Sunday, November 20, 2016

20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

How in the world is it already the week of Thanksgiving? Oh, I am so dang excited! It actually feels like the holidays are coming up now that the weather has cooled off, and I can't get enough! I love this season! 

I usually get my Christmas shopping done super early, but I am still shopping and still looking for some great gift ideas this year. I love looking at the things other people get for their families and bouncing ideas off of each other, so I decided to put together a gift guide for all the people in your life. First up, the children. 

The kids in my family are my favorite people to shop for, so this is my favorite gift guide! If you're anything like me, you are always looking for a range of good options. Between my nieces and nephews and Henley, the ages of kids in my family range from 3 months to almost 8 years old. That is a big gap, so I typically have to look at A LOT of gift guides. Today, I've put together 20 different options for all the little ones in your life. This list covers all of the ages I need to shop for, so hopefully it will help you too. All of the links are included. 


These adorable little cups are perfect for the little ones in your life. They come in a variety of different colors, and they have a weighted straw, so the straw always moves to the liquid. Fabulous! 

These are awesome! I have a feeling I will be buying one of these for myself as well. They are so easy to pack and nothing falls out or leaks! 

My niece always has a book with her, and she loves these boxed sets. I have been able to score some of them at TJ Maxx/Home Goods on occasion, which makes it even better! 

These are good for such a wide age range. Henley loves the peel off nail polish and so does my 4-year-old niece! They also scratch off furniture pretty easily, which makes them a hit on my list! 

Little People has so many different fun options for kids. There are things for both boys and girls and there's a wide range of ages as well. I love how cute their toys are! 

6. Puzzles

I love these Crocodile Creek puzzles! I found a couple at TJ Maxx a while back, and then I found some at Target too. They are so adorable and I love the boxes! 

I also love these Melissa & Doug puzzles for the littler ones in your life. Henley loves these and they are super easy to clean up which is a total bonus! 

I just love this brand of toys! They are so dang cute and kids absolutely love the colors! 

I mean, I know I was an English teacher, but I, for real, cannot get enough of cute little board books for Henley. Ben LOVES reading Henley Giraffes Can't Dance every night before bed, and now she knows all sorts of animal names! I also catch her pulling them down from her bookshelf daily to "read" on her own! 

How adorable are these cars?! I wouldn't mind tripping over these all over my house at all!

10. PJs

So my link is actually to Amazon, but all of my pictures are from Target. Both of them have fabulous kids pjs. We are always in need of as many pjs as we can get, so they are the perfect gift at any time. The pjs in the bottom picture are my absolute favorite! Henley gets too hot for footie pjs, so these are the adorable pjs I get for her. She looks so grown up in them! Ps- when I went to Target on Friday, sleepwear was buy one get one half off for the entire family. 

Both boys and girls go nuts for these! They are perfect for the entire year too! We will definitely take them to the pool or the beach, but Henley also loves just having them around the house, stacking and unstacking them and reorganizing all her stuff. 

My nephew goes crazy for anything and everything Paw Patrol, but I have a feeling he would be beyond for this toy! 

I told you I love this brand! I got this for my nephew on his first birthday and he still loves it. My sister still tells me that the washcloths from it are the best for bath. I think I'm going to get one for Henley for the bath this year. She loves bath toys and could use some new ones. 

I found these a while back at TJ Maxx and immediately fell in love. They are so darn cute! I just love the way they look and bonus, they are made with recycled materials. 

These are the Target take on the American Girl doll, and they are awesome. The accessories that go with the dolls are so neat! My nieces love these and they can't tell a difference at all between them and the American Girl dolls. I am always in for a more affordable option! 

These are Henley's new favorite! She loves painting the different scenes and assigning them to different people in her life. The pads are super easy to carry around and they don't make a mess at all, so we are able to get them out and put them away pretty effortlessly. 

I found this adorable set while I was searching Amazon for ideas for Henley's wish list. Her new thing lately is to come sit in my lap while I do my make-up and use my brushes on herself. I thought this would be so adorable for her to have and bring to sit down with me! 

Henley cannot get enough of these stickers right now! She loves to put them on the window in her room and kiss each animal when she sees them in the morning...too cute! They have so many different types of sticker scenes, so we will definitely be investing in a few more of these over the holidays. 

Our friends have raved and raved about these for the longest time. I didn't really get the appeal until we visited a play place recently and they were there. The kids loved them! They are also on my nephews wish list, so they must be pretty awesome. 

Y'all, these are amazing! There are a variety of different skill levels, different sizes and different prices. My niece loves these and it is such a neat thing for her and her dad to do together. You should definitely check them out! 

Well, I hope that there was something for all the kiddos in your life! I love love love shopping for the kids in our family and finding something new, fun and affordable is always a bonus! 

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