Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Worst School Pictures

Oh you guys...have I got a treat for you!! 

Those of you who grew up with me or have seen my "school bus" (the fabulous thing that held all my school pics in my parent's house), you know what I'm talking about. For the rest of you, believe me, you are about to experience something awesome! 

I can't really say that any of my school pictures are all that great. I went through the awkward stage pretty much right up to my senior year. First of all, my mom was a fan of the chili bowl haircut and she also added to the awesomeness by putting a curling iron to it. I was also a pretty big tomboy, so caring about hair and makeup were not really a thing for me for a good while. I rocked the middle part (not in a good way) for quite a while, and I'm pretty sure I didn't own a good straightener until my junior year in high school. That being said...here ya go! 

I asked my mom for my "school bus" pictures and she delivered! 

1st grade - a front tooth growing in and a curled chili bowl. Man, what a fabulous combination! 

2nd grade - check out the dress! Again with the curled chili bowl! 

4th grade - Oh you guys! I remember everything about this picture! This was my "chubby" phase. I hit my growth spurt hard in 4th grade. My best friend at the time was a bada$$ in my opinion, and she convinced me to put on this lip smackers lipstick before the picture. My mom was thrilled (sarcasm). Thanks Brittany Chapman for making me feel pretty dang cool! Also, the headband. I mean...WOW!! 

6th grade - Finally, the hair has grown out a little bit! 

7th grade - Oh gosh! Could someone please explain to me how I always had good friends and a boyfriend?!? I mean, really!! This was the only year I had braces thank goodness! 

9th grade - I loved this shirt and it was from...wait for it...Wet Seal! That's right!! 

10th grade - Back to the middle part! 

My senior picture - I finally took more of an interest in my appearance, probably because these were professional pictures and my mom made me! 

I hope you enjoyed a little walk through memory lane with me! 

What was your favorite/least favorite memory from your school days?

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