Monday, August 8, 2016

Bootcamp Workout + Water Pics

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend! I don't know about you, but the Olympics has pretty much taken over my life. Usually, I don't ever sit down during the day, but since the Olympics started on Friday night, I just can't seem to pull myself away. It's glorious!! 

After all my sitting and dessert consumption this weekend, I planned on hitting the gym hard this morning with my normal Monday morning bootcamp. Well, life got in the way of the best friend texted me and said they were planning to go to the waterpark and invited us to come. If you know me, I don't generally turn down the opportunity to hang out with my favorite people (framily or family), so I opted for my own bootcamp at home this afternoon. It was a good one and I thought I would share just in case you need a little buttkicking after all of your summer activities! 


Full Body @ Home Bootcamp
As always start with a warm-up (I ran around the block)

Round One - complete each exercise for one minute
- plank shoulder taps 
-straight leg crunch 
- touchdown jack
- 3 high knees + hold 
- plie squat with right heel raise 
- plie squat with left heel raise 
- box jumps (I used our coffee table) 
- seal jacks 
- bicep curl 
- tricep kickbacks 

In Between - complete each exercise for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest 
- burpees
- jumping jacks
- squat jumps 
- mountain climbers 

Round Two - complete each exercise for one minute 
- bicycle crunch 
- left side plank 
- plank jacks 
- punch jumps 
- right leg pendulum lunge 
- left leg pendulum lunge 
- toe taps 
- step ups with a skip (I did this on our front porch step) 
- upright rows 
- skull crushers 

Go through the "In Between" exercises again 

Round Three - complete each exercise for one minute 
- right side plank 
- frog crunches 
- mountain climbers 
- frog jumps 
- squats 
- calf raises 
- burpee squat hold 
- high skips 
- hammer curls 
- rows 

Now drink LOTS of water!! Oh man, y'all!! I was a sweaty mess after this workout! Bootcamp style workouts are my favorite type of workout. Every part of your body gets work, and I never get bored. 

Since we missed our morning gym time for some water park time, I thought I would share some pictures from our trips to the waterpark, play place, splash pad, pool, etc. recently. 

Have a great Monday night, enjoy the Olympics and make sure you come back tomorrow for some awesome pictures of yours truly through my school years! 

A couple weeks ago at an indoor play area near us! 

Last week when we had a picnic at the park and then played for a little while. 

Last week, on a night that Ben was going to be home late, I took Henley on a date to the "splash pad." Once she found a friend, she was in heaven and did not want to leave! 

Well, this is just at Old Navy yesterday, but it cracks me up! 

And today at the waterpark! Henley seemed so big to me today! I had to go down the slide with her a couple of times at first, but once she did it by herself, she was a woman on a mission! She loved that slide and I love how she goes down backwards on her belly! We will definitely be going back soon! 

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