Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Final Hawaii Post

Don't get me wrong, I loved our trip to Hawaii and all, but I'm ready to get back to blogging about other things! Cheers to the last Hawaii post!! 

Day 10
After a pretty tiring day on the Hula Girl the day before, we really had nothing planned other than the much anticipated family pictures for this day. We originally had them planned for sunset, but rescheduled for the 8:30 morning session since apparently the water would look better. 

The pictures turned out great and I am so excited to make some of them canvases for the house. There is just something so sweet about a little girl in a white dress on the beach! Henley did great for the most part...she wasn't really into smiling a lot, and once we got on the beach, she suddenly became super interested in the sand after a week of hating it. She kept getting up while we posed to walk and then look at her feet. What can you expect from an 18 month old?!?! 

After pictures I shopped a little bit at the hotel boutique. I had my eye on a bathing suit in the window  all week. I ended up not getting the one I originally wanted but found a better one and was super excited to sport it at the pool for the day! 

We hung out at the pool all day and Henley was in rare form! She was so much fun and then totally fell asleep on Ben's chest! After a little extra time in the sun, Ben and I hit the gym to workout and watch the NBA Finals. I told him I wanted some time at the gym/alone time and he wanted to watch the game somewhere so it was a win win! 

Dinner was at Merriman's and was amazing! Henley was fabulous at the restaurant, the food was amazing and the atmosphere was pretty fabulous too! It was my first night to try the famous mai tai, and I must say, they are lethal!! 

That ice there is what saved us every single meal! Henley loves loves loves ice and as long as she had a cup of it, she was pretty occupied at dinner. 

Day 11
Since we spent most of our days at the pool, we were ready to hit the Hawaiian beach! We ate a delicious breakfast and then hit the road for our friend's place. Their beach was super easy to access and was really close to the bar/restaurant. We had a blast! 

Their place is at the Hyatt Regency and their bar/restaurant was amazing! For lunch I ordered Henley a pbj (a staple in her diet in Hawaii) and I got the ahi tuna tacos. They had this wasabi sauce that was to die for! I so wish I could eat them every single day! Henley took about an hour or so nap in the cabana while we hung out and talked. We even got to witness some drama on the beach between two dads. 

When Henley woke up, the guys wanted to rent some boogie boards and take advantage of the waves. Lets just say it didn't go according to plan...Ben was the first in the water and we were sitting on the beach watching. All of a sudden, everyone was screaming and Ben was not okay. He came stumbling out of the water and unfortunately, he stepped on one of the sea urchins we saw while scuba diving. It was no bueno. According to the locals who helped us take care of it, it was the worst they had ever seen. I ended up counting and he ended up with about 35 spines in his foot. Super painful! 

We put vinegar on it and his dad even peed in a cup and poured it on his foot. Yes, I know...TMI and gross, but it was necessary! We headed back to our place not too long after to try to get Henley a proper nap and get ready before dinner. 

Henley was pretty devastated that her daddy was injured, so she stayed pretty close to him the rest of the day. 

Dinner was at Lahaina Grill and again...it was amazing! I must say that Maui has some pretty wonderful restaurants. I loved going to a different place every night and being amazed again and again. I could pretty much eat seafood every day of my life, so I was a very happy girl! Lahaina Grill had a really need little village/town around it that was fun to walk around. Henley and I got to see a few things after we were finished eating and waiting on everyone else. 

Day 12
Our last day in Hawaii. Ben and his dad scheduled a round of golf for the early morning, so the girls packed and hit up the pool. I can't say enough what fun Henley was this trip. She's pretty fun everyday, but going on a trip made me realize even more how easy she is. She played and played while I packed. We left the room quite a mess and headed back down to the pool for one more day of fun! 

We played at the pool and playground for a little while and then Henley just wanted to wander around the resort. I'm pretty sure I didn't sit down for about two hours before Ben got back. We played in the grass, with the shuffle board, we walked around the pool and got cups of ice, we sat down on the stairs and just chatted, etc. I just love my little best friend! 

We ordered lunch by the pool again and enjoyed staying a little bit past Henley's nap time before heading up to the room for nap and packing before we had to leave. 

Sidenote: While Henley and I were playing at the playground earlier in the morning, we played with a little boy and his mom for a little while. I chatted with her for just a little bit, but Henley decided to roam. Ben's mom ended up talking to her at the kiddie pool while we were roaming and told me about her while we were eating lunch. She was telling me about her running when it clicked...I have followed her on instagram for a long time and so admired her!! It was RUNEMZ! I ran up to her and asked her who she was and told her that I adored her! I was super excited because she started following me on instagram and even told my MIL that she could tell I was a runner! It was probably the best thing to happen to me on the trip! (I'm dramatic!)

Ben and I raved all week about our date night at Frida's, so the rest of the fam decided they wanted to try it before we left. On our way to the airport, we stopped for some Mexican food. I was pretty excited because I can't say that the airplane meals are my favorite, so I was glad to have a meal before getting on the plane! It was delicious and a good farewell for us! 

The flight home was pretty easy. It was an overnight flight and I knew Henley would sleep. She struggled for a while going to sleep which is super unusual, but when she finally went to sleep she was out. She slept until we got to baggage claim! 

Well, that's it for our trip...we had a blast in Hawaii and are so glad we got to experience it with family, friends and especially our little Henley! 

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