Thursday, August 25, 2016

My New Favorite Workout

Y'all!! I am kind of obsessed with this new workout I came up with last week! 

I am currently keeping our best friend's little man for the first month of school, so I am not getting to the gym at my normal times. That means that I am not going to my usual classes, so my workouts are completely up to me. I am trying my hardest not to just hop on the elliptical and zone out for an hour and actually push myself each day that I go. This workout absolutely kills a good way! I leave the gym feeling like I maxed myself out and that my whole body got a great workout. 

The first time I did it, an older man even came up to me and asked me about the timer I was using. He commented on my workout and told me it looked like I was really working hard. I love hearing these things when I'm at the gym! 

I will definitely be pulling this one out of my bag at least once a week! 

My New Favorite Workout
Start with a 5 minute jog 
(each time I've done this, I've ended up running a warm-up mile just because it felt good, so do what you need.) 

Do each set twice through
Squats - 15 reps 
Squat with a left leg side lift - 15 reps 
Squat with a right leg side lift - 15 reps 
Box jumps - 30 seconds 

Bicep curls - 15 reps 
Servers with a leg lift - 15 reps 
Outer hammer curls -15 reps 
Burpees - 30 seconds 

Tricep kickbacks - 15 reps 
Skull crushers - 15 reps 
Tricep press (like chest press, but with elbows grazing rib cage) - 15 reps 
Tricep dips - 30 seconds 

Walking lunges - 30 reps 
Deadlifts - 15 reps 
Plie squats - 15 reps 
Touchdown jacks - 30 seconds 

Bent over row - 15 reps
Upright row - 15 reps 
Front raises - 15 reps 
Side raises - 15 reps 
Mountain climbers - 30 seconds 

You can use whatever weight you are comfortable with for each exercise. I typically use 30 pounds for the squats, 10 pounds for the biceps, 5-7.5 pounds for triceps, 20 pounds for lunges set, and 5-7.5 pounds for rows and raises. 

For my 30 second intervals, I use the "Interval Timer" app. It is seriously the best! You just press start and it makes the sound for you to start and stop, so you won't be looking at the clock the whole time. GAME CHANGER!! You can also create new interval workouts or just keep editing it to change the times you would like to be working and resting. It is fabulous! 

This is what the app looks like. 

Be on the lookout for more fun workouts to come! I am excited to be creating my own again! 

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