y'all, but after a crazy busy week, we also have a crazy busy weekend. We have a banquet, a birthday celebration and a play to attend and I am excited about all three! I hope y'all enjoy your weekend and get lots of sweet time with the ones you love! 

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