Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Yay!! It's the first "WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY" of the year, and I am so excited! I love these posts, because they give you more of a glimpse into people's lives. If you're not familiar with the questions, here they are: 

And the BONUS questions for this month is: WHO IS YOUR ALL-TIME FAVORITE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE? I can't wait to read everyone's answers! 

1. What We're Eating This Week...

I got this meal calendar after Christmas at Barnes and Noble and am absolutely loving it. I sit down at some point during the weekend, usually on Saturday or Sunday while Henley is napping, and plan out our meals for the week, plus our grocery list. Then, I just rip off the side with our grocery list and throw it in my purse to take to the grocery store. It is all so convenient and really helps me stay organized. I love it! 

Monday: out separately with friends 
Tuesday: Homemade Pizza 
Wednesday: Originally we were going to have Margarita Chicken Soup, but I think Ben's parents are going to bring us dinner so...
Thursday: Margarita Chicken Soup
Friday: Out or leftovers 
Saturday: Out or leftovers 
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 

It's a pretty low key week around here! 

2. What I'm Reminiscing About...

The past couple of weeks, the cutest little videos and pictures of Henley one and two years ago have been popping up on my Time Hop. I just can't get enough of them! Ben and I look at them and are constantly asking each other "how in the world was she that little?". Gosh, it seems that was forever ago, and now I feel like I don't even remember her being so little! I am definitely reminiscing about baby Henley lately, and trying to constantly take everything he does in. 

3. What I'm Loving...

Well, if you caught a glimpse of me in my house at any point in the past two weeks, you would definitely know what I am loving! These sweatpants are legit! They are so soft on the outside and the inside. I picked them up at SAM's a couple of weeks ago along with an equally comfortable pullover. I have been using all the self-control to not let myself go back and buy both of them in every single color! 

Along with my meal calendar, I am also loving the cleaning schedule that I am working on figuring out for myself and sticking to. The first week Henley went back to school, things seemed to go so smoothly around our house. Everything stayed relatively clean and put together and I wasn't running our like a mad woman every single day. I am hoping to be able to keep that up!  I found this one on Pinterest and am tweaking it to my schedule/needs. 

4. What We've Been Up To...

My gosh, these last few weeks have gone by so darn fast! We haven't had a whole lot of weekend plans in January, and it has been glorious. 

We have been celebrating some birthdays, enjoying the sunny days at the park, helping my sister out with some things at her house, and just getting back into a routine after the holidays. I have really enjoyed the month of January and can't believe it's almost over! 

5. What I'm Dreading...

Well, I'm definitely dreading all that my sister is having to go through right now with chemo treatments. If you didn't read my post about her health right now, you can read it HERE. 

I think that her hair will probably start falling out in the next week or so, and I am dreading that for her. I know it is something she is absolutely dreading, and I hate all of this for her. We will definitely all be there for her though, and she will look fabulous in her new wig. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers. We've got a long, hard nine months ahead of us. 

6. What I'm Working On...

I'm really working this month on getting back into a routine and figuring out how to keep our house more in order and organized. It's a slow process, but I am definitely making progress between trips to the gym, activities for Henley and my tutoring schedule. 

I'm also working on plans for Ben's birthday coming up! He is turning the big 3-0 at the beginning of February, so we will be doing LOTS of celebrating! 

7. What I'm Excited About...


San Diego?

I am super excited about the trips Ben and I are hoping to plan in the near future! After Christmas, we decided that we wanted to go on a trip in March or April, and while at dinner with friends one night, we decided that it should be a couple's trip together. We have a couple places in mind that we would like to go, so I am working on looking up some things in each place that we would like to do, and then deciding between the two. We also want to take a trip with just the three of us, me, Ben and Henley. We've been on multiple trips as a family, but never just us, so we are hoping to plan a small trip this spring or summer. 

I am also working on some plans for Miss Henley for the summer. I'm hoping to get her in swim lessons and maybe plan out another activity for her during the week to keep us active. If any of you mama's in the Denton area have suggestions for swim lessons, they are definitely welcome. I didn't grow up here, so I don't know the ins and outs as well as I would Dallas. 

8. What I'm Watching/Reading...

Well, I'm really not watching a whole lot lately. Our church is doing a 21 day fast, and I gave up watching my shows throughout the day while I'm cleaning or doing laundry. Instead, I've been listening to a fabulous Pandora station which I will get to next. 

I've definitely been reading though! After I finished Winter Storms, I picked up It Ends With Us. Oh my word...I was absolutely addicted to this book! I must preface my recommendation with the fact that it is definitely NOT rated PG. It is an intense book, but it is so so good. I finished in three days, and immediately ordered A Hundred Summers. After loving It Ends With Us, I immediately wanted another book to read, and I have heard nothing but amazing things about A Hundred Summers. 

9. What I'm Listening To...

Like I said above, I've been listening to Pandora all day these days, and I am really enjoying it! There have been a couple of times I've missed the drama of my Bravo TV addictions, but the NEEDTOBREATHE Pandora station has put me in the best mood the past couple of weeks. I read my Bible in a Year every day when Henley goes down for nap and turn on this station. Then, I just keep it on while I'm working around the house until she wakes up. I am loving it!! 

10. What I'm Wearing...

Well, around the house, I am mostly wearing those comfy sweatpants from SAM's or my workout gear, but I have gotten dressed in real clothes a few times on the weekends! I am really loving my new black booties and have been wearing them out a lot. I've paired them with my favorite holey jeans from Nordstrom and my military jacket and loved it! 

11. What I'm Doing This Weekend...

We have absolutely no plans as of right now! I'm sure we will fill the days with some house projects and time with friends and family. Henley has been begging me every single day to go to my parent's house, so I have a feeling we will be making a trip to the farm! 

12. What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... 

I am super excited about Ben's 30th birthday next month! I'm sure we will have many celebrations with friends, family and good food. I am always in for those three things! He is also going to Vegas for a conference and tacked on a couple extra days with the boys to celebrate, so I'm excited for him. I'm sure they will have so much fun! 

13. What Else is New...

Not a whole lot...I think I've mostly covered it in everything else. Like I said, I have absolutely loved January, but we haven't had a ton of things going on. That might be why I've loved it so much! 


Who is your favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette?

I have watched many seasons of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, but I have also skipped many seasons. If there wasn't someone that I was super interested in or I was just plum burnt out on all the drama, I would skip the season. Whoops! I have also been very into some seasons though! I am most fond of the good ole' days when things were as dramatic and more cheesy. 

That being said, I'm not sure I can choose between my two favorite Bachelors. My whole family was into Jason's season! My mom and my sisters and I loved watching his season and we even made sure to watch it together while we were all on vacation together. I just thought he was so sweet! 

I also absolutely loved Sean's season! I adored him on Emily's season of the Bachelorette, and I loved him even more on his own season. I also love who he picked, Catherine! I loved that they were so unexpected! I also love that he is just a good guy all around. You can't help but root for the good guy!

As for the Bachelorette, I think that my favorite season to watch would have to be Ashley's! Ben and I watched it together, and I love love loved JP from the very beginning! I also loved Jillian, but I can't say that I loved Ed and the fact that she chose him, so I am choosing Ashley as my top choice. 

What about you?!?!

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