Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!! Today I am joining the link party and posting my favorites from the week. I would say that all of this week's choices are pretty summery. I love the summer! The longer days, fun things you can do at night, the pool, the traditions, the relaxed attitudes...I love it all! Here are my top picks from this summery week! 


Pool days! 
I am loving taking my little munchkin to the pool when we can. Last week, my oldest sister and her three kiddos came up to Denton and we had a fabulous pool day here. By the end of it, she only wanted her cousins, Annie and Charlotte, to hold her. She wouldn't even let me hold her at the ice cream shop! 

This week, Henley and I headed to Richardson and met both my older sisters and their kiddos at the Heights pool. If you haven't been there and live in the area, I highly recommend it. There were so many cool areas for the kids to play, and I even got to race my oldest niece down the waterslides a couple of times! We had so much fun with all of the kids! Of course, this week I didn't take any pictures. 


Our evening plant watering routine! 

After nap each day, Henley wakes up, we have a snack on the front porch and then we water the plants. Well, I water the plants while she asks to drink the water out of the hose and then we swing for a little while. I love it! 

Last night was even more special. As we were sitting on the porch snacking, Henley and I face timed my parents. They just so happened to be about 2 minutes from our house about to get a Sonic drink. They weren't expecting Henley to be up, but they got a nice surprise! They came over for a little bit and played with Henley and chatted with me. It made for a fabulous evening in the front yard! 


Henley's accessorizing! 

This girl LOVES her accessories! When we got home from Hawaii, Henley's teething necklace broke and she was missing it dearly. She definitely notices when other people have on a necklace, so she would touch theirs or mine and then touch her neck where her necklace used to be. When she was recovering from jet lag one day, we ventured out of the house to Walmart and bought her a new necklace and bracelet set. She is obsessed with the necklace!! The bracelet tends to fall off of her, but the necklace never leaves (except for when she is sleeping). 

She has also grown quite fond of my headband collection and puts them all around her neck and my rubber bands around her wrist while I am getting ready. Whether it is a necklace, headbands, rubber bands, bracelets, sunglasses or a hat, Henley loves her accessories! We even went to Bowie trade days last weekend and she found a jewelry booth and had 12 bracelets stacked on her wrist before we knew it! I love my girly girl! 


The lake! 
Last night we decided to head to the lake once Ben got home from work. It was the perfect time to go! There weren't too many people out there, the sun was still shining, the water was perfect and (other than Henley), we didn't even need sunscreen! We had a blast! We went out with Ben's business partner and his family and so enjoyed their company. 

I was nervous about how Henley would do. She tends to not love a lifejacket or confined spaces, but she was in love. She kept going up and down the back of the boat and asking to be put in the water. Her favorite was jumping to Ben off the back of the boat! We will definitely be taking our little fish out more often! 


Days at the farm! 

My parents recently made a big move from the big city to 22 acres in the country. We are loving it! They are only a 30 minute drive from us with zero traffic and we try to get out there whenever we can. When we got back from Hawaii, we spent a whole day out there and it just so happened to be their first round of bailing hay. Henley loved getting to watch the action with her Pete and Dee. We had a blast! The best part about their place is you can stay outside all day long without getting too hot because they have TONS of shade in the back. It is perfect for all the kiddos! 

Then, last week, my sister texted me to tell me they would be spending the night out there on their way home from Colorado, so we took advantage of it and spent the day out there again. Henley and Owen had a blast in their blow-up pool and slip and slide. Well, I should say Owen had a blast on the slip in slide. Henley had a blast at the end of it in the water. After I demonstrated for the kids, Henley wanted no part in it! Bonus, my little sister happened to be there too, so we had a wonderful time enjoying the kids, talking and relaxing.

These pictures are compliments of my fabulous brother-in-law. He is such a wonderful photographer and I am so glad we have him in the family! 

Happy Friday again friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We have big plans of a girls day in McKinney, a birthday party, hopefully getting to visit some new babies in the hospital and lots of time spent enjoying the summer! I'll leave you with one more picture of my sweet girl enjoying a summer night. 

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