Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up again today with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites! Feel free to leave some of your favorites from the week in the comments! 

Holy moly, it has been a crazy busy week! We have a pretty fun and exciting weekend ahead too, so I am gearing up today by getting lots done. I'm sure I could gather a load of favorites from the week, because while it has been busy, I have also loved every minute of it, but instead, I just have one favorite for the week! 

Ben turns the big 3-0 on Sunday, so I have been gearing up to celebrate his birthday for a while. He is leaving next weekend for a fun weekend in Vegas with some of his friends, but I still wanted to do something fun for him here. Last night, I actually pulled off a surprise party with about 30 of his closest friends!! We had a blast and he was so happy to have so many people he loved all in one room! 

I rented out the top area of a restaurant in town on the square and told him we had dinner reservations at 6:30. He was expecting to go somewhere afterwards with friends, but was completely floored when he walked up the stairs and saw so many of his friends! 

Friendships to Ben are a lot like family; he really treasure them. He has many close friends from all different groups of people, and we are often telling our friends about each other, but they have never all met. Ben thought it was so special that the people he has talked about for so long finally got to meet last night and were all gathered together. It was a total success, and he was so appreciative! Woohoo, my first surprise success!! 

I ordered appetizers for everyone since they arrived earlier than us, and we snacked on those while we mingled and all got to talk and catch up and then we all sat down for a delicious dinner and dessert. We got to talk to everyone for a few hours and then some of us even headed over to another restaurant for one last drink to finish the night together. 

Last night was definitely my very favorite of the week, because I felt like I truly surprised and impressed Ben, and I was so happy to see him so happy! We have more plans over the weekend to keep celebrating, so it should be a fabulous few days as well!

Happy almost birthday, Ben!! I love you a whole lot! 

At the end of the night when Ben and I got in the truck to drive home, Ben said that he had so much fun that he forgot to stand up and tell everyone how thankful he was for everyone there and how much they all meant to him. I also forgot to thank everyone in the chaos and fun, so I will do that now! 

Thank you to everyone who came (we missed those that were sick or had a conflict and couldn't be there)! You were all invited for a specific reason and that is because you mean so much to both Ben and I. You have all played a very important part of our lives, especially in the last year or so, and we can't thank you enough for your friendship and your support throughout our life. We love each and every one of you dearly! 

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  1. The surprise party looks so much fun! My husband turns 30 next Friday!!! That is so cute you planned a surprise party for him - I did that a few years ago so we will just be going to a bar with some friends but it's not a surprise this year :). Happy Friday!

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