Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hawaii Part 2

Day Four
We were only in Honolulu for about 3 days before we headed to Maui. Our flight wasn't until after lunch, but the car service said they needed to pick us up by 9:30, so we had quite a wait time at the airport. Once we got through security and all that, we all just enjoyed some reading and playing with Henley. She made the time go by pretty fast and before we knew it we were on the 20 minute flight to Maui. 

We were all pretty darn excited to make it to Maui and do some relaxing! Once we got to the hotel, we chilled in the lobby for a while with snacks and their yummy welcome beverage. I'm pretty sure I could have fallen asleep on the lobby couch at this point. I was so ready to settle down and unpack. 

Once our rooms were ready, Ben, his dad and I were super ready for a good workout. We knew we would have a delicious dinner, so we wanted to work up an appetite after all the sitting we had done. The three of us headed to the workout room which had an awesome private classroom that no one was using. We set up the computer and started some Insanity. 

Henley got to go to the playground while we worked out. 

You guys...I have done Insanity before and just WOW! It is insane! I am about ready to pass out after the warm up is over. If you haven't done it before and are looking for a way to get some awesome results, I highly recommend it! 

After working out, we hustled to get ready for dinner and headed over to our friend's condo. They had already been in Maui for a week and were a fabulous welcoming committee for us! They hired a chef to come in and make us dinner and I cannot tell you how amazing the food was. The sushi he made was unreal! Dinner was spent with awesome friends and awesome food, and it was a nice little break from entertaining Henley at dinner. She ran around the condo and played and played. I think she was pretty happy to be in one place for a while! 

The view from our friend's condo

Day Five 
The next morning Ben woke up early to play golf and Henley finally slept in. My favorite part of the trip could easily be getting to stay in bed in the mornings and just read. It was glorious! When she finally woke up, we headed downstairs for breakfast. 

The rest of the morning was spent by the pool. The hotel had an awesome kiddie pool and playground that Henley loved. We actually sat at the big pool at first, hoping Henley would show interest in it, but I quickly ended up at the kiddie pool. Henley could be outside for her whole life and be happy, so she was totally in her element. The sun wore her out pretty quickly, so she got some phone time before getting back up to play. 

Henley loved jumping off the waterfall with her Tia!

Around noon, she was tired and hungry, but the boys hadn't come back from golf yet, so we found a cute little mini cabana chair that gave us shade and played in there and talked about Dada. Each time he was gone for golf she sure missed him! As soon as I ordered her a pbj, giving up hope of her making it to lunch with the guys, Dada and Papa walked up. Perfect timing! We took her pbj to the Burger Shack by the beach and she enjoyed lunch on her Dada's lap! 

We discovered her love of pickles on this trip! 

After lunch was definitely nap time. Our girl was beat! Thankfully, our room faced the pool, so we were able to take the monitor to the closest pool and lay there while still being able to see and hear Henley. I brought her back out to the pool when she woke up from nap, and we had a great rest of the afternoon at the pool. 

After an afternoon by the pool, a quick workout in the room and showers taken by all, we just picked up pizza to have in the room. We were all beyond tired and ready to just be. I was excited to watch a movie, but at about 7:30 I was ready to turn in for the night. 

Day Six 
On their way back from golf the day before, Ben and his dad stopped by the grocery store. Their room had a full kitchen, so we were able to eat breakfast in the room most mornings. It made for a nice and easy start to each day. 

After breakfast we got ready and headed to the pool again. Henley and I were excited to show Ben the kiddie pool and get to play for a while! We had a full afternoon and evening ahead of us, so we enjoyed the pool for as long as we could. 

Henley made an immediate friend and we enjoyed getting to talk to him and his parents as well. His dad actually ended up owning a vineyard and was one of the winemakers at the wine festival we were planning to attend that night. We chatted for a while and even got to taste his wine down by the pool. I am now a huge fan of Outcast wines! It made for a super fun morning and afternoon! 

Ben, myself, his sister and his dad planned on going to the wine tasting that afternoon at 3, so I just stayed in the room and got ready when I took Henley up around 2-2:30 for her nap. The wine tasting was really neat. I felt super sophisticated and got a tad bit more educated on wine. I have no clue when it comes to any type of alcohol and usually end up asking Ben to just order for me. Ben and his dad were totally into hearing all about the wines, and his sister and I were more just into tasting the wine and people watching. We mostly just texted back and forth and giggled in the back! 

After the tasting, Henley and Ben's mom met us to head to the festival. It was seafood night! The festival was awesome! Had we not had Henley, we probably all would have stayed for the majority of the night and enjoyed the food and wine. Unfortunately, Henley was a bit overwhelmed by the loud band (that I loved) and there wasn't really anything that she would eat. We should have taken her another pbj or something. We still enjoyed some awesome food and music and then headed out early to watch the sunset on the balcony of the hotel lobby. Henley is obsessed with stairs, so she went up and down, up and down while we talked and watched her before heading in for the night. 

The bonus of the wine festival was the cupcakes...OMG they were amazing!! 

This girl was pretty cute too! 

Stay tuned for part 3! 

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