Wednesday, July 13, 2016

STRANDED - Celebs Addition

Today I'm linking up with Erika and Shay for STRANDED! Today's topic...the three celebs you would want on an island with you! 

Gosh this was hard for me! I don't have an obsession with really any celebrity, so I had to think long and hard. Here are the three that didn't make the final cut: 

Don Henley
I'm sure some of you may find this odd, but have you heard his voice?!?! I guess I might have a slight obsession with him since my daughter is named after him, but oh well! He came to mind because I would love for him to sing me to sleep each night. I would need something to drown out the fear of all the creatures around me. When it came down to it though, it just wasn't a necessity. 

Ellen DeGeneres 
I know, I did she not make the cut?? Well, when you see one of the celebs that did make the cut, between her and him...I know I would be peeing my pants with laughter. And you know, on a deserted island, pants are limited! 

Lauren Graham 
She didn't make the final cut only because it is really her characters on Gilmore Girls and Parenthood that I would want on the island with me. No offense, Lauren, I'm sure you are pretty fabulous too, but I have a feeling I would be a little disappointed that you aren't really Lorelei Gilmore. 

Ok, lets get to the good stuff! Here are the celebs that made the cut to be on a deserted island with me! They should obviously feel honored!! 

James Corden
Oh I just love this guy! Can you see what I mean now with him and Ellen? My pants wouldn't stand a chance! I don't actually stay up and watch his show, but I love to watch his videos online. We could be carpool (I guess it would be more like rafting) karaokeing ALL THE TIME!! 

Jennifer Lawrence
I just find her to be so interesting, fun, funny, etc. I think she would make the island experience so much fun and very light-hearted! Plus, with all that Hunger Games training, she's bound to be at least a little helpful on the island. I'm pretty sure we would become best friends! OH...I COULD BE A PART OF HER SQUAD!! 

And last but not least...

Bethenny Frankel 
Yes, I know, everyone has their opinions about her, but I just simply do not care! I have loved her since the very beginning of Real Housewives of New York and have loved her ever since. She is just so real and although her potty mouth might alarm me, I think she would make the experience fun as well. She has definitely got some survival skills with all those ladies and she is tough as nails! 

I mean I just think the three that I chose would be hilarious all together. They each seem pretty dry and sarcastic and I think we would just be rolling the entire time.

Who would you pick to be stranded with you?


  1. I thought about including Lauren Graham, for all the Lorelei reasons of course, but, alas, she didn't make the final cut! BTW, we loved Hawaii. Took an Hawaiian cruise for our 20th anni last year!

    1. How fun! I would love to go back and see more. Maybe when kids are older or by ourselves so we can do some more adventurous things!