Monday, February 13, 2017

A Day in the Life - 2.6.17

One of my favorite posts to read on blogs is "A Day in the Life" posts. I love seeing how others spend their day, and I have had many people ask me now that I am a stay-at-home mom "What do you do all day?". So, I thought I'd show you how I spend my days. 

I documented my day exactly a week ago today. That means it was a Monday, and Henley goes to Mother's Day Out on Mondays, so this day looks a little different than the rest of my week. I'll do another post for a typical day when Henley is with me all day long too. Things really don't look too different other than a morning activity or her being with me on my errands. 

Here is how my day went on Monday, February 6, 2017! 

6:30 - My alarm went off and I snoozed once. 

Don't ask me why is still says "workout"... I think that's from a month ago when I woke up early on a Sunday to workout, but I just keep the same alarm. There was no intention of working out at 6:30 this morning. 

6:39 - Get up, throw on my robe and go make some tea. While my tea is heating up, I cleaned up the living room and dining room from the day before. 

7:00 - Check on whether or not Ben is up to do our marriage study together. Ben is not at all a morning person, so if we have something to get up for in the morning, I often have to wake hime up a couple of times. If he has something to get up for on his own though, he gets up automatically...I don't understand it! 

7:10 - Sit down with Ben and do our marriage study together. We don't do this every morning, but we are really trying to get in the habit of getting up in the morning together and studying together on a regular basis. I am loving it! 

7:30 - Pack Henley's lunch for MDO. 

Turkey roll-ups with cheese, applesauce, cucumbers, blueberries and goldfish

7:40 - Sit down at the kitchen table to check emails, read blogs, and eat my breakfast. 

7:50 - Get myself ready for the day and make the bed. 

8:06 - Get Henley up for the day. I love this part of my morning! She is just the cutest! 

A late night watching the Super Bowl = pants from the day before 

8:15 - While Henley is eating breakfast and watching Mickey Mouse, I cleaned out the fridge and took out the trash since I needed to go to the grocery store later. 

8:30 - Give Henley a quick bath and get her ready for the day. 

9:00 - Drop Henley off at school and get her registered for next year. 

9:20 - Back home to organize my life! 
- order Ben a new screen protector for his phone 
- clean out my purse and switch back to the mom bag
- clean off the dining room table (it becomes my office sometimes) 
- do the dishes in the sink
- clean Henley's room 
- start Henley's laundry 

10:14 - Sit down to plan meals for the week and write in my "Pea to Pumpkin" book that just came in. 

My mother-in-law got me this book when I found out I was pregnant with Henley and it is now in her keepsake box. You write in it for each week you are pregnant and document what is going on. I couldn't not have one in this baby's keepsake box, so I ordered one on Amazon and have been filling it in whenever I get the chance. I love it! 

Also, I usually plan our meals for the week on Sunday, but with the Super Bowl and a packed weekend, I did not get it done. I have to go to the grocery store with a list or I'm a total mess and get way too much! 

10:45 - Out the door with a snack in hand to head to the gym. 

11 - Boot camp class

12:10 - Grocery shopping with a yummy drink and no toddler which means I took my sweet time! 

1:10 - Home (talk with Ben and my mom on the way home) 
- unpack groceries 
- move trash cans back

1:35 - Sit down to each lunch and watch a little bit of The Bachelor

Sorry, the top pictures wouldn't turn. I know it looks gross, but I am on a homemade chicken salad kick lately. Since I can't have tuna, I've just been using canned chicken and love it! So it was chicken salad, popcorn and strawberries for me this day. 

1:50 - Switch laundry to the dryer and head out the door to pick-up Henley from school. 

2:17 - Back home 
- Henley eats her snack and watches an episode of Mickey Mouse while I get a couple more things checked off my to do list. 
- Change the sheets on our bed 
- Clean Henley's bathroom and the guest bathroom 

2:33 - Henley is super whiney, so I rock her for a little while with no signs of her falling back asleep. 

2:45 - Henley is back up with some juice and a better attitude and I finish my tasks! 

This was my view while I cleaned one bathroom! 

And this was my view as I cleaned the other! 

3:15 - TIME TO GO OUTSIDE!! I wash our trash can while Henley hops around on the sidewalk, and then we do bubbles and swing. 

3:45 - Back inside to change Henley's pants (super dirty booty from sitting on the ground), fix her hair and pack lots of snacks for the rest of they day. 

4:00 - Head out the door to go tutor. 

We pretty much are always listening to this while driving. 

Of course, I had to have a snack! 

Henley loves the drive because we see lots of cows and horses on the way! 

4:27 - Ready to tutor! Henley is excited she gets to play on my "hello" and see Max, the dog, and I sit down to work on 5th grade math, reading and social studies. 

My sidekick! 

6:15 - Head to an 8th grade basketball game. I tutor two siblings and the 8th grader had her last home basketball game, so Henley and I were super excited to go cheer her on. Of course, I took zero pictures at the game because I was holding Henley's hands while she bounced up and down and cheered. 

7:29 - Head back home from the game. 

7:49 - Stop at the Subway by our house to grab dinner (Henley had fallen asleep in the car). 

8:03 - Sit down to FINALLY eat dinner at home. 

8:25 - Unload the dishwasher while Henley finishes her dinner. 

8:50 - Ben gets home from a meeting he had and plays with Henley for a few minutes while he eats dinner and I clean up Henley's. 

9:03 - Ben puts Henley in her pjs and does the bedtime routine while I pick-up around the house from the day and fold laundry. 

I was actually excited to fold laundry, because I got a new office chair over the weekend and couldn't wait to try it out! 

9:37 - Lay down in bed because I started to feel a little bit nauseous. I watched some more of the Bachelor and chugged lots of water. 

10:00 - Shower and get ready for bed. 

By 10:36 I set my alarm and was probably out within 2 minutes of laying my head on the pillow! 

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