Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Fashion

I promised this post a couple of weeks ago, so it is very much overdue. I am finally getting around to posting some of my favorite purchases for fall/winter. Since it is finally feeling like fall might make an appearance this year, I think it's pretty appropriate to post today! Hallelujah! 

I'm not gonna lie, I usually go a little crazy with purchases right before fall and right before spring. I'm just ready for a wardrobe change. Sometimes I feel like I'm buying everything, so Ben, maybe you shouldn't read this post! hehe My friends usually justify it for me by assuring me that I am a very frugal buyer, so I then feel a little better! :) 

Without further ado, here are my favorites....oh wait...I apologize for the pictures. My big full-length mirror is now hanging on the wall and I didn't trust myself to take it down without Ben here, so half of these are taken in a very tiny full-length mirror and the others are taken in the big one. Also, I'm a hot mess...I was either coming or going from a workout, so pardon the appearance! 

I am obsessed with this new top! It is from Target and it is so so soft. I will definitely be wearing it a lot this fall/winter. It is the Knox Rose brand. 

This fringe scarf is from Nordstrom and is amazing. I have thought a million times over the past two years that I need a grey scarf and I finally found a great one. It will go with everything, and BONUS, it is super cute! 

I picked up this shirt at Target, and when I tried it on immediately said, "I will be living in this!" It is so so comfortable and I love that it is long enough to go with leggings. It is super light and thin, so I can even wear it now in this warm weather! 

Another Target purchase! I picked this up when I thought we were going to Baylor homecoming. I love the fabric on this top and I am always looking for casual tops that are also cute. 

This sweatshirt is from a website called CupShe. A friend told me about it over the summer, and I finally made a purchase. A lot of the reviews talk about how slow the items ship, but I got mine super quick. The material of this isn't like a normal sweatshirt, so I don't feel frumpy when I wear it. Total bonus! 

Another cute sweatshirt from CupShe. I am pretty casual about 95% of the time, so it is great to have a couple pieces in my wardrobe that make me feel a little bit cuter. 

This hoodie is AMAZEBALLS! It is from Target and is so so soft and comfortable! I am in love! 

These pictures are some sneak peaks from our family photos we took last Thursday! I can't wait to see the rest! I have been looking for a "cold shoulder" top for a while and I finally found one that I really like. This is from Target (surprise surprise) and is super cute and comfy. It will be a great transition piece that I can wear at night right now and also wear when the weather gets cooler. 

Added Note: I wore it for a date night out and Ben LOVED it! I think it was just something super different than what I normally wear, and the cold shoulder added a good "date night" touch! 

Both of these are new pieces. The black jeans are from Nordstrom. They are TopShop and were on sale recently, and the sweater is from CupShe. I love that it is high-low, but with these jeans, no tummy shows! 

I'm wearing the black jeans here as well. The booties in our family pictures above and in this picture are new too. They are the DV brand from Target and I am obsessed. When I actually get dressed, they are what I choose 90% of the time! 

Clearly, I won't be wearing this shirt much for the rest of the fall, but it was so fun while it lasted! I wore it to almost every Halloween function we had and it got so many compliments! It is from Target and it super super comfy. I will probably be throwing it on around the house all year. 

I bought this shirt also when I thought we were going to Baylor Homecoming. ha How many did I need?!?! It is from Old Navy and I love it! I wore it to a function at the country club a couple weeks ago when it was pretty warm during the day but cool at night. It worked perfectly! 

Y'all, if it was actually cold here for a long amount of time, my entire closet would be filled with these sweaters in every single color! It is amazing! I bought it at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and I am so glad I did. It is super oversized and comfy. I can't wait for one of those super cold days when I can throw this on effortlessly! 

Shout out to the hubs on this one! Ben brought this adorable vest home for me one day last week when he had gone shopping for some new jeans. He nailed it! I love this super cute vest! The black shirt underneath it is also wonderful. I bought it at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale too. I am always looking for a good plain tee, and it is fabulous! It is a high-low tee and is definitely long enough for leggings too, but I have a feeling I will be layering it under everything. 

OMG these pants! A mom of one of the kids I tutor came in wearing these in a different color one day, so I immediately headed to American Eagle and purchased two! They were buy one get one half off, so, of course! They are the AEO Sateen pants and they are amazing! I went up a size in these since they are such a light color. I didn't need everyone seeing everything! 

Here they are in the wine color too! LOVE!!

Last, but certainly not least, are these two old trusties! Who doesn't love a good flannel shirt?! These are both from TJ MAXX. I bought a size up so I could wear them with leggings too and am in love! They are super soft, and were each only $12.99. WHAT?!?! 

I am no fashion blogger, but I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites for the coming seasons. Anything else I need, I'll ask for for my birthday (coming up) or Christmas! I think I'm good for a while though!

I'll leave you with I am dressed 90% of the time, and what I was wearing before some of the pics one day - from far away make-up, rough hair! 

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