Wednesday, November 2, 2016

All the Halloween Fun

I am still recovering from our weekend of Halloween fun! I had a blast watching Henley enjoy the holiday for the first time. I mean, yes, it's her second Halloween, but she was pretty oblivious for her first. This year, she loved getting in her donut costume and holding her pumpkin full of candy! 

On Friday, my little pumpkin wore a festive outfit to school to kick-off the excitement! She was pretty excited to have a pumpkin on her shirt and then arrive to school where the halls were filled with real pumpkins. I think she likes this holiday! 

After school, we painted pumpkins on the front porch. Henley could not get enough! I have a feeling I will be trying to find lots of different things to paint in the near future. We had a blast! 

We ended the night at the country club playing outside. Ben played in a golf tournament over the weekend and Friday night they had a dinner outside. Henley loved getting to run around on the grass! I would say it was definitely a good day! 

On Saturday, Ben left early for golf, so we ran some errands and went on a little date to Starbucks. Henley is obsessed with chocolate milk, so when mommy gets a treat, Henley gets a treat! 

Yea, we were both kind of a hot mess on Saturday morning! I'm pretty sure neither of us brushed our hair before heading out the door...oh well! 

After nap, we had big plans for my parents to join us and head to the Denton Trunk or Treat! Henley stood at the window right after waking up and watched for Dee and Pete. It was so stinking cute! 

I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of a bust. There were so many people in a pretty small place and the lines were so long for the candy and games. We made a couple of laps around the parking lot and put enough candy in Henley's pumpkin for her to notice before we headed out for dinner. 

It was also my mom's birthday, so the night was extra special! We enjoyed a fabulous dinner together and Henley had a blast with her Pete and Dee! 

On Sunday, Ben played golf early again, so Henley and I hit up the park. Holy moly! Can we talk about this weather?! Ridiculous!! We were dripping sweat, but we still had a blast! 

Y'all, she wore these glasses the whole time! I just can't even handle it! This girl is a beast at the park. I love watching her climb, jump, swing and slide. She stays in the big kids area the majority of the time and rules it! 

After the park, we went on a lunch date and then I tutored at the library while Henley played on my "hello." She was exhausted by the time I was done, and we had another big night planned, so she took a killer nap. 

After nap, we headed to another Trunk or Treat with lots of friends and it was a lot more successful than the night before...much bigger area, no long lines and plenty of trunks filled with candy! Henley loved it and everyone loved her costume! 

On Monday, her school had the kids dress up in their favorite sports team gear, so Henley obviously had on her "Towboys" jersey. She loves wearing it! I didn't get a picture of it, but she kept it on that night and wore it under her donut. 

After school, we came home and made Halloween sugar cookies. I wasn't sure Henley would be super interested, but it was a hit. She loved pushing the cookie cutters down and "painting" the cookies after they baked! I caught her multiple times sneakily putting her fingers in the frosting and licking it off!

Once the cookies were made we headed to a friend's house for some yummy food before walking around the neighborhood for some more candy. We really only hit up a few houses, but Henley's pumpkin was full! Our friends just kept filling it up and Henley definitely did not object! She also loved seeing her Mimi and Papa. She had a blast with everyone! 

Ohmygoodness, she kills me! Halloween was a hit for this girl! Now, give me a caffeine drip and get me through this week! 

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