Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life Lately

Things are finally back to normal this week, but last week, Ben was out of town from Saturday until Thursday. Phew! That was a long time, especially for Henley to go without seeing her daddy. We were missing him! I don't know about y'all, but when Ben is gone, I tend to fill the day with more to make the time go by faster. We still had lots of fun, and Henley was spoiled rotten! 

We kicked off the week on Sunday night by sending daddy kisses before we went to bed! 

Henley's classroom may not have had a Valentine's party on Monday, but she still looked like a sweet little love bug!

More kisses for daddy on Monday night! My parent's had Henley over the weekend while I enjoyed a little time at the spa. My dad read her Cinderella, and it was all she could talk about, so we watched parts of it at night before bed. She loved it, and I loved the extra cuddles!  

Happy Valentine's Day to Ben! We went to the library after the gym, and they had a big Valentine's Day party for all the kiddos. Henley was obsessed with the balloons, the popcorn and the pretty M&M's! We (meaning mostly I) made Ben a Valentine and sent it to him in Vegas (via text).

Like I said, this girl got spoiled! After nap on Tuesday, we went on a mommy/daughter Valentine's date and got our nails done. This was Henley's first trip to the nail salon and she was a pro! She kept asking for the water mommy put her hands in and she wanted the lotion massage too! She likes to be pampered! 

We finished up our Valentine's Day date at a basketball game with lots of friends. It was the perfect ending to the day! I got some much needed adult conversation while still getting to watch the kids enjoy themselves, and the kids wore themselves out after the game on the court. Win!! Oh, and the team we were cheering for won! 

This is Henley ready to head out the door for the gym. Y'all, she seriously cracks me up on a daily basis! She loves her accessories, and on this day, she wanted her winter hat and all the purses! You can't see them very well, but there are three purses on that arm! 

Again, the accessories! She currently "needs" mommy's glasses when the sun is in her eyes while we're driving. The paci and the stuffed animals just make everything better! 

My sister completed her third round of chemo on Thursday, so my parents took the kids over the weekend to let her rest. Henley is always up for a trip to "Pete and Dee's," and her cousins are a definite bonus! The weather on Saturday was beautiful, so we enjoyed pretty much the entire day outside! 

All the kids got to feed the chickens biscuits (Henley pretty much ate her biscuit on her own and gave the chickens a few pieces), we played on the trampoline, the swing set and slide, we saw turkeys and ducks, etc. The adults even got to enjoy the sun and read for a little bit during Henley's nap, while the big kids rested a little bit too! I love the farm! 

Y'all...on Friday while Henley was at school, I was on the hunt for a good pair of maternity jeans. Of course, I got sidetracked at the Carter's next door and wanted to buy everything! I showed great restraint and actually didn't buy a thing, but this little one piece about killed me! I must say, I am still drawn to the girl clothes, but the boy's clothes are starting to grow on me (at certain stores). 

And finally, yesterday afternoon turned into a beautiful day, so we played outside and took a walk in the wagon. While we were walking around the neighborhood, Henley stopped me and told me she wanted to go to the playground. I couldn't deny her, so we walked up the street to the playground in our neighborhood and played! Henley was filthy by the time we left which meant it was a success! 

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  1. She is a doll! I am enjoying your pics and joy of living life!
    Love ya, B