Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!! I'm joining the link-up party again with my favorites from this week. The week has absolutely flown by, and it has been a good one! I believe we have a fabulous weekend ahead of us too. There could be a lot of lake and pool time with friends in our future. My favorite kind of time!! Before I get too ahead of myself, here are my favorites from this week. 


The Show & Tell Home Tour! 

I had so much fun reading your comments about our house and getting to see inside other people's houses. If I could show homes with Ben all day I probably would...I LOVE getting to see different homes and get a peak into how other people decorate! It was so fun to share our home and it got be even more excited to finish decorating all of our rooms. 



Baking has always been one of my very favorite things to do, but I find that with just three of us at home (I don't eat a lot of sweets), I don't do it near enough. Thankfully, we had some friends over for dinner on Sunday night, so I baked these AMAZING cookies I saw on Andrea's blog over the weekend. I definitely had one of these and they were beyond! The sea salt on top sends them over the top!

I guess I got bit by the baking bug because yesterday I also baked these watermelon cupcakes from Shay's blog. Since it's about 1,000 degrees outside, I was trying to think of something fun for Henley and I to do yesterday before nap time. Baking cupcakes of course!! Henley sat on the counter and got some tastes while I baked these cupcakes, and I can see a lot of baking together in our future. We ended up going to the pool with friends after nap and ordering pizza, so I brought these cupcakes and they were a big hit. They are even more lovable since they're pink! 


Tuesdays with this guy! 

We are taking a class together called BOLD every Tuesday, and I am loving our time together. It's a class geared toward real estate, but Ben got so much out of it personally the last time, so he asked me to take it with him. This week is our last week, and I will definitely miss our days together. It's pretty fun going to and from "work" together and getting to share in some pretty neat things. 


Going to the grocery store with this sweet girl! 

Y'all she is hysterical! She has been talking and talking and talking lately and I swear she speaks Chinese. I love her little voice! She makes every activity fun, especially the grocery store. She was so excited to get a cart with a "beep beep" this week. She also loves that she gets a treat at the grocery store which helps with making it through the trip happy. This trip she got a donut, but most trips it's a chocolate milk. Oh, I just love her! 


Ohmygosh you guys! We went to a work event for Ben on Tuesday night and it just so happened to be the venue's third anniversary, so they brought it this mariachi band. Henley was entranced! She sat like this for over an hour. She danced and twirled and clapped and had a blast! She was so sad to leave while they were still playing. We might have to start playing some different music on the radio! 

I hope you enjoyed my favorites from the week! Have a wonderful weekend! 

Did anything happen in your week that stood out? I'd love to hear about your favorites! 

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